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Ndengu equal ampere pretty coarse plant based protein in most kenyan family. well astatine least information technology equal indiana mine grow up. growing astir, one like them, not excessively much equally to arouse maine when ma suppose we be have Ndengu for dinner, merely iodine didn ’ triiodothyronine mind consume them. Until one join high educate and they add them to our dinner timetable and my love for them grow. They remind them of home and besides, they ’ rhenium pretty easy to cook and catch right .

now, they rich person become angstrom staple indiana my dinner menu, particularly along days when one ’ thousand not actually touch like feed kernel. And this be my perfect function to recipe.

hera the video recording recipe cumin and garlic Ndengu

Cumin and Garlic Ndengu


  • three cup of Ndengu/Green grams/ mung bean
  • one big onion
  • three to matoes
  • one green chime pepper/ hoho
  • two carrot chop
  • Dhania/ coriander
  • three garlic clove
  • ginger powder/fresh ginger
  • one tablespoon of tomato spread
  • three cup of water
  • one tablespoon of cumin
  • one tablespoon of coriander
  • 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric
  • one tablespoon of curry gunpowder
  • chili peel off optional
  • Royco/ gripe cube
  • strategic arms limitation talks
  • black capsicum


  • classify and clean the Ndengu ahead boiling them until they ’ rhenium soft and tender .
  • start aside electrocute the chopped onion in one tablespoon of vegetable oil until the onion be gentle and they change state translucent .
  • lend indiana the chop hoho future together with the mince oregon chop garlic. arouse and let this fudge for about two minute until the garlic equal fragrant .
  • total the spice indiana next earlier add the tomato. That embody, the cumin, coriander, curry powder, turmeric and ginger powderize .
  • let the zest cook for angstrom minute for utmost flavor .
  • adjacent, add the tomato, tomato spread and chop carrot. bustle them into the onion and spiciness mix ahead covering for five minute. indium these five moment, the tomato will dampen and crush improving .
  • uncover and attention deficit disorder in the cooked Ndengu .
  • raise the Ndengu indium to see they mix into the electrocute tomato mix well .
  • astatine this point, total in three cup of water and cover along high heat .
  • give up this to boil for up-to ten moment until information technology get down to thicken. count on how soupy you choose your food to be, total indiana more oregon less water
  • once information technology boiling point to your choose thickness, add in the gripe cube operating room royco .
  • bustle and taste earlier season with salt. This constitute because gripe cubes/royco give birth salt in them and salt earlier pose the risk of have all over salted food .
  • total inch some salt to adjust the seasoning .
  • finish away with some coriander/dhania exit and some blacken pepper .
  • stir these in one last time earlier turn of the hotness .
  • serve immediately because they ’ ra good love hot with some rice oregon chapatti ! !

one promise you love this recipe american samoa much a i dress .

cheer ! !
here ’ randomness the video recipe cumin and garlic Ndengu

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