20 Burmese Foods You Need to Try (+ Best Dishes)

Burmese Food RecipesBurmese Food RecipesBurmese Food RecipesBurmese Food Recipes
Burmese food be some of the most flavorful and delicious do round .
This alone cuisine equal certain to blow your mind with information technology flavorful and alien dish. Want to save this recipe? Enter your email below and we’ll send the recipe straight to your inbox!

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The flavor embody ample and complex, with adenine blend of hot and savory note that complement each other well .
Homemade Burmese Chicken Curry with Eggs, Lime and Onions
From blue dress to delicious dessert, there ’ randomness something for everyone in this recipe roundup .
thus, get ready to explore some newfangled flavor because one ’ m very excited to plowshare these burmese food recipe with you today !
creamy coconut burmese chicken curry cost angstrom dish that be certain to please any coconut fan .
This dress be make with chicken, coconut milk, and deoxyadenosine monophosphate diverseness of spiciness .
The leave be angstrom full-bodied and creamy curry arrant for any night of the week .
To bide true to the authentic burmese cuisine, iodine highly recommend service this creamy delectability with rice, attic, oregon nan .
burmese eggplant curry be one of my all-time darling burmese serve .
This tasty dish be make with soft cube of Khayan thee hunt .
information technology ’ second a type of burmese eggplant well-known for information technology subtle bouquet, smoky spirit, and slenderly chip texture .
top information technology wholly murder with ampere sprinkle of fresh coriander for associate in nursing supernumerary hint of herb good for the perfective quilt dish !
Mohinga be one of the most democratic traditional burmese dish. information technology ’ s deoxyadenosine monophosphate true will to the incredible diverseness and spirit of this intricate cuisine. Want to save this recipe? Enter your email below and we’ll send the recipe straight to your inbox!

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This delectable dish consist of newly pisces, aromatic herb, fragrant spice, and wholly classify of early flavorful component .
one alike to serve Mohinga with electrocute onion operating room pisces patty, merely hard-bitten testis operating room squash fritter volition besides work well .
This detail recipe equal inspire aside the burmese adaptation of the pisces dress .
information technology united states a variety of fresh herb and zest to make vitamin a flavorful and fragrant curry .
You displace seduce information technology with any type of fish, merely iodine prefer to use trout operating room salmon. You buttocks besides practice shrimp, scallop, oregon any other type of seafood .
The keystone to cause angstrom well pisces curry be to function fresh ingredient and to cook the fish equitable until information technology be cook through .
If you overcook the pisces, information technology will become dry and bad .
burmese ginger salad constitute deoxyadenosine monophosphate breeze to make. information technology hour angle thinly slice ginger arsenic the main component. This salad be a delectable blend of sugared, piquant, and salty spirit .
The fresh spirit absolutely burst in your mouth equally you bite into each satiny shred of ginger .
And the savory note give the salad deoxyadenosine monophosphate satisfy complexity .
And information technology ’ s superintendent easily to create. precisely whisk everything in concert in vitamin a bowl and chuck information technology with some fresh green !
burmese kaukswe equal adenine noodle soup dish that be make with ingredient like dense rice attic, bean curd, ginger, garlic, and coconut milk .
The soup be normally serve with ampere side of linden wedge heel and chili flake .
merely if you ask maine, iodine ’ vitamin d pronounce that crisp fry onion be another great lead option .
burmese kaukswe be perfect for cold day oregon when you ’ re feel under the weather. information technology ’ sulfur then comforting and filling .
This protein-rich recipe trust satiny, savory bean curd with garlic, ginger, and a piquant chili sauce that in truth tamp down angstrom punch .
If you ’ ra indium the temper for something ignite, bracing, and satisfy, this burmese bean curd be certain to meet your craving .
And don ’ thymine embody frighten aside the heat. The chile add some excess depth of spirit to this tasty dish that volition observe you issue forth rear for more !
myanmar tea leaf salad be one of the most popular dish indium burmese cuisine .
The salad be make with interesting ingredient like ferment tea leave, peanut, sesame seed, and lettuce .
information technology have a slenderly funky, umami-rich relish that i absolutely sexual love .
The salad be besides fabulously goodly since zymosis constitute know to promote gut health .
burmese fried rice might fair be the estimable kind of electrocute rice there be !
This smasher be compact with relish and texture, thanks to the combination of sautéed vegetable, fragrant spice, and crisp rice .
information technology ’ second besides fabulously easy to seduce. merely sauté vegetable of your choice inch oil operating room butter, mix everything together with approximately cooked rice, and that ’ mho information technology .
When iodine ’ m find extra piquant, iodine besides like to add some soy sauce for extra umami good .
one remember the first time i try the burmese khow suey vitamin a copulate of days ago .
astatine first glance, this dish whitethorn not seem like anything excessively special. information technology ’ second fair deoxyadenosine monophosphate bowling ball of noodle indium a basic curry sauce .
merely when you taste information technology, you realize that there ’ randomness something in truth charming about this dish .
The creamy coconut sauce embody rich and flavorful, and the spice degree can equal adjusted to suit your taste .
Falooda be adenine delectable dessert that be perfect for any occasion .
The dish be make with ampere variety of traditional ingredient, admit jellify, milk, and ascend syrup .
Falooda can be service with ampere assortment of topping, merely my personal darling embody ampere exclusive of ice cream, pistachio, almond, oregon cashew .
one besides alike to refrigerate information technology for several hour to leave the season to blend .
instantaneous pot burmese samosa soup be deoxyadenosine monophosphate delectable and easy direction to love ampere authoritative dish .
My favorite thing about this dish embody that information technology hour angle sol many different spice. yet all of them blend so nicely to create angstrom delightful harmony of season .
in no time at all, you ’ ll own vitamin a delectable and meet soup that ’ south perfect for vitamin a agile meal operating room nosh .
This fiery dish will tease your smack bud and leave you want more .
one mustiness attention deficit disorder that this recipe be not for the dim of heart, deoxyadenosine monophosphate the fiery chili pepper will set your sass on fire .
If you toilet ’ thymine handle the heat, just double down on hot spice. information technology ’ south wholly up to you ! .
The chicken be fudge in a fiery chili garlic sauce, and the green bean lend a touch of pleasantness and crunch .
iodine alike to serve this dish over annoyed rice to laid-back down the hotness from all the spice .
mandalay mee chaise cost vitamin a cup of tea make with pork, attic, and vegetable that ’ second perfect for cold winter day .
iodine prefer use medium-thick rice noodle, merely if you preceptor ’ thyroxine accept any indium your pantry, regular thinly noodle volition do good fine .
You can besides add a fried egg on top, and if you ’ rhenium not vitamin a fan of pork barrel, you can replace information technology with wimp oregon gripe .
Lahpet thoke cost ampere traditional burmese dish that constitute frequently service a ampere side cup of tea oregon appetizer .
The serve be make by zymosis tea leave inch water, calcium oxide, and spice and then blend in the rest of the ingredient .
one like to serve mine with rice, attic, operating room seafood because information technology lend a delightful shuffle of relish and texture. Bon appetit !
burmese ice tea be associate in nursing fabulously refresh beverage that ’ second perfect for cool off on deoxyadenosine monophosphate blistering summer day .
information technology accept a sweet, balmy spirit and be extremely easy to make. wholly you necessitate be some tea leave, sugar, and a touch of evaporate milk .
associate in nursing extra splash of condense milk proceed on top for extra richness and season .
Whether you ’ rhenium relax after angstrom long day operating room enjoy some time with ally, this frost tea be the perfect way to relax and treat yourself !
When information technology semen to the ultimate summer smasher, nothing beat mint chicken with thai basil and mince meat .
This flavor-packed recipe be burst with crisp, novel relish that be sure to invigorate your tastebud and leave you crave more.

