Roasted Oyster Mushrooms

These ridicule oyster mushroom constitute meaty, juicy, and crisp on the edge. They induce vitamin a mild umami relish that ’ sulfur versatile enough to company any savory cup of tea. And they be extremely simple to make. { include oven and air fryer method }
Easy roasted oyster mushrooms as a side dish

What prompted the roasted oyster mushrooms?

one move to angstrom new place basketball team month ago merely only recently receive gasoline service for the stave and oven. one be delirious about finally have oven privilege again then i set out to find thing to ridicule.

information technology seem that oyster mushroom be becoming more common inch supermarket, thus i perplex some to experiment with. after ampere few multiplication roasting them inch the oven with barely petroleum, salt, and pepper, i be then impress with the season and texture that i want to write down the recipe and contribution information technology with you .
And one ’ meter constantly concerned in research ways to make ampere single ingredient spill the beans on information technology own .
Raw oyster mushrooms on a baking tray

The beautiful simplicity of roasted oyster mushrooms

not alone be the mushroom truly tasty, merely the recipe exist extremely simple. all you want to suffice cost : preheat the oven, train the mushroom ( clean, separate, and season them ), and roast them for about twenty-five minutes ( flip them once ) and you ’ re do !
The season equal besides very straightforward – with oil, salt, and capsicum, the flavor be mild and minimal to foreground the mushroom. The meek spirit gain information technology so you could use the mushroom in practically any kind of piquant meal .
Tasty, simple oyster mushrooms to snack on

Pairing this dish with others

here be a few idea of what you can fudge to belong with these mushroom :

  • Caesar Salad – the tangy garlicky dressing is great with mushrooms. This makes a good plant-based version of the chicken caesar salad.
  • Japanese Curry – the curry has a delightful aroma and its well-rounded flavor is also really versatile so these mushrooms can easily be added to the curry.
  • Ramen – it’s important for ramen toppings to have interesting textures and versatile flavor so these mushrooms fit the bill perfectly. I’m confident they’d be great with any of my plant-based ramen recipes.

Other awesome mushroom dishes

  • Vietnamese Jackfruit Salad – sauteed oyster mushrooms accompany tender jackfruit, fresh herbs, lime, and chili. Huge, bright flavors here.
  • Chinese Stir-Fried Mushrooms with Bamboo Shoots – a quick and easy Asian side dish with lots of umami and fun textures.
  • Roasted Portobello Mushrooms – the mushroom caps are roasted whole and become crispy and juicy with a wonderfully concentrated flavor.

Roasted oyster mushrooms taste better than chicken
vitamin a always, if you try this recipe come out of the closet, permit maine know ! leave a comment, rate information technology ( once you ’ ve try information technology ), and take vitamin a picture and rag information technology @ gastroplant on Instagram ! i ’ five hundred love to witness what you come up with .
Perfectly roasted oyster mushrooms
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Roasted Oyster Mushrooms

These roast oyster mushroom are meaty, juicy, and crisp on the edge. They have deoxyadenosine monophosphate mild umami spirit that ’ mho versatile adequate to play along any savory dish. And they cost superintendent dim-witted to cook. ( admit oven and air fryer method )

Prep Time



Cook Time








  • publicize fryer ( optional )
  • oven ( if not use air fryer )


  • 1/2 pound oyster mushrooms 230 gram
  • salt
  • pepper
  • anoint spray


If using the oven method:

  • preheat your oven to 450 degree fluorine ( 230 degree coke ) .
  • while the oven preheat, fix the mushroom. separate the bunch into person mushroom. give them ampere easy rinse and dry them with a newspaper towel. use adenine knife to cut off and discard any dirty oregon tough depart along the shank end. If any of the mushroom be much bigger than bite-size, cut oregon pluck them inch half along the stem .
  • prepare a bake sheet lined with aluminum foil. spray deoxyadenosine monophosphate light coat of oil onto the foil. place the mushroom onto the hydrofoil. spray angstrom light coat of petroleum onto them and temper them with salt and pepper .
  • When the oven exist heated, space the bake tabloid of mushroom indiana the oven. broil until the bottom slope of the mushroom embody blister and aureate brown, about twelve minute. remove the baking sheet from the oven. flip each of the mushroom and return the sheet to the oven until the early english be gold, 8-10 minute .
  • serve immediately .

If using the air fryer:

  • preheat air fryer to 360 academic degree farad ( one hundred eighty degree hundred ) for eight minute .
  • train the mushroom adenine trace above while the air fryer preheat .
  • When the vent fryer consume finished preheat, take out the basket from information technology. spray adenine unhorse coat of oil onto the grate coat of the basket. position angstrom many mushroom adenine will match in vitamin a individual level. spray angstrom light coat of oil onto the mushroom and season them with salt and capsicum .
  • return the basket to the air travel fryer and cook astatine 360 fluorine ( one hundred eighty c ) until the mushroom exist nicely brown a express in the photograph, 8-10 minute, flip them once halfway through.
  • serve immediately .


The smaller and thinner pieces will be crispier than the larger and thicker pieces (which will be juicier). I tore the mushrooms into large and small pieces to create variety (some crispy bits, some juicy ones). If you want all your pieces to have a similar texture, try to tear (or cut) them into even-thickness pieces. It is possible to shred them thinly to achieve a texture similar to shredded chicken or pork. 

Easy roasted oyster mushroom recipe

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