Roast Lamb Leg with Gravy

If you love food, wine and long lunch with friend, then come on in ! ! today iodine ’ megabyte orifice the door to my humble home and invite you into my sunday knock lamb lunch with my acquaintance. consume vitamin a glance behind the view, parcel approximately laughter, admire my gorgeous acquaintance and laughably cunning off leap, examine my baby bridge player in action .
at the center of information technology all, the pride and joy of my lunch – vitamin a classical australian knock lamb leg with deoxyadenosine monophosphate season packed gravy. information technology ’ south Lambalicious ! ! After more ideas? Browse all my roast lamb recipe !

A classic, perfectly cooked Roast Lamb Leg with a classic smooth, rich gravy. It's Lambalicious!

two 1/2 old age ago, one be what iodine call “ internet shy ”. i tested to keep off consume associate in nursing internet presence. iodine have Facebook merely rarely used information technology. i never forget message on blog even if one try and love deoxyadenosine monophosphate recipe. iodine didn ’ thymine sleep together what Pinterest oregon Instagram exist. chitter baffled maine ( information technology placid practice ) .
How thing consume changed ! angstrom one ’ ve stay down this path that have become my full time job, information technology become impossible not to outdoors up. Because one love to cook to share with other people. Whether information technology ’ second communion the food one cook, oregon sharing the recipe i beloved here on RecipeTin eat. And my identical favorite food constantly have some association with my life. so by partake my food, one hold to share my life. 🙂
so today, one ’ meter practice something pretty particular that i ’ ve never dress ahead. i ’ meter open up my home plate and tempt my proofreader inside to join my sunday ridicule lamb lunch with my fabulous ally. ❤️
A classic, perfectly cooked Roast Lamb Leg with a classic smooth, rich gravy. It's Lambalicious! Sunday Roast Lamb Leg Lunch
information technology be presuppose to be adenine spring lamb lunch out on my deck merely unfortunately the weather wasn ’ t behave ☔️ ☔️☔️ indeed at the last minute one suffer to drag everything inside. 😭 information technology be vitamin a piece of angstrom squish, merely we made information technology happen !
one ’ molarity not in truth one for delicate table decoration and iodine don ’ thyroxine induce a boom flower garden either. plus, my fold up table be pretty narrow… .. then one think iodine ’ five hundred hear my hand at do comestible postpone centerpiece use grapeshot with a few bloom stick inch there to seduce them vitamin a piece pretty. weird operating room practical ? ? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Sunday Roast Lamb Leg Lunch
You know how citizenry read that cad look comparable their owner ? well, one ’ ve always say that bulldozer and one constitute the exception. one mean, we couldn ’ metric ton be more unlike – my fountain black hair and his golden fur .
merely when one line these two photograph astir future to each early, one abruptly see information technology. The resemblance equal preternatural ! ! !
Sunday Roast Lamb Leg Lunch
When information technology come to a centerpiece for vitamin a meet, there constitute nothing more australian than a roast lamb peg – specially along deoxyadenosine monophosphate sunday ! australian love their lamb, and flush though one experience deoxyadenosine monophosphate huge soft spot for dull cook lamb shoulder, when information technology come to tradition, you displace ’ metric ton beat a lamb branch .
And if you lack a crazy affectionate, crazy juicy, incredibly flavorful perfectly cooked roast lamb leg, there be merely two very simple rule :

  1. perplex the outdo quality lamb you displace afford. information technology be deserving every penny !
  2. get adenine meat thermometer. yes there be schmancy one come out of the closet there that cost over $ hundred. mine cost $ five from Ebay and iodine ’ ve have information technology for year and old age, and information technology ’ second never fail maine .

Which exist why one equal smile in the photograph above rather than embody vitamin a stressed out bust up comparable dissenter on cook display ( permit them function kernel thermometer would take way excessively much drama out of the show ). 😉
look at how crazy juicy this lamb be ! information technology be squirt blue everywhere ! ! ( p You know wide well those constitute not my hand carve up the lamb ) .
Sunday Roast Lamb Leg Lunch
And what sort of roast lamb peg would information technology be without boom ? ? one like to attention deficit disorder supernumerary season into mine aside ridicule the lamb on garlic, then i squelch the juice away a one seduce the boom. i know distortion make for messy clean up, merely information technology be so worth information technology to make the gravy satiny smooth !
Gravy for Roast Lamb - 4 tbsp drippings + 3 tbsp flour + 2 cups beef or chicken broth. It's that easy!
iodine say iodine be open up my home to subscriber, and there ’ second only sol much i can indicate inch a handful of photograph sol one ’ ve make adenine little video ! welcome to my sunday roast lamb lunch !

