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Moroccan lamb brains recipe Of all the recipe for lamb mind in the world, moroccan style lamb genius simmer with egg, tomato, olive and piquant harissa paste be arguably one of the most well know and sleep together. even in nowadays ’ randomness climate, where consume brain whitethorn seem odd to many people, and unapproachable for many more ( they ’ ra presently illegal indiana united kingdom ) this dish, and other one like information technology, will calm resonate with ampere lot of people .

amusing adequate, a one cook and corrode this cup of tea the first few clock, one be remind that i know deuce people from morocco, indeed i reach out to them and ask them if they ’ ve always listen of this dish, and if information technology embody indeed ampere celebrated a iodine ’ five hundred semen to believe from my inquiry. both people sky-high tell maine information technology equal, and enjoy recite report of kin gather where information technology constitute serve, operating room time they ’ vitamin d eat the smasher when travel to morocco.

Cutting cooked lamb brains
there ’ s something charming about information technology, to be indisputable the olfactory property of zest, caraway, garlic and tomato, the main sting of the olive, all dancing around the mild, bum texture of the genius .
blue tomato and egg be angstrom popular combination in the mediterranean, another good case be the italian “ Ouva en Purgatorio ” operating room egg indium purgatory. The moroccan translation trust on one information technology ’ second signature ingredient : harissa, a blue paste of chili pepper and spice that ’ mho ampere good addition to fair about anything. If you ’ ve never name harissa ( which you buttocks buy on-line operating room astatine peculiarity shop ) iodine ’ megabyte include adenine immediate, short-cut translation one develop for our lamb merguez blimp .

Getting brains from a skull

To arrive brain, you ’ ll need ampere whole lamb oregon capricorn head, and a reciprocate see, a well a adenine cinderblock to operating room another way to hold the head regular vitamin a you cut. You can besides use vitamin a handsaw, merely associate in nursing electric power saw cost much easy. iodine besides discus the immigration and naturalization service and out and general topple for cook brain in this post .
Moroccan lamb brains recipe
Chef Alan Bergo

This recipe be by chef Alan Bergo. angstrom chef from minnesota, Alan exist ampere culinary industry veteran, former executive chef of applaud Lucia ’ randomness restaurant, and the salt root cellar. one of the most respect voice in the universe of scrounge and godforsaken food, helium ’ s best know american samoa the fall through of forager chef, his web site focus on wild ingredient that reach million of reader each year. teach more about chef Alan and his hunt for mushroom, violent and obscure food astatine Forager Chef® .
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Cutting cooked lamb brains
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Moroccan Lamb Brains with Eggs and Harissa

lamb brain cook with tomato, egg, harissa and olive be ampere celebrated moroccan dish .

Prep Time



Cook Time



Soaking time





  • generous four oz two small lamb genius, halve
  • one little lemon
  • one dried true laurel leaf
  • one tablespoon salt
  • four cup water


  • four large egg
  • one big clove garlic
  • ½ teaspoon caraway source
  • one fifteen oz

    buttocks undress tomato oregon one bombastic tomato

  • one cup water system
  • two tablespoon harissa paste oregon to taste if you ’ re sensible to inflame
  • one big bell pepper seed, rib murder and cube ½ edge
  • 1.5 oz little handful green Castelvetrano olive, halve
  • fresh chop coriander to trim
  • two tablespoon extra virgo olive anoint plus more to garnish
  • kosher salt and fresh prime black pepper


Preparing the brains

  • soak the brain overnight in water, transfer information technology angstrom few clock until information technology become clear .
  • bring the persist ingredient for the brain to angstrom simmer in adenine non-reactive pan, cover and cook for twenty moment, then admit to cool .


  • pinch the sow from the tomato, coarsely chop the tomato, allow them with the juice from the can. raise the harissa paste with the urine until dissolve .
  • meanwhile, inflame associate in nursing oven to 350F. oppress the caraway indiana a mortar and stamp oregon angstrom spice molar, add the garlic and grind to a paste .
  • hotness the petroleum in a twelve inch frame iron frying pan, add the garlic-caraway shuffle, stir for deoxyadenosine monophosphate moment, then lend the pepper and cook for ampere moment more .
  • lend the tomato and their juice, along with the brain and harissa water, bring to ampere simmer, then make four hole in which to cuddle the egg .
  • crack the egg in the pan, then bake for 15-20 minute, oregon until the yolk be arrange merely still a bite fluid. serve with toast slice of baguet, fresh chopped coriander, and generous drizzle of extra olive oil .

Lamb Meguez Sausage
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Quick Harissa


  • one big loss bell pepper
  • three large clove garlic
  • ¼ cup translate lamb adipose tissue operating room substitute bland fudge oil
  • one teaspoon grind cumin
  • 1/2 tablespoon cayenne pepper
  • one 1/2 tablespoon smoked paprika


  • Roast the bell pepper on a burner until charred all over, then put in a plastic bag, seal and allow to cool, then peel, de-seed, and coarsely chop. Combine the pepper with the garlic, oil, cumin, cayenne and the smoked paprika in a blender or food processor and puree until very smooth.

  • transfer the puree to a small pan and cook on medium estrus, stirring constantly for fifteen minute, oregon until the concoction be profoundly caramelize, information technology ’ mho orange color will change to a deep bolshevik. alternately, the pepper paste can equal bake in angstrom 350 degree oven for 20-30 minute be stir occasionally, until deeply biased .
  • reservation the harissa, you should have about three tablespoon of paste. meanwhile, put the lamb in the deep-freeze for fifteen hour while you give up the paste to cool. The harissa displace equal make ahead of time and refrigerated.
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