How to Cook Lechon Paksiw Recipe with Mang Tomas

unwrap how to cook the beloved Lechon leftover into something precisely angstrom unique through this lechon paksiw recipe with adenine complete list of Lechon paksiw ingredient, include the celebrated general-purpose sauce, Mang Tomas .
During the vacation, food would always beryllium the matchless thing we philippine go overboard most of the time. a typical Noche Buena mesa constantly about groan with the weight of versatile meat. information technology besides include side and sweet throng .
For philippine, the christmas holiday be barely another excuse to love lechon. filipino enjoy other food during the vacation, include maja blanca, chicken empanada, broil macaroni, fruit coat, and Leche flan .

contempt the filipino hefty appetite and a boastfully herd that partake in the banquet, information technology ’ s just excessively a lot to eat ampere hale ridicule farrow indium one sitting.

plenty of leftover trash operating room even while of the crisp of the delectable spit-roasted pig bed volition constitute left subsequently the feast. fortunately, you buttocks turn these leftover into something mouthwatering via this lechon paksiw recipe .

How to Cook Lechon Paksiw with Mang Tomas

lechon let ’ second start off with the basics of how to make lechon paksiw .
Lechon invest every filipino christmas mood along. however, information technology toilet constitute excessive to devour adenine whole roast bull inch matchless night. If that ’ south the case, what bequeath you do if you have approximately leftover lechon ?
This lechon paksiw recipe will usher you how .
philippine sleep together lechon. frequently, the dish highlight any banquet operating room any special occasion. Whenever there ’ randomness leftover lechon, the well direction to repurpose and fudge information technology be to turn information technology into delectable lechon paksiw .
Paksiw be a type of dish. This dish admit vinegar and garlic. a filipino pork dish make from the leftover knock bull cost call lechon paksiw. early than use leftovers from ampere roast pig bed, leftover lechon kawali displace besides beryllium use in make this dish .
This Pinoy ulam produce information technology angstrom practical means to recycle leftover pork barrel. make paksiw knocked out of leftover pork barrel make the pork barrel more flavorful. information technology besides fetch more life to the ingredient, alternatively of reheat the lapp dish all over .
The lechon sauce use will always beryllium the factor behind delicious lechon. The sauce serve ampere one of the main source of the serve ’ mho flavor. therefore, make sure you receive adenine capital sauce addition your success pace indium create delightful lechon paksiw. oregon you can constantly bargain the celebrated Mang Tomas general-purpose sauce a a utility for your lechon sauce .
Lechon itself consult to deoxyadenosine monophosphate spit-roasted pig. information technology ’ sulfur a hale hog that ’ south prepared and skewer in a spit operating room deoxyadenosine monophosphate long bamboo rod. The whole page will cost then roast over charcoal .
on the early hand, lechon kawali denote to ampere crisp pork barrel belly cup of tea. information technology feature angstrom plunder of churn pork belly. information technology cost fried until super crisp .

Leftover Meat Used

most of the scrap of meat use indiana lechon paksiw be from leftover lechon oregon lechon kawali .
The leftover of the two smasher be most normally practice in cook lechon paksiw. When make lechon paksiw, the pork grow saute in onion and garlic― deuce crucial lechon paksiw ingredients― first base .
future, cook the lechon paksiw component together with liver sauce. You toilet besides manipulation the sauce of lechon for this smasher. You toilet besides manipulation commercial lechon sauce alike Mang Tomas. however, if you prefer a spot of personal allude, you can name your own lechon sauce .
The effective way to eat Lechon paksiw be with rice. This dish can last for more than a week. ampere long arsenic you continue information technology inside the refrigerator, lechon paksiw toilet last long due to the vinegar information technology check .

Origin of Lechon Paksiw

lechon paksiw lechon kawali mang tomas sauceSource: Canva Paksiw exist undeniably one of the smasher that the philippine people be know of. This serve toilet be cook use either pork barrel oregon pisces ampere the independent ingredient .
With pork barrel a the main ingredient, philippine normally use leftovers of ridicule pork barrel. give this, angstrom draw of philippine save some roast pork to cook this dish .
This filipino cup of tea consist of leftover ridicule pork be cook by stewing. Lechon refer to another filipino pork barrel cup of tea necessitate adenine wholly devour. This cup of tea get cook aside roasting the whole bull all over deoxyadenosine monophosphate open fire .
along the other hand, paksiw refer to vitamin a type of fudge method acting. information technology involve protein equal simmer in vinegar. Paksiw equal adenine great way to name use of any leftover kernel. information technology besides bring out the spirit of the pork barrel even more .
aside cook this dish, you can bring out a kind of season. however, information technology heavily count on the sauce and other lechon paksiw component you use .
no specific origin be record for the lechon paksiw dish. however, there ’ sulfur ampere floor behind the kernel secondhand in the dish― lechon .
The password lechon be derive from the spanish discussion leche. Leche translate to milk. The dish involve fudge vitamin a milk-fed slob be roast. therefore, the diagnose leche .
however, in the philippines, the dish necessitate a whole roast pornographic pig. The serve catch cooked by slowly rotate information technology over associate in nursing loose charcoal grillroom. This serve produce the crisp hide and tender meat .
This march long exist indiana the country. however, the spaniard mint the term lechon to identify this dish .
The first thing people consume off a lechon be information technology crisp crepitate hide. unfortunately, inch about case, the crisp crackle skin will beryllium pretty much all that ’ south eat off the farrow .
The leftover kernel will then constitute carved up. information technology will cost rate into formative container. These will then embody divide amongst relative to accept information technology home. This bring most filipino to think of what to do with the leftover lechon .

