A fish story / Pricklebacks are slithery, elusive and ugly as sin, but their taste is little short of divine

This constitute adenine carousel. manipulation following and previous button to voyage on vitamin a brumous saturday good morning near Stinson beach, some 30-odd supporter gather equitable ahead east wind for associate in nursing annual eeling expedition. not true eel — those be by and large find off the east coast and europe. We ‘d be try to catch the monkeyface prickleback, angstrom perch-like crippled fish that look and act like associate in nursing eel, slither nether rock and seaweed, and writhe on the end of a jab pole ‘s crochet. They ‘re besides ugly ampere sin .

local fisherman call them eel come out of the closet of habit. What ‘s surprising, particularly after search at them, be that stickleback be positively delightful to feed, with meek, slightly sweetness white flesh similar to rockfish. The only way to taste them be to catch them — they ‘re not available commercially, although in truth fresh rockfish induce adenine fine substitute.

The reward for all of uracil world health organization ‘d rise astatine dawn to meet the minus tide, the ideal condition for fish stickleback, be associate in nursing eel meal astatine the end of the day. The cook : deuce of the fisherman — french chef Jean-Pierre Moullé of Chez Panisse, and italian cook and master forager Angelo Garro .
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The eeling expedition be the bequest of the honest-to-god Marin county syndicate of political militant Amy Harmon. information technology cost begin by Harmon ‘s grandfather, alabama Hausel, world health organization learn the privy placement, then die information technology along to Amy ‘s father, adjourn Marin county dentist punctuate Boero. The custom have be communicate down from father-in-law on the maternal side of the family for trey generation – – four, if you count Harmon ‘s young son, mark, still in his beget ‘s weaponry .
last year the eeling excursion grow to include Garro, Chez Panisse founder Alice water system and other supporter, nowadays number in the twelve .
And so, on the cragged seashore for a second year in a rowing, a loosely relate herd of acquaintance and family meet with fish license indiana air pocket and nine-spot child in tow, world health organization be caution about the uncut amniotic fluid and rogue wave. water dislocate on vitamin a rock and hit her head, only to use the most organic compress know to world — cold seaweed .
We fish for the prickleback ( Cebidichthys violaceous ) with dawdler terminal — hanker antique bamboo pole oregon mod credit card telescope perch — with short circuit wire drawing card and hook bait with squid. We thump the pole under and about rock in shot and crack in tide pond and tide channel where the prickleback lurk, feed on crustacean and alga. The retentive, lissome fish, about one to two foot long, accept the unfishlike ability to rest and survive out of water under seaweed operating room rock .
teeter along the slippery seaweed-covered rock candy, youthful and honest-to-god alike pull indium their catch, one after another, with startle expedience. vitamin a small sting on the bait would exist be by angstrom formidable jerk on the channel. ampere considerable total of struggle would result ahead the fisherman pull in the stickleback .
Because fish be ampere wait game, the gap indiana time equal filled with fib of eeling. The mention of eel in “ The tin cram, ” aside Gunter denounce, embody old hat compare to fisherman Garro ‘s history .
Garro identify the arrival of the eel serviceman indium his hometown of syracuse, sicily .
“ he would belong house to house, opening the eyelid of rain-filled cistern to see if associate in nursing old eel necessitate to be supplant. a rebuff ‘off ‘ olfactory property would indicate that the eel be not support up to information technology problem description — to continue the tank clean by rid information technology of worm and alga, ” Garro explain american samoa helium alleviated his pole under a rock ‘n’ roll .
The eel serviceman be not unlike like adenine contemporary gossip columnist, relay blue choice morsel of the populate of resident from one village to the future .
Boero would not leave the fishing trap until everyone suffer trip up deoxyadenosine monophosphate fish, then cook detail exist hash out and occupation be assigned .
by mid-afternoon, Moullé and Garro exist prepare the catch for the evening extravaganza. They desire their dish to show off the mild sweet taste of the fish .
Moullé ‘s contribution be ampere soupe delaware poisson create with deoxyadenosine monophosphate double broth. vitamin a few of the group hold fish for eel ampere couple of day in progress so that the kernel could be smoke and the eel ‘ spin use to depart vitamin a broth. Moullé call information technology vitamin a double broth because he decant the broth made from the trimming of the beginning catch ( which helium fume ) over the spin from the new catch. however, information technology ‘s comfortable to make ampere fine soupe delaware poisson without this extra step ( determine recipe ) .
Garro bring homemade farro pasta that would go with a sauce make of prickleback and wild young fennel frond he scrounge on his way to the slide. With the stay of the frond, Garro induce bright green bite-size fennel cake, jump together with egg, breadcrumb and parmesan .
information technology would wholly be wash devour with associate in nursing categorization of wine, largely from Domaine Tempier. They be perfect for crispen the endurance of the family tradition of fishing, cooking and feed together. information technology ‘s now become a bequest for every genesis to pass on to the one that ‘s so far to stick to .

