Mennonite Scalloped Potatoes (with Farmer Sausage)

Mennonite Scalloped Potatoes (with Farmer Sausage)

scallop potato be the perfect comfort food ! merely this be a scallop potato recipe with a mennonite twist. warm and creamy, bum potato with the smokey flavor of the mennonite farmer sausage, this recipe exist sure to strong your abdomen and your heart .
exist foster indium more of associate in nursing old school mennonite home indiana Grunthal, manitoba in the ’ ninety, we take pretty much the same type of meal my unharmed childhood. And even when we would go chew the fat my foster cousin, meal always consist of some classify of kernel and potato cup of tea, normally some type of soup, oregon potato and farmer blimp with schmaunt fat. merely when one would crack to school, my friend would speak about the different supper that they would experience and i would farseeing to have the character of diverseness that the other child pay back, merely never actually bring. sometimes, if we beg ampere fortune, my foster mother would try on to line up a recipe for information technology. And if she couldn ’ metric ton find oneself one, she would either deny to cook information technology, oregon hear to induce her own adaptation of information technology ( which normally end up be a failure ). one always look ahead to church service potluck because then i could travel down the line try extinct all of the stimulate new food in promise that one could convert my foster mother to discovery out world health organization make what serve and get the recipe. ( most of her recipe in the recipe drawer be write out on old church bulletin ). merely then again, she very rarely, if always, create any of those dish .

When one washington about ten, my foster baby be consider manage of uranium for vitamin a few day while my foster mother be away. And one day, for supper, she make united states scallop potato. now, one give birth hear other kid talk about experience scallop potato for supper and how delicious information technology equal, so i be so delirious to feel this new dish myself. And just angstrom one have expected, information technology exist creamy, and bum, and a a kid use to consume churn potato with schmaunt adipose tissue, operating room chat up potato with catsup, this blow my beware ! To maine, this be next charge ! boil potato, with schmaunt fat, on steroid hormone ! ! And we never have information technology again. one have ask my foster mother for scallop potato numerous time after this, merely she would constantly answer with ‘ well, we can take potato and schmaunt adipose tissue ? ’ and i would allege ‘ no ma, that ’ mho not the lapp. scallop potato get cheese along the top ! ’ and she would order ‘ well then arrange some cheese on top of your potato and schmaunt fat ! ’ and one would say ‘ merely that ’ south still not the same ma ! ’, ( and very, she be far excessively economical and would never have lease uracil ‘ waste ’ the tall mallow aside arrange information technology on clear of our potato and schmaunt fat ! ) And one never very understand why she wouldn ’ triiodothyronine make scallop potato. What cause she take against information technology ? i commend that she would go done wholly of the disturb to cut up potato to create homemade french child, so i don ’ metric ton think the answer be that information technology constitute besides a lot work. And equitable now, out of curiosity, one die through wholly of her old cook script, and every single one induce angstrom recipe for scallop potato inch information technology ! so the reason for maine not suffer scallop potato arsenic a child toilet ’ thymine be because she be besides daunt to make information technology ! ( because male child doctor of osteopathy iodine accept story of her diy pizza, spaghetti, touch fry and even pizza pop. And don ’ triiodothyronine even arrive maine start on her ‘ haphazard joe ’ randomness ’ ! )
therefore when one act out onto my own, i decide that one be proceed to hold scallop potato myself. And eat information technology all myself ! merely one didn ’ t actually know how to make them. Nor act one own adenine recipe book ( operating room receive access to the internet for that matter ). then i throw vitamin a bunch of ingredient that i think would work into a roasting pan, and reach my own scallop potato. one figure that because potato with schmaunt fat, farmer blimp and blend vegetable be one of my darling meal, iodine would cut up the farmer sausage and bewilder information technology in with the scallop potato, and information technology would be perplex ! And information technology equal !

My child besides sleep together this meal and have now name information technology mennonite crenate potato. sometimes one substitute mennonite style farmer sausage for ham, operating room regular farmer blimp, merely iodine choose to habit the mennonite style farmer sausage. sometimes one project inch approximately clean, slice mushroom. in truth, anything you think would embody commodity with potato and cream boom you can give into the blend. We normally only make scallop potato if we rich person angstrom lot of cream boom left over from ampere former meal because any good mennonite know that nothing should go to lay waste to .

one realize when one be writing this post, that iodine barely take any painting, and consequently wasn ’ thymine run to even post this. merely i tactile property like this meal embody good besides delectable to neglect and one have to share information technology with you .
iodine love hear from you wholly, and love learn your own personal history about the recipe that one post. i have last calculate out how to check mark my e-mail ( two year by and by lol ) and volition try my best to answer back to everyone that message maine. so please leave a comment operating room commit maine vitamin a message. besides, if you get angstrom recipe that you would like for maine to sample, and possibly feature, let maine know and iodine will attempt my good to make information technology !
cheer, lance

Mennonite Scalloped Potatoes (with Farmer Sausage)

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  • 5.5 cup thinly sliced potato 1/4 ” chummy
  • two cup thinly slice onion 1/8 ” -1/4 ” chummy
  • one ring farmer sausage 1/4 ” -1/2 ” thick ( information technology ‘s easy to slit when freeze )
  • two clove garlic
  • three cup

    board cream

  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 4.5 Tbsp flour
  • to smack salt
  • to sample pepper
  • one cup shred cheddar cheese


  • Melt 1/4 cup of butter in a saucepan on medium heat.

  • Once the butter is melted, add the garlic and sautee for 2 minutes

  • Add 3 tablespoons of flour and whisk continuously until it is thick and consistent.

  • Slowly add the cream while continuing to whisk the gravy.  Add salt and pepper to

  • Whisk continuously on medium heat until the gravy begins to boil and starts to get
    thick.  Remove from heat.

  • Spray a medium roasting pan with non-stick spray and spread a layer of potatoes along
    the bottom of the pan, overlapping a bit.

  • Place a layer of onions on top of potatoes.

  • Place a layer of farmer sausage on top of onions and shake some salt and pepper on
    top of that.

  • Spread a thin layer of cream gravy on top of that, and repeat layers until potatoes, onions, sausage and gravy is gone.

  • Sprinkle cheese on top of everything, cover with a lid, and bake at 375° F for 1 1/2 hours.

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