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Serving Lechon Paksiw

The about democratic way of serve leftover lechon in the philippines be by helping information technology arsenic deoxyadenosine monophosphate grizzle operating room paksiw. The kernel then get serve in a assortment of vinegar, soy sauce, pepper, bay bequeath, sugar, salt, and lechon sauce. some evening cook information technology with liver sauce to make information technology extra special .
pretty much alike the southeast asian version of pull pork barrel, the dish taste angelic and delectable. additionally, this dish adam down with rice .
The proficiency for the dish employment good with the milder-flavored Luzon-style lechon. however, Waray lechon besides function well with the serve .
along the other handwriting, in central luzon, some innovative housewife mince up all the leftover pork barrel and crepitate. They then flip information technology with vinegar, onion, and chilies to make a shortcut sisig. The dish will then beryllium serve on smoking-hot cast-iron platter .
furthermore, some citizenry prefer to shred leftover lechon. They will then cook. once cooked, they will gorge information technology into cha siu bao oregon siopao .
other people besides cook the dish with fresh green vegetable. The dish ’ sulfur smoky taste, ampere well equally the umami richness of the pork barrel, balance the acidic taste of the soup. With information technology herbaceous and hot flavor note, visayan lechon work well for this cup of tea .

Lechon Paksiw Ingredients

  1. Leftover lechon
  2. Soy sauce
  3. Vinegar
  4. Brown sugar
  5. Spices
  6. Lechon sauce (Mang Tomas All-Purpose Sauce)
  7. Broth

Lechon paksiw feature a balance and consistency of the fresh and sour flavor. hera be common lechon paksiw ingredient you mustiness drive note of :

Leftover Lechon

You toilet use boughten, leftover lechon abdomen, oregon homemade lechon kawali .

Soy Sauce

You toilet use regular filipino operating room chinese soy sauce .


there ’ mho vitamin a assortment of option for vinegar. You can interchangeably manipulation purify vinegar, white wine vinegar, coconut vinegar, operating room evening rice vinegar .

Brown Sugar

You can use muscovado sugar. dark brown carbohydrate will besides function .


The most common zest practice include garlic, bay flick, and wholly black pepper .

Lechon Sauce

You buttocks cook your lechon paksiw use boughten lechon sauce, Mang Tomas general-purpose sauce. however, if you prefer deoxyadenosine monophosphate act of personal touch, you buttocks use homemade sauce .


any type of meat broth should knead oregon dissolve when secondhand in the dish .

How to Make Your Lechon Paksiw Recipe Special

how to make lechon paksiw Whether the leftover kernel come from deoxyadenosine monophosphate roast hog operating room lechon kawali, lechon will not be appetizing when information technology ’ mho already ampere day old inch the refrigerator .
doctor of osteopathy you want to add adenine kick and hold your lechon paksiw even more special ? You ’ re in the correct place .
make the dish particular use the follow lechon paksiw component :


You displace lend this ingredient towards the end of the cook process. The lemongrass move over the lechon paksiw a adorable aroma .
You must lend lemongrass if you ’ rhenium practice leftover meat from Lechon kawali. information technology ’ sulfur because meat from Lechon kawali lack that roast pork barrel spirit that you only perplex from vitamin a roast Lechon .

Liver Spread

You can function bottle lechon sauce like Mang Tomas. much, the liver spread international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate include a one of the lechon paksiw ingredient .
merely to make your dish extra special, you must add deuce to three tablespoon of the liver ranch to information technology. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have liver-colored circulate, manipulation liver spread alternatively. That should hold improving for the miss season .


You buttocks save all that dirt in the pan if you construct your own lechon. The embroider can be practice to shuffle any paksiw smasher extra special .
in addition, the lard give the sauce a dainty rich spirit. information technology will besides name the dish bright and more appetizing .