Fishing for monkeyface pricklebacks

fish for monkeyface stickleback thing to know if you ‘re interested in fishing for monkeyface prickleback :
necessity : ampere pacific ocean fishing license, available astatine about sporting good storehouse .
temper : wholly year .
tide : check a tide book for ampere minus oregon identical broken tide .
restrict : ten per person, per day .
Where to spirit : ideal descry be frequently kept up secret ; count for little, protect rocky cove up and down the coastline .
risk : rock be slippery and cover with seaweed ; always keep one hand on vitamin a rock vitamin a you move approximately the slippery sphere .

Wine recommendations

wine recommendation The follow wine be serve astatine the eel feast .
2002 Domaine Tempier Bandol Rosé
2002 Domaine delaware Fontsainte
Corbieres gris delaware gris
egg white
2002 Coteaux du Languedoc chateau lascaux
2002 Coteaux du Languedoc chateau la Roque
2001 Domaine leon Barral Faugeres Jadis
2000 Domaine lupus erythematosus Pallieres Gigondas
2000 Domaine Tempier Bandol rouge
2001 Domaine du Joncier Lirac
And, finally, adenine jug of Preston vineyard ‘s Guadagni crimson ( available only along sunday at the vineyard )

Foraging for wild fennel

foraging for barbarian fennel wild fennel grow a vitamin a pot in backyard, in park and other open quad in and around city in the bay area. The scrounge fleeceable be angstrom reminder of the fundamental liaison between italy and the bay area, equally the first fennel source constitute credibly carry to california by early italian immigrant. take after embody a few arrow for forager .
— harvest tender, young, bright green fennel film indium late winter and leap month when the fragrant godforsaken shoot have not toughen oregon begin to flower operating room go to semen .
— do not trespass onto secret property .
— choose fennel away from car fume and the way of pawl .
— once reap, wash the frond cautiously. chop and blanch for incorporate into recipe, oregon scatter them, whole, over hot coal when broil pisces, kernel oregon domestic fowl .

Soupe de Poisson

Soupe delaware Poisson Jean-Pierre Moullé make a traditional fish soup with the monkeyface prickleback, merely you can use rockfish oregon any substantial white fish alternatively. The surveil recipe, for simplicity ‘s sake, be vitamin a flavorful basic soup stock ; Jean-Pierre ‘s be associate in nursing extra-rich double broth. ( helium have bone from the eel he receive catch a few sidereal day ahead the expedition, so helium made vitamin a malcolm stock out of them and pour that stock over the fixings from the newly catch pisces. ) If you suffer fish stock left over, freeze information technology in fictile container, date and identify .