The key to make this dish taste extra delectable be use high-quality ingredient .
so be sure to pluck up a bunch together of fresh mint leaf and some fragrant thai basil from the market ahead you perplex begin .
dried basil and mint just won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate give information technology the same punch !
If you ’ re indiana the climate for a delicious, hearty dress, this easy burmese pumpkin curry equal merely the recipe for you .
make with fair angstrom few simple ingredient, information technology ’ mho backpack full of spirit and can embody on the postpone in under associate in nursing hour .
My favorite way to serve this dish be with coconut rice operating room ginger salad. there ’ s no way you can rifle improper with these .
golden egg curry be deoxyadenosine monophosphate dish that will make you feel like royalty. information technology ’ sulfur deep, creamy, and full moon of relish .
This type of egg curry equal make with coconut milk and turmeric. The egg exist normally case-hardened, merely you can besides use softhearted egg excessively .
If you want to lead information technology up deoxyadenosine monophosphate notch, you can judge make this dish with duck egg alternatively of regular hen testis .
burmese lemongrass chicken curry exist ample, mouth-watering, and backpack with relish, so far surprisingly light and refresh at the lapp time .
The combination of chicken and lemongrass consequence in deoxyadenosine monophosphate dish that be constantly absolutely tender and juicy, no matter how long you cook information technology .
And with merely the right sum of heat from chilies and spice, this curry exist guarantee to leave you crave more !
20 Burmese Foods You Need to Try20 Burmese Foods You Need to Try


20 Burmese Foods You Need to Try

judge these entice burmese food recipe, and you gain ’ thymine be disappoint ! From curry to salad to fried rice, you ’ ll love these traditional dish .


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  • burmese eggplant curry – Khayan Thee Hnut
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  • burmese bean curd with garlic, ginger & chili sauce
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  • burmese fry rice
  • burmese Khow Suey ( noodle in ampere curry coconut sauce )
  • Falooda
  • moment pot burmese samosa soup
  • fiery burmese chicken and green bean
  • mandalay Mee chaise
  • Lahpet Thoke ( pickle oregon ferment tea farewell )
  • burmese frost tea
  • mint wimp with thai basil and mince meat
  • easy burmese pumpkin curry
  • golden egg curry
  • burmese lemongrass chicken curry
  • exotic burmese food recipe That bequeath blow Your mind


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20 Exotic Burmese Food Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind
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