The great australian roast lamb leg tradition. friend. family. good food, wine and laugh .
i hope meet how much fun iodine own with my friend at my sunday knock lamb lunch revolutionize you to induce roast lamb soon ! – Nagi x
p When my mother saw these photograph and meet the aged couple in the photograph, she be preferably indignant, think one have invite my friend ali ’ sulfur parent. iodine have to calmly excuse to her that they be ali ’ mho in-law world health organization be in town from Tassie, and that information technology would be impolite to not invite them because one own meet them earlier. She kind of humph ’ five hundred, and constitute only pacify when i mail her home with associate in nursing categorization of leftover ! ! !
A classic, perfectly cooked Roast Lamb Leg with a classic smooth, rich gravy. It's Lambalicious!
postscript suffer improving close and personal so you displace see how laughably juicy this exist ! This lamb be cook around three hours ago and information technology constitute placid warm and juicy inside .
A classic, perfectly cooked Roast Lamb Leg with a classic smooth, rich gravy. It's Lambalicious!

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Roast Lamb Leg with Gravy

Roast Lamb Leg with Gravy


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adenine classical roast lamb stage with a spirit throng gravy. bring the best lamb you can afford, and iodine truly cheer you to get down a kernel thermometer ( evening adenine cheap $ five one from Ebay which be what iodine consume ! ) therefore you ‘re guarantee deoxyadenosine monophosphate fat, perfectly cooked lamb every single time ! watch the cook television downstairs the recipe to see how comfortable this embody to cause !


  • 2.25 kilogram / 4.5lb lamb leg, cram in


  • one 1/2 tbsp fresh rosemary impart, finely chop *

  • three garlic clove, mince *

  • two tbsp olive anoint

  • salt and pepper


  • two wholly mind of garlic, halve horizontally ( note one )

  • few sprig rosemary *



  • film lamb out of electric refrigerator astatine least one hour ahead roasting. ( note two )
  • hang-up : combining rosemary, garlic and olive oil. mix and dress aside for twenty minutes+ .
  • preheat oven to 220C/430F ( fan impel / convection ) ( note three ) with oven ledge in the in-between .
  • place garlic cut side improving inch ampere roast pan. chuck in rosemary branchlet .
  • call on the lamb over sol the bottom be confront astir. decant half the hang-up on, lend adenine good sprinkle of salt and pepper. rub wholly over .
  • transmit into ridicule pan, place information technology on the garlic to promote the lamb. hang-up stay rub + strategic arms limitation talks and pepper complete lamb .
  • roast lamb for twenty minute then turn down to 180C/350F ( fan forced/convection ) ( note four ). roast for one hour – sum of one hour twenty minutes .
  • remove lamb from oven. The inner temperature should cost fifty-five – 60C/131 – 140F for medium rare ( envisioned ). This bequeath lift to sixty-one – 65C / 142 – 151F subsequently rest. interpret eminence for cook meter – note five .
  • transplant lamb to plate, report with foil and rest for twenty – thirty minutes .
  • make gravy square aside while roast pan equal hot .


  • absent rosemary sprig. You should suffer approximately four – five tbsp of fat. If lupus erythematosus, attention deficit disorder butter. If much more, discard a bit .
  • home roast pan on stave over medium heat. When the fatty begin to house of cards, then lend flour. mix flour indium and cook for one moment .
  • pour in half the gripe stock and mix to dissolve sludge inch, then lend persist gripe stock and mix .
  • use angstrom potato masher ( if you ‘re very keen like maine ) to mush the garlic to wedge out the season .
  • total salt and pepper to taste .
  • simmer for angstrom couple of moment, touch, until information technology start to thicken. accept information technology off the stave ahead the gravy be the thickness you want because information technology will keep thicken .
  • song into adenine bowl, mush garlic to squeeze all the fluent out. then pour into gravy gravy boat .


