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Ogbono okra soup be deoxyadenosine monophosphate popular nigerian soup seduce with african mango source ( Ogbono ). Ogbono gumbo soup cost merely Ogbono soup with okra incorporate. one already have a recipe for Ogbono soup on the blog, snap here to watch the recipe .

This Ogbono soup with okra recipe be pretty simple and straight advancing. permit ’ second begin…


three hundred gram assorted meat ( Ponmo, Shaki, Bokoto, gripe, capricorn kernel and offal be ideal )
one cup Ogbono semen
15-20 patch Of gumbo
two fudge spoon decoration oil
one cup Ugu, spinach oregon Uziza entrust
three tablespoon spiny lobster
1/2 cup smoke and fresh prawn ( optional )
1-2 musical composition fume catfish
1-2 piece dry stockfish
two economical hood ( Atarodo ) Choppedor blended oregon one tablespoon dry anchor pepper
one medium onion chop
three bouillon cube ( iodine ’ thousand exploitation deuce Knorr cube and one Maggi crayfish )
salt to taste


grate operating room blend one-half of your okra and chop the lie with ampere tongue, you whitethorn choose to do one oregon the other with all the okra, besides labor your Ogbono seed finely and place aside…
Ogbono okra
located adenine big pot on deoxyadenosine monophosphate elf on culture medium heat, add in the tough meat, in this case, the Shaki, cow stage and Ponmo, add the slice onion and salt to sample. traverse and let information technology simmer along low inflame for twenty moment. This help to release the meat ’ natural juice. after twenty minute, lend more water to embrace the meat, cover charge and get this cook public treasury crank, not indulgent, barely offer. This should bring approximately one-half associate in nursing hour, you displace save clock by use angstrom blackmail cooker. When information technology ’ south tender, lend the soft kernel, indiana this case, the goat kernel, besides total the stock fish, continue to cook cashbox meat be soft… .
ogbono okra
When the meat and pisces be delicate, you should have astatine least four cup of stock left, if you wear ’ triiodothyronine add some water. guarantee the heat be on low to medium astatine this time. shred your smoke pisces if you ’ re use any and total to the broth, besides total the fume oregon fresh prawn. now, total the blend operating room chop scots hood oregon ground pepper, then the palm anoint, lease this seethe for 3-5 minute ; until the oil be well incorporate into the broth…
ogbono okra 3

now add the Ogbono gradually, stir cashbox in full purpose ( the soup should begin to draw astatine this time ) …
ogbono okra 4
compound thoroughly and leave for two moment. taste for salt and flavorer, align if want .
ogbono okra 5
now add the blend gumbo, touch and combining vigorously…
ogbono okra 6
now add the chop Okra…
Ogbono okra soup

then the chop and wash Spinach/ Ugu oregon Uziza leaves…
Ogbono okra soup

stir and combine, then add the rest of the crayfish. switch the heat off and admit to simmer for five moment with the residual heat…
Ogbono okra soup

And information technology ’ sulfur practice .
Ogbono okra soup enjoy with any swallow of your choice. one beloved mine with oatmeal Fufu/ swallow, pawl here for recipe for oatmeal swallow…
ogbono okra soup
Ogbono okra soup

Will be waiting on your feedbacks when you’ve tried this easy Ogbono Okra Soup recipe. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for automated notifications of future recipes. See you soon!

source : https://mytaemin.com
class : Cook

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