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Knowing how to make a ardor in the rain is one of my darling skills. It makes camping in the rain a heck of a fortune more fun. Plus, I constantly feel like a badass when I can get a burn going in a downpour. Yes, it will impress your camping buddies besides. It ’ s actually not that difficult to make a fire in the rain if you use the veracious lie .

Note: Don ’ t trouble oneself with this unless you ’ ve got dependable rain gear. Otherwise you are probably better off hiding in your camp until the rain passes. obviously you need a rain jacket. I am besides a huge fan of rain pants, even though they make me look like I ’ meter in an MC Hammer video from the 90s. You can see my picks for the best rain pants here .

here ’ s the video. Detailed instructions are below .

Do You Need Dry Wood to Make a Fire?

With the A-frame and lean-to arouse lays, you do not need to have dry wood to make a fire. however, you do need to have dry kindling to get some of the kindling going. As the kindle burns, it will dry out the sticks above it. When those sticks catch fire, they will dry out the sticks above them, and so forth .
For kindling, I use firestarters made out of dry lint dipped in Vaseline. They burn for 7 minutes. If you don ’ t have dry kindling, you ’ ll need to use a knife to shave pieces of wood off of a stick. This allows you to remove the wet outside of the lodge and get to the dry farce inside .

Can I Make a Fire Under a Tent or Shelter?

No. It is dangerous to make a ardor underneath a shelter. You ’ ll end up burning down your camp or getting carbon monoxide poisoning. Plus, a protection international relations and security network ’ thymine necessary for making a fire in the rain ! The fire will stay light flush with rain on it .
however, you can make a fire near the open of a tax shelter – so long as you are careful to keep the fire far enough away from the shelter. If you have a tarpaulin, you can use the loue flip works well .
Make your fire at the mouth of the loue tent to keep the rain out of it.

How to Make a Fire in the Rain

1. Clear Fire Pit

clear the ground vitamin a well as you can. You want to get aside a much wet debris as possible. I used a stick to clear this scar .

Step 2. Build a Floor for the Fire

You need to get the fire off of the moisture ground. Otherwise rain will extinguish the fire from below. To do this, simply make a level of sticks on the grind. You ’ ll be building the fire on top of these sticks. What ’ randomness amazing is that the open fire will actually dry out these sticks as it burns, giving you a distribute of strong embers and a arouse which doesn ’ triiodothyronine go out .
upside down fire in the rain

Step 3. Build an A-Frame or Lean-to Fire Lay

There are 6 chief ways to lay a arouse. If it is raining, then you will want to use the lean-to or A-frame displace lay. With these fire lays, you build up layers of kindling and fuel forest over the fire. The wood makes a “ roof ” which protects the fire from the rain. It will burn from bottom-to-top, rather of top-to-bottom .
To make a lean-to fire: 

  • Find a big log or rock.  Put it next to the “floor” you made.  This is the frame for your fire.
  • Start with very small sticks. Prop them against the frame.
  • Keep adding more sticks until you have a “roof”
  • Be sure to leave an opening underneath the roof.

To make an A-frame: 

  • Find a long, thick log or branch.
  • Prop it up on something (like another log or a rock) over the floor you made.  This is the frame for your fire.
  • Start with very small sticks.  Prop them on both sides of the frame.
  • Keep adding more sticks until you have a slanted roof on both sides of the frame.

a-frame fire laylean to fire lay in the rain

Step 4. Build Up Your Roof

Keep adding sticks to the frame. Add larger sticks as you build upwards. Soon you will have a “ roof ” for your fire. The chummy your roof, the better it will protect the fire below from the rain. besides, you won ’ thyroxine have to add any more wood to the fire — which is crucial if you are staying dry in a protection near the fire.

Step 5. Light a Teepee Fire Under the Roof

Using dry kindling, light a fire under the ceiling you merely build. Remember that you can shave a stay to make dry kindling. I besides always bring Vaseline-lint firestarters with me .

Step 6.  Keep Adding to the Roof

As the fire burns, the lower layers will dry out the upper layers of the “ roof. ” Just keep adding to the roof and your fire will stay dry .

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