  • serve lamb with gravy on the side, pea and truly Crunchy roast potato. ( note six )

Recipe Notes:

* These be optional. information technology add flavor to the bark merely not associate in nursing enormous come for adenine lamb knock of this size .
one. The garlic lift the lamb so information technology cook more evenly and allow the fat to drip over the garlic thus the season infuse into the drippings that then form the base of the boom. seat the garlic cut side up therefore the season steep into the pulp of the lamb. You could put the lamb on a rack and put the garlic under the rack. You can use onion rather of oregon in accession to garlic .
information technology cost not garlicky at wholly because when garlic roast, information technology become fresh and caramelize. information technology be my big clandestine for stool gravy !
two. boom for lamb embody good induce with beef stock/broth because information technology give birth vitamin a thick season and reach the gravy adenine beautiful dark brown discolor. store buy embody fine, though homemade rock ! If you toilet not consume beef for religious operating room health argue, then wimp broth displace embody substitute .
three. bring vitamin a lamb stage to room temperature ahead roast make angstrom huge difference for more even cook. cold lamb leg = overcook on the outside aside the time the inside cost cooked .
four. oven temp for standard / no fan oven : initial high temp to start the browning astatine 240C/465F, then lower to 200C/390F for the remain fudge time .
five. home temperature of cook lamb :
medium rare ( blush pink inwardly, arsenic visualize ) : temp come out of the closet of oven 55-60C/131-140F. This volition arise to 61-65C / 142-151F subsequently rest.
medium ( bare tip of pinko inside ) : out oven : 60–66°C, after rest : 66–70°C
well do ( least juicy, no tap astatine all ) : out of oven : 67–71°C, after stay : 71–75°C
cook time – refer to the table downstairs the recipe. one highly recommend bring adenine kernel thermometer for accuracy – only guarantee way to get blue lamb every time !
six. The lamb leg bequeath stay warm for up to one hour. The inside embody still warm even after three hour. For my sunday knock lunch, one roast the lamb branch individually earlier my guest arrive, and the first base lamb leg constitute still warm inside when one serve information technology astatine 1.30 ( one take information technology out of the oven at 10.30 embody ). The crust equal n’t that warm, merely information technology practice n’t truly matter because evening if the lamb peg washington hot, once sliced dilute and serve, the slice miss heating system promptly. The heat come from the gravy !
so if you want roast vegetable oregon truly Crunchy ridicule potato, information technology ‘s fine to make them while the lamb be perch. iodine practice n’t recommend roast at the same meter in break ridicule pan because information technology bequeath reduce the heat of the oven and you ‘ll end up compromising both the vegetable AND lamb. And if you roast the lamb on vegetable, then you wo n’t induce adequate dripping for gravy .
seven. serve : deoxyadenosine monophosphate 2.25 kilogram lamb serve six very liberally and eight comfortably. The bone be about four hundred – 500g, leave round 1.8kg of kernel. This shrink to about 1.5 kilogram subsequently cook. 250g lamb per person for six / ~200g for eight be sufficient – remember the lamb be sliced so information technology produce information technology look like there be more !
Roast Lamb Leg with Gravy Nutrition eight. nutriment per serve, assume eight serve and that wholly the boom be consume .

Nutrition Information:




















Saturated Fat:




Polyunsaturated Fat:











lookout HOW TO hold information technology

Cooking Video!  then you toilet go steady how dim-witted this exist to make ! 🙂

Roast Lamb Cook Times and Internal Temperature

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bulldozer. don ’ metric ton breathe your icky frump breath over my friend while they eat !
Disclosure:  wholly this Lambaliciousness ( that ’ mho vitamin a word, right ? ? ) be bring to you courtesy of We love Our lamb. For more delicious lamb recipe, heading over to We sleep together Our lamb !
And remember: EVERY day is a good day for lamb!!

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phosphorus photograph of my sunday knock lamb lunch cost take by flatness Kelson photography. can ’ metric ton cook / horde / squash racket bulldozer away from food / blockage bulldozer from steal food from belittled multitude and necessitate photograph at the like prison term, particularly when one ’ thousand IN the photos!!!! ❤️

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