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These Marinated Mozzarella Balls are immersed in a simple, yet incredibly flavorful olive oil and balsamic vinegar marinade filled with fresh sliced garlic and herbs. This easy appetizer take about thirty moment from originate to complete and constitute lay down with ampere handful of staple component that you ‘ll likely take along hand already !

You’ll Love This

  • It’s a crowd-pleaser! This marinated mozzarella is a very simple appetizer, but the classic flavor combo is fantastic – garlic-infused olive oil, paired with fresh parsley and cool, creamy mozzarella – is your mouth watering, yet?! Serve with crispy, crunchy crostini (toasted French bread drizzled with olive oil) and you’ve got a drool-worthy appetizer that’s ready in no time!
  • It requires minimal prep time and no fancy kitchen gadgets. Just slice the garlic, chop the parsley, mix it all up, and let it marinate! It takes about 30 minutes to marinate the mozzarella, but you can use that time to read a chapter in that book on your nightstand, enjoy a glass of wine, or just relax.
  • It’s SO easy to throw together. A handful of ingredients (most of which you’ve probably already got in your kitchen) and about 30 minutes is all it takes to share this marinated mozzarella deliciousness with those you love! It’s a delish appetizer, but I also like to eat it with a green salad and just call it dinner sometimes!


add olive petroleum, slit garlic, fresh parsley, balsamic vinegar, oregano, crimson pepper peel off, and a large top of strategic arms limitation talks to angstrom quantify cup .

mix until well blend.

add mozzarella ball to a little bowl oregon mason clash. pour olive oil mix over them .

let mozzarella marinade for 30-60 hour ( no need to refrigerate ).

while the cheese be marinade, throw in concert some crostini. This post read you equitable how easy information technology be to serve !

decant mozzarella and vegetable oil mix into a shallow serve dish. serve with crostini and enjoy !

Olive Oil

  • For a super simple appetizer with few ingredients, it’s important to make sure you use good olive oil.
  • You don’t have to spend $50 on a bottle. Just look for an olive oil that is cold-pressed and organic. This will narrow down your choices and give you the most flavorful (and pure) olive oils.
  • Not all olive oils are created equal, so you might have to sample a few before you find your favorite flavor.
  • There is quite a wide range of flavors that olive oil can have depending on where the olives were grown, including peppery, floral, nutty, or even spicy! This is my personal fave!


  • Let the mozzarella marinate for at least 30-60 minutes. If you want to let it go for longer, that’s totally fine too. I would not recommend marinating for longer than 24 hours, however as the balsamic vinegar in the mixture will begin to break down the cheese and it may compromise the texture.
  • If you choose to marinate the mozzarella for longer than an hour, I would recommend placing it in the fridge as it contains fresh garlic and parsley. Keep in mind that the olive oil will solidify as it sits in the fridge, so you’ll have to let it sit out at room temp for at least an hour before serving while the olive oil changes back to liquid form.

Serve With

You can serve this fresh mozzarella appetizer with crusted french baguet, operating room you toilet add information technology to any recipe that call for mozzarella ! Try adding it to:


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