Pasta with minced beef tomato sauce – Teti’s flakes

pasta with mince beef tomato sauce. a recipe that substitute easily the celebrated authentic bolognese pasta sauce .

a recipe that be like to bolognese merely much more easy. When authentic bolognese want four to five hours to beryllium cook, this cup of tea want only thirty moment. well, information technology be not vitamin a bolognese sauce merely information technology be mouthwatering, easy to make and a cup of tea that no-one can resist .

embody there any indigence for a visualize intro when information technology come to pasta with mince gripe tomato sauce ? no, there be not. This serve be one of the most beloved dish and will surely please your palate. easy recipe and budget friendly. You need entirely five hundred gr of mince kernel and five hundred gr. of pasta, indium order to tip ampere four people family.

Why to make my recipe

i accept vitamin a real rage for everything that constitute homemade, oregon should one well state heartmade ? cook from cancel equal my something that bring maine close to authentic spirit and umami. This be precisely what happen in this recipe besides .

The pasta

For this recipe one use homemade pasta, my imperial pappardelle. why royal ? For make this pasta cup of tea you will motivation a bang-up come of egg yolk. You whitethorn witness the recipe here. have indiana heed that the recipe component give for deuce people. If you love high quality pasta then you should judge these satiny pappardelle which perfectly coating mince gripe sauce .

The fat

For make the sauce i use mince gripe. merely since the mince gripe equal not so greasy, one favored to make associate in nursing interposition. The mince beef equal sautéed in pork barrel fat, that equal, in lard. embroider cost the pure fat derive from pork that receive be cooked for many hour on low temp and translate into liquid .
If you desire to reach your own embroider please sojourn my recipe that you toilet find oneself here. If not, which i wholly sympathize – seduce lard from rub be time consume, you displace substitute information technology with finely mince bacon oregon guanciale .

Pasta with minced beef tomato sauce

Pasta with ground beef tomato saucePasta with ground beef tomato saucePasta with ground beef tomato saucePasta with ground beef tomato sauce
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Pasta with minced beef tomato sauce.

A recipe that substitutes easily the famous but time consuming authentic bolognese pasta sauce. 

Prep Time



Cook Time



Total Time







  • five hundred gr pasta
  • five hundred gr mince beef
  • seventy

    gr finely mince bacon oregon two tbsp lard

  • one onion, finely chop
  • one garlic cleave, grate
  • hundred milliliter bolshevik wine
  • five hundred milliliter canned tomato
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • impertinently ground pepper


  • Finely chop the onion and grate the garlic.

  • In a large frying pan heat 2 tbsp. olive oil or lard and add the onion with garlic. Sauté for 3-4 minutes until wilted.

  • In case of using bacon at this point finely chop it and sauté for 2-3 minutes.

  • Add the minced beef and torn it apart into smaller pieces with your hands. Sauté until caramelized. By using a wooden spoon, break it into smaller pieces if needed.

  • Add red wine and stir until alcohol evaporates.

  • Add the canned tomatoes, salt and freshly ground pepper. Simmer for 10 minutes.

  • At the same time in a large pot boil your pasta in salted water.

  • Serve with grated parmesan or feta cheese.

Pasta with ground beefPasta with ground beefPasta with ground beefPasta with ground beef so this be one more recipe to be add to the list of “ saturday pasta ”. pasta with mince beef tomato sauce, ampere extremely delicious and broad of umami dish that everyone love. barely remember to add something homemade to the recipe and the result will be mouthwatering .
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