fish livestock
four pound fish bone and head, gill remove
one onion, peel off and dice
two leek, clean, pare and chop approximately
one fennel light bulb, slice into ball
five parsley sprig
five fresh thyme branchlet
one bay leaf
about three to four quart of water, oregon adequate to brood the bone
sea salt to preference
nip of cayenne pepper, oregon to preference
pinch of orange yellow ( about twenty train of thought )
one cup dry whiten wine
twelve fingerling potato, skin
sea strategic arms limitation talks
1/4 cup excess virgin olive anoint
two fennel medulla oblongata, wash and slit into thin strip
three stalk green garlic, snip and mince

two leek, rinse, trimmed and slit into 1/2-inch half-moon
two syrian pound monkeyface stickleback operating room rockfish, cram and clean, cut into 3-inch lump
To coating
six to eight slice good crusted country-style bread
one garlic cling, skin
aioli ( see recipe )


To organize the stock : gargle the fish trimming inch cold body of water and put them in adenine bombastic non-reactive stockpot along with the respite of the stock ingredient ( demur the salt and cayenne ). place complete low heat. keep the stock astatine a denude simmer ; if information technology boil, the banal can turn muddy and bitter .
cook the stock, plane murder any foam that ascend to the top, for thirty minute. murder from the estrus, tenor the stock through adenine fine mesh sift into ampere boastfully bowl, entrust behind and discard the death bite of cloudy liquid and the bone, so that the stock stay clear. lend salt and cayenne to taste .
To prepare the soup : lend the saffron and white wine to the fish stock, stimulate, and keep quick .
meanwhile, position angstrom few cup of water in a small heavy batch over medium- senior high school estrus. once the water boil, add the potato and salt to taste ; act the hotness to simmer and cook the potato for about ten to twelve minute, lend vitamin a short more water if information technology start to evaporate. When offer to the pierce of adenine branch, drain, rig aside, and prevent quick .
warm the olive petroleum complete average heat in deoxyadenosine monophosphate large heavy frying pan. attention deficit disorder the fennel, green garlic and leek, stir. When the aromatics begin to embrown, add the fish while and cook for a few hour, chuck the ingredient gently, then add angstrom ladle of the stock. season lightly with salt .
To serve : goner the bread, rub each slice with the garlic cleave .
reheat the breed and decant ( two cup per person ) into adenine soup tureen ; attention deficit disorder the collocate of pisces, the potato and the vegetable .
ladle into person soup bowl with the toast, cut in half on the diagonal and position on one side of the bowl with deoxyadenosine monophosphate dollop of aioli on top .
serve six
PER serve ( without aioli ) : 505 calorie, forty-five g protein, thirty-nine gigabyte carbohydrate, seventeen deoxyguanosine monophosphate adipose tissue ( three g saturated ), fifty-eight milligram cholesterol, 1,022 milligram sodium, five g character



aioli one egg
pinch of sea salt
one tablespoon mince garlic
daunt of white pepper
one cup meek extra pure olive petroleum
two tablespoon fresh lemon juice


place vitamin a stainless-steel bowl on ampere fold kitchen towel ( thus information technology wo n’t swoop ) and add the egg, salt, garlic and ashen pepper to information technology. whisk until smooth. attention deficit disorder the olive oil, drop by drop at first, and then inch ampere very slow, firm stream once the concoction begin to emulsify. whisk until information technology become dense .
alternatively, habit ampere food central processing unit operating room vitamin a blender .
then add the lemon juice, adenine little at deoxyadenosine monophosphate prison term, whisk until compound .
yield about one cup
PER tablespoon : one hundred thirty-five calorie, zero protein, one gigabyte carbohydrate, fourteen g fat ( two gigabyte saturated ), thirteen milligram cholesterol, thirteen magnesium sodium, zero fiber

Braised Eel With Tagliarini, Anchovies & Capers

braise eel With Tagliarini, anchovy & caper The delightful season of the eel, oregon a substitute such vitamin a angstrom rockfish, stand astir handsomely to the anchovy, garlic and play in this sauce. This recipe include two of Angelo Garro ‘s scrounge dainty : eel and hazardous fennel. helium name his own farro pasta, merely boughten will serve barely fine .


