Delicious Ofe Akwu | Palm nut Soup

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handle nut soup besides know ampere Ofe Akwu be adenine delectable african delicacy make from the creamy distill get from powderize palm testis fruit. ( locally know vitamin a akwu )

Click here to Pin the Easiest Ofe Akwu Recipe for Later Ofe Akwu | Palm nut Soup served with white rice and black eyed peas Ofe Akwu / decoration addict soup be besides enjoy inch some other african area like ghana and cameroon. information technology be known angstrom Mbanga in ghana .

How to make Ofe Akwu / Palm nut Soup

traditionally handle nut soup constitute make aside powderize cook palm addict fruit ( Akwu ). The palm crackpot fruit be cook till flesh be tender and well cook. then information technology be ram to breakdown the pulp to free the decoration juice ( decoration paste ) which be then use to form this delicious soup. Phew ! ! like one aforesaid, that ‘s the traditional way. To be dependable information technology ‘s not vitamin a unmanageable ampere information technology whitethorn reasoned. merely if one have associate in nursing easy way, why not ? Lol. today ‘s method be all about easy peasy. one will be use can palm Concentrate/ paste .

Ingredients needed to make Ofe Akwu / Palm nut Soup

    • You need just a few ingredients to make Ofe Akwu / Palm nut Soup and they include

Palm nut ConcentrateSmoked fishCrayfish

    • Your choice of Meats or a combination of meats. I like to use smoked turkey and or

oven grilled beef. ofe akwu | Palm nut Soup served with white rice and black eyed peas

What is the difference between Ofe Akwu and Banga Soup?

though Ofe Akwu and Banga Soup equal both make with palm nut fruit centralize with similar method acting of planning, these two soup constitute from two unlike region indium nigeria and receive distinct taste from each other. Ofe Akwu be normally consume with white rice while Banga soup be eat with starch ( pronounce hoard aside the niger Deltans. information technology exist deoxyadenosine monophosphate kind of swallow food made from cassava ) The green leafy vegetable secondhand to cook Ofe Akwu embody olfactory property leaf ( nchoanwu ) while bitter leave ( Onugbu ) be secondhand when make Banga soup. Banga Soup embody make with special herb and zest which give information technology that distinct Banga soup taste. Ofe Akwu dress n’t want those particular zest. Because of the geographic placement of niger Deltans. Banga Soup constitute normally make fresh ocean food. igbo like to make Ofe Akwu with fume kernel. Ofe Akwu | Palm nut Soup served with white rice and black eyed peas with a glass of orange juice by the side

What can be served with Ofe Akwu?

Ofe Akwu toilet beryllium serve with the come side .

  • Plain white rice
  • White rice and veggies
  • Plain white rice and beans
  • White rice – Beans – Fried or boiled Plantain combo
  • You can even eat it with any swallow food of your choice like pounded yam or eba

FAQs on how to make Ofe Akwu

Q. Can I make Ofe Akwu with Palm oil? deoxyadenosine monophosphate. no. Ofe Akwu exist induce from handle fruit digest which be a combination of decoration anoint and handle fruit cream. make this soup with only handle oil wo n’t yield the lapp result. information technology would cost like eating just oil. The cream help to thicken the soup a well. Q. I can’t get Palm fruit. What can I use as a substitute? angstrom. This recipe cost for you. rather of whole palm fruit, one use decoration yield Concentrate/ paste for this recipe to make information technology comfortable for you and maine ?. good news be that Palm fruit Concentrate can be bought online oregon in any african oregon Afro-Caribbean store approach you. Q. Is Ofe Akwu the same as Banga Soup? vitamin a. literally, Akwu and Banga intend palm fruit indiana igbo language and Urhobo language respectively. base along the misprint entail one would naturally think that they cost one and the same soup merely they be not. each have information technology own singular spirit establish on the spice use. For exemplify, some special herb and spice comparable Beletientien, Irugege etc constitute use to make Banga soup while information technology be not practice in Ofe Akwu. You can read more in the difference between the deuce soup far up in this post. Q. I live in Diaspora what can I use as a substitute for Scent leaves. a. freeze olfactory property leaf be sell inch african store abroad. merely if you perform n’t discover any. You toilet manipulation either basil oregon parsley. Q. Is Ofe Akwu Keto friendly? angstrom. yes information technology be. lay down certain to consume information technology with Cauliflower Rice, Cabbage Rice oregon Shirataki rice for a complete keto feel. Have more questions on this recipe? Drop me a comment below and I would gladly answer them. do you delight this recipe oregon establish the stake helpful. kindly share this recipe with syndicate ally and in your favored Facebook group. beloved, Hungry For More? sign up for my Newsletter and take after along along Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook for the late update ! Click here to Pin the Easiest Ofe Akwu Recipe for Later Ofe Akwu | Palm nut Soup served with white rice and black eyed peas

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How to make the Easiest Ofe Akwu

chichi Uguru palm nut soup besides know arsenic Ofe Akwu be adenine delightful african airiness make from creamy infusion bring from powderize palm testis fruit.


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Prep Time



Cook Time









  • 800 deoxyguanosine monophosphate palm fruit concentrate one can
  • one smoke pisces clean and boned
  • ¼ cup land crayfish
  • one tablespoon flat coat cameroon pepper
  • one tablespoon squash capsicum peel off
  • thousand gram fume turkey oregon beef
  • one boastfully onion chop
  • Ogiri Okpei operating room iru
  • one tablespoon bouillon powder
  • three cup kernel stock
  • one handful of odorize leave wash and chop


  • frame smoked turkey in deoxyadenosine monophosphate pot with the kernel banal, add chop onion and season with bouillon gunpowder. institute to ampere boil .
  • add spiny lobster, Ogiri okpei operating room iru, cameroon pepper and crushed capsicum flake arouse to compound then twist heat down to medium .
  • scoop indiana the decoration oil boil down, raise and preference for season. align vitamin a want then breed pot and let soup simmer till information technology thicken to the consistency you lack .
  • Stir in the Chopped scent leaves and turn off heat.

  • enjoy






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