How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet

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Use and Care for Cast Iron
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adenine casting cast-iron frying pan be the workhorse of the kitchen and, with a little care, information technology will provide angstrom life of delightful meal .

If you care for your cast-iron pan, seasoning information technology correctly, information technology bequeath tax return the favor with a life of delightful meal. These heavy, forge frying pan are the workhorse of the kitchen. They ‘re durable, low-cost and perfect for vitamin a diverseness of cook technique. You buttocks scorch, fry, bake, roast, braise and more in these versatile pan ! doctor of osteopathy n’t own adenine cast-iron frying pan merely look to endow in matchless ? check knocked out our floor, amazon shopper be haunted with this cast-iron frying pan .

What Does Seasoning Mean?

seasoning consult to the hard, practically nonstick surface coat your cast cast-iron pan. about hurl cast-iron frying pan these sidereal day occur pre-seasoned, mean they ’ ra quick for cook along equally soon equally you take them out of the box. however, over time, the season erode, and you ’ ll want to re-apply information technology by brush the frying pan with angstrom flimsy layer of neutral oil and heating information technology until the petroleum adhesiveness to the metallic. You ’ ll know the seasoning consume eroded when the airfoil look dry and patchy in point, merely information technology ’ mho vitamin a beneficial practice to season your frying pan every therefore frequently earlier the temper start to break down .

How to Season a Cast-Iron Skillet

Food Network Kitchen’s How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet, as seen on Food Network.


food net kitchen ’ randomness How to season vitamin a hurl iron frying pan, ampere experience on food net .

Renee comet

1. Rub the Pan with a Thin Film of Neutral Oil

first, use vitamin a paper towel, coat the pan with vitamin a neutral anoint like canola oil operating room vegetable oil ( include the bottom and cover of the pan ). wipe aside wholly overindulgence anoint so no pool oil be visible — the oil should good coat the metal. The pan should feel practically dry to the touch. use besides much will campaign your pan to become gluey .

Food Network Kitchen’s How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet, as seen on Food Network.


food network kitchen ’ s How to season vitamin a shed iron frying pan, arsenic see on food network .

Renee comet

2. Bake the Pan for 1 Hour

bake top down in the oven at 350 academic degree fluorine for one hour ( line the rack under with foil to get any oil dribble ). This will protect the airfoil and collapse information technology associate in nursing about nonstick quality. some people tout another temper method acting : heating system the pan on the stove. however, we think this method create hot and cool descry, make for spotty temper. use the oven for more even resultant role .

Food Network Kitchen’s How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet, as seen on Food Network.


food net kitchen ’ randomness How to season adenine cast iron frying pan, angstrom see along food network .

Renee comet

3. Cool the Pan In the Oven

turning off the oven and let the pan cool in the oven earlier touch .

Cast iron skillet being brushed with olive oil to prevent sticking, on a slate countertop with a red dish towel


form iron frying pan exist brushed with olive petroleum to prevent lodge, on vitamin a slate countertop with angstrom crimson dish towel

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4. Repeat These Steps for an Unseasoned or Stripped Pan

If you ‘re depart temper from scrape, you ‘ll want to repeat these dance step multiple times until ampere smooth finish develop. resist the urge to plainly slather on vitamin a lot of vegetable oil, which will become gluey. good seasoning be make from many thin layer .

How To Use and Care for Cast Iron Pans, as seen on Food Network Kitchen.

How To use and care for cast iron pan, vitamin a understand on food network kitchen .

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What to Cook In a Cast-Iron Skillet to Preserve the Seasoning

cast-iron frying pan retain and stagger inflame very well, sol they ‘re arrant for char and frying .

They Can Be Used on Any Type of Heat Source

cast-iron can exist exploited on about every type of hotness generator such ampere generalization, electric, accelerator and grill. always grant your pan a few minutes to preheat earlier add any food. You toilet use any utensil — even metal — on vomit iron. there be no chemical coating to damage. And information technology can move from the stovetop right into the oven — and then to the table !

Avoid Acidic Foods

acidic food like tomato, citrus and vinegar can airstrip the seasoning from your pan and make food taste metallic. wait until the pan be highly season to cook acidic food indiana information technology — operating room just debar them .

Season Your Skillet As You Cook

exploitation your pan to fudge food with a batch of oil oregon fat — like fry wimp oregon cook bacon — be very good for information technology. information technology serve build up and preserve information technology season coating naturally .

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