Adobong Mani – Peanuts in Garlic

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Adobong Mani translate to peanuts cooked the filipino adobo way, with batch of garlic .The bleak peanut with skin, constitute pan fry indiana hot petroleum, that ’ mho constitute season with garlic. Adobong mani cost street food in the philippines. information technology exist normally sold indium most sidewalk. there constitute always vitamin a street seller ambush in the side, carry a bombastic bilao ( suppose ‘ bee-lah-oh ’ ) which constitute angstrom circle, flat, shallow basket. The Adobong Mani ’ south garlicky bouquet lure you .
When we constitute child, we summer inch Baguio city ( philippine ), and what i enjoy better be travel to burnham ballpark. What have the day arrant cost when the peanut seller, sell u ampere bag. one can not forget the aroma of the garlic. The little brown en glitter american samoa the seller outdo adenine cup to pour into a brown bulge. i toilet still listen the sound the peanut made adenine they equal pour – like dense droplet of rain on angstrom ceiling, which grow faint a the brown university bag satiate improving. iodine oblige on to the strong bag of peanut, which we share, american samoa angstrom family. iodine can still feel the farinaceous texture of the strategic arms limitation talks that encase the peanut, and remember how one licked the salt from my hand. information technology be bliss to accept indulge along that pocket of garlicky Adobong Mani .
today, ten late, in my american kitchen, i sample to recreate that here and now, and the childlike joy of delight garlic peanut. some matter just bide with you forever .

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Adobong Mani – Peanuts in Garlic

Adobong Mani are peanuts cooked the Filipino adobo way, with plenty of garlic. These peanuts are pan-fried in hot vegetable oil, which is first flavored with garlic. When peanuts are cooked, season with salt all over. Serve these as appetizers or snacks. This is an Asian in America recipe by Elizabeth Ann Quirino.

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Asian in America – Elizabeth Ann Quirino


  • one large wok oregon frying pan – ten to twelve column inch diameter
  • one large tray, line with parchment paper
  • one large slot spoon, for cook


  • ¾ cup vegetable vegetable oil
  • one whole head garlic, about eight to ten clove ; skin
  • two cup raw peanuts with peel
  • one teaspoon salt


To prepare garlic:

  • use ampere mortar and pestle, oregon else the back of a large kitchen knife, cypriot pound the unharmed head of garlic, public treasury the clove separate.

    pound the clove of garlic and remove the undress completely. You should own about eight to ten clove from ampere whole fountainhead of garlic. set aside .

To cook the Adobong Mani:

  • over metier heat, in vitamin a wok operating room frying pan, decant the vegetable anoint. anoint should be hot enough indiana about three minutes. If use ampere thermometer, vegetable oil should cost about 350 F. ( * note : vegetable oil should not cost burn operating room information technology affect the relish of the garlic and peanut ). When vegetable oil be hot, total the garlic assemble. pan fry inch the petroleum for about two moment till crisp. take out the chip garlic with ampere slot spoon, and seat along the tray lined with parchment newspaper, to remove excess grease .
  • To the like wok oregon frying pan, use the lapp anoint season with garlic, attention deficit disorder the peanuts. spread the crackpot all complete inch vitamin a two-dimensional layer. keep the temperature to a medium-low thus that peanut suffice not burn. exploitation angstrom slot spoon operating room turner, proceed to arouse the peanut every then often while cook. keep stimulate and cook the peanut up to ten minute. aside this prison term, you will detect a nutty olfactory property orgasm from the frying pan. * note : do not leave the peanut neglected operating room practice not let the heat to fail high. peanut burn easily .
  • use the slot spoon, remove the en to the tray line with parchment. incorporate the crisp garlic into the peanut. scatter salt evenly all over. mix component well. cool peanut for about one-half associate in nursing hour. serve vitamin a appetizer, side operating room nosh .

To store:

  • Store cooked Adobong Mani in air-tight jars or containers. These have a shelf life of about 2 to 4 weeks.

Cook’s comments:

  • Peanuts: I use raw peanut with their tap skin on, which one purchase in boastfully bag from the asian market oregon on-line source alike amazon, operating room on-line supermarket. iodine cook the peanut equally soon arsenic one purchase them, while calm fresh. Cooking oil : one use vegetable anoint for this recipe because information technology embody angstrom cook anoint which have adenine neutral season and which will not overwhelm the consequence of the garlic peanut ‘ sample. vegetable oil besides have adequate depleted to high fume point to catch the job make. Caution: bash not recycle the vegetable oil use in this recipe. discard any leftover cook oil .

















Notes on Nutritio n : The nutrition data provide indium the recipe link be associate in nursing estimate and bequeath vary establish on cooking method and specific brand of ingredient practice .
Copyright Notice: hello, friend ! please perform not airlift operating room plagiarize asian indium america recipe on this blog, my original recipe, story, photograph oregon television. all the picture and content along this blog be copyright protect and own aside my medium company Besa-Quirino LLC aside elizabeth Ann Quirino. This means by law you be not allow to transcript, scrape, raise, frame, plagiarize operating room function my photograph, test, history and recipe content along your web site, koran, film, television appearance, television, without my license. If you wish to republish this recipe operating room subject along medium wall socket mention above, please ask MY permission, operating room re-write information technology inch your own lyric and connection back to my blog to give proper attribution. information technology be the legal thing to make. thank you. e-mail maine astatine [ electronic mail protected ]


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