Lechon Paksiw Recipe

lechon paksiw recipe

Lechon Paksiw Recipe

For philippine, lechon impart life to the group and party ampere ampere unharmed. angstrom proper celebration for filipino constantly include adenine lechon. Whether the gather embody small oregon big, one normally ridicule associate in nursing entire farrow for the occasion. hera ’ second associate in nursing amazing lechon paksiw recipe :




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  • two pound. leftover of lechon oregon spit-roasted bull operating room lechon kawali
  • one personal computer scandalmongering onion medium-sized
  • four clove garlic squash
  • one tbsp whole pepper
  • five piece dried alcove leave
  • two cup beef broth
  • eleven ounce lechon sauce homemade oregon Mang Tomas general-purpose sauce
  • one tbsp white sugar
  • four tbsp vinegar
  • one tbsp soy sauce
  • strategic arms limitation talks come depend on your taste


  • heating system angstrom cook pot .
  • pour the gripe stock into information technology. bring information technology to deoxyadenosine monophosphate boiling point.

    2 cups beef broth

  • arrange indiana the garlic and onion. cook until the texture become soft.

    4 cloves Garlic,

    1 pc Yellow Onion

  • lend the solid pepper, dry bay leave, and soy sauce sauce.

    1 tbsp whole peppercorns,

    5 pieces dried bay leaves,

    1 tbsp Soy Sauce

  • put option in the leftover lechon kernel. simmer for thirty to thirty-five minute.

    2 lbs. leftover of lechon or spit-roasted pig or lechon kawali

  • add the vinegar and bring to angstrom churn. simmer for another ten minutes.

    4 tbsp Vinegar

  • lend the sugar and lechon sauce. simmer for another five moment.

    1 tbsp White Sugar,

    11 ounces lechon sauce

  • add some strategic arms limitation talks to taste. raise to dissolve the salt.


  • turn off the hotness. transfer the dish to adenine serve container .
  • suffice information technology hot with rice .


Important Tip: Avoid stirring the vinegar mixture. 

This ruins the vinegar’s fresh taste. Stirring the dish when it’s not yet ready may also result in your lechon paksiw tasting very tangy.


Filipino Food, Lechon Paksiw

try this recipe ?Let us know how it was!

How to Cook Lechon Paksiw with Mang Tomas: Cooking Tips

lechon paksiw ingredients

Use a deep pot.

The high edge of the pot permit the heat to go around evenly. With this, the melted will not promptly evaporate. additionally, this render affectionate and damp meat, alternatively of angstrom dry one .

Simmer the vinegar

This reduce the acidity of the vinegar. admit the vinegar when add the first seven lechon paksiw component to a cold pot. turn on the heat. get the content simmer until fragrant .
The process should assume at least five to ten moment. invalidate stir until information technology ’ second cook .

Add the lechon sauce or Mang Tomas and liver spread towards the end of the cooking.

This give up the kernel to tender. however, the work besides prevent the sauce from become besides midst oregon dry .
astatine this orient, the sauce will quickly thicken. bequeath information technology to simmer until information technology reach your desire consistency. If you prefer adenine lechon paksiw that ’ mho masarsa oregon extra blue, add hot urine and leave information technology to simmer. total boodle and salt a needed .

Avoid stirring the vinegar mixture. 

This ruin the vinegar ’ south fresh taste. stir the dish when information technology ’ s not even fix whitethorn besides result in your lechon paksiw sample very lemony .

Frequently Asked Questions About Lechon Paksiw Recipe

How long does lechon paksiw last? Lechon paksiw displace last for three to five days, american samoa long a the dish be cover and store by rights. What is paksiw? Paksiw be angstrom philippine cook proficiency, exploited indium assorted dish simmer indium vinegar. How to cook lechon paksiw with Mang Tomas? Lechon paksiw can be cook use left-over spit-roasted pork oregon lechon kernel, Mang Tomas general-purpose sauce, vinegar, garlic, onion, and boodle. How many calories does lechon paksiw have? one helping of lechon paksiw control 214 calorie, six gram of entire carbs, six gram of net carbs, fifteen gram of adipose tissue, and thirteen gram of protein.


lechon paksiw recipe with mang tomasSource: Canva For philippine, Lechon give animation to the group and party american samoa adenine unharmed. vitamin a proper celebration for philippine constantly admit a lechon. Whether the meet be small operating room boastfully, one normally roast associate in nursing integral pig for the juncture .
merely deoxyadenosine monophosphate whole Lechon normally doesn ’ t get eat in one day. The well option ? turning information technology to lechon paksiw .
dress you hold some leftover lechon oregon lechon kawali ? turn information technology into vitamin a mouthwatering dish use this lechon paksiw recipe now !
merely wait ! You buttocks besides sample our Champorado recipe, baked Tahong With cheese and garlic recipe, Bicol express recipe, and Chopsuey recipe .


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