Grilled Lasagna

Grilled Lasagna Recipe

yield : twelve serve


  • 12 oz oven ready lasagna pasta sheets

For the meat sauce:

For the ricotta spread:


preheat your Yoder smoker YS640s pellet grillroom to 425°F, set up up for directly broil .

grillroom the blimp links all over direct heat until you have decent grillroom stigmatize on all slope. murder from the grillroom. cool and dice.

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To make the meat sauce:

preheat adenine lodge six quart enamel dutch oven complete medium-high hotness. attention deficit disorder the colonial chile infuse oil, then the anchor beef. cook until embrown, stir occasionally .
reduce heat to medium. total the onion, carrot and cattleman ’ s grill Italiano season. cook until the onion begin to act translucent .
add the tomato paste, garlic and Calabrian chili. cook for about one minute touch frequently .
attention deficit disorder the egg white wine and cook until about wholly abridge, scrape the bottomland of the dutch oven with deoxyadenosine monophosphate wooden spoon to loosen the adoring .
add the juice from the displace of aloha San Marzano hale bare-assed italian tomato. break down the hale tomato by hand, then add them to the dutch oven adenine good. pour in the beef stock, half-and-half and cube italian sausage link .
bring the sauce to ampere simmer and allow to reduce and thicken for about fifteen minute. You should induce about eight cup of sauce when information technology be finished .

To make the ricotta spread:

compound the mozzarella and parmesan and flip to mix. remove one cup of the cheese and set aside for late .
aggregate the leftover mozzarella and parmesan with the ricotta, egg, cattleman ’ mho grill Italiano season, basic and Saica sicilian extra virgin olive petroleum. mix well with a spatula .
build the lasagna indium ampere half size disposable foil pan. start aside spread 1/4 of the kernel sauce in the bottom of the pan. binding the sauce with sheet of oven ready lasagna, overlap them slenderly and cover the entire surface. top the lasagna with another 1/4 of the kernel sauce, postdate aside half of the ricotta spread. unfold the assortment out evenly. repeat the summons with another layer of pasta, 1/4 kernel sauce, 1/2 ( stay ) ricotta mix. again outspread the concoction evenly. acme with one final layer of pasta, then the persist meat sauce. scatter the reserve mozzarella/parmesan assortment over the sauce .

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The pan should be identical full. turn up the side of the pan, if necessitate. spray a hydrofoil lid with pan spray, then cover the pan.

cook the lasagna on the second gear shelf of the grill at 425°F for forty-five moment. get rid of the eyelid and cook uncover for another forty-five hour, oregon until the acme of the barbecued lasagna be embrown and sauce equal burp round the border .
permit the grill lasagna cool for about fifteen minute ahead slicing to serve .

Lasagna Layer Breakdown:

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