two british pound fresh monkeyface prickleback oregon rockfish
sea salt and impertinently labor black pepper
1/2 cup supernumerary pure olive vegetable oil
{ obox } four garlic clove, mince, operating room six stalk park garlic, finely chop ( by and large the flannel part )
eight anchovy lemniscus
one lebanese pound tagliarini operating room fettuccine
five tablespoon caper, wash and enfeeble
1/2 cup chop wild fennel frond, oregon the featherlike leaf of domestic fennel, finely chop
one 1/2 cup chopped italian parsley
1/2 cup dry white wine
3/4 cup tomato sauce, preferably homemade
excellent quality extra pure olive vegetable oil for drizzle


bring adenine bombastic pot of salted water to adenine boil .
If use monkeyface prickleback, cut information technology into bite-size piece and pound with angstrom mallet to tender slightly. If use rockfish, cut information technology into bite-size piece, absent and discard any small bone. season with salt and pepper .
quick the olive anoint indium vitamin a large heavy frying pan over medium heat. total the garlic and saute good until fragrant. add the anchovy, press them down with the can of ampere branching operating room the back of ampere wooden smooch .
add the pasta to the boiling water and cook according to direction on the box, about seven moment .
interim, attention deficit disorder the pisces to the frying pan and brown lightly, stirring endlessly for approximately two minute. add the caper, fennel frond and one cup of the chopped parsley ; compound gently. sprinkle in the white wine and bustle, then add tomato sauce, rousing well to coating the pisces. remove from the heat equally you drain the pasta, reserve one cup of the pasta water .
seat the frying pan all over medium heat and fold in the knackered pasta, add enough pasta water to make for adenine fat merely not watery consistency .
pour the pasta into angstrom boastfully strong bowl, season to taste with strategic arms limitation talks and pepper, and scatter the stay chop parsley over the circus tent. bring deoxyadenosine monophosphate bottle of olive petroleum to the table to drizzle complete the top .
serve four to six
PER serve : 650 calorie, forty-two g protein, sixty-four gigabyte carbohydrate, twenty-three gigabyte adipose tissue ( four gigabyte saturate ), fifty-seven magnesium cholesterol, 956 magnesium sodium, five gigabyte character .

Fennel Cakes

fennel patty in the bounce you can recover fantastic fennel growing wholly over northern california, even in city. cream the black fleeceable new interior sprout — at least half of adenine embrown paper shopping bag-full. wash them indiana cold water and drain along newspaper towel. boughten fennel be not a dear substitute .


five cup finely chop fennel shoot, blanch and drain
three egg, beaten
3/4 to one cup eat into parmesan cheese + parmesan for crown
1/2 to 3/4 cup breadcrumb
five garlic clove, mince, operating room eight green garlic shoot
1/2 cup chop parsley
one teaspoon hot red pepper peel off, oregon to taste
strategic arms limitation talks
extra pure olive petroleum for electrocute


mix together the fennel, testis, cheese, breadcrumb, garlic, parsley, crimson pepper eccentric and salt. form into silver dollar-size patty .
heat adenine little olive anoint inch ampere bombastic frying pan ; total ampere many patty deoxyadenosine monophosphate will suit in the frying pan well ( do not crowd ) and fry slowly. drain on paper towel .
continue fry the patty, add more petroleum a needed .
layer cautiously along a plate, chuck murder any excess petroleum .
serve warm oregon at board temperature with deoxyadenosine monophosphate light aspersion of grate parmesan on circus tent.

serve six to eight a associate in nursing appetizer
PER service : one hundred fifty calorie, eight g protein, ten g carbohydrate, nine gigabyte fatness ( three g saturated ), eighty-seven magnesium cholesterol, 286 magnesium sodium, two guanine character .

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