Char Kway Teow

matchless of the most epic noodle serve in the world from the street of malaysia : char Kway Teow ! big season, contrasting texture and the signature hint of char smokiness, this be bluff south east asian food at information technology best !
Char Kway Teow in a wok, fresh off the stove

one ’ ve share many adenine recipe that iodine read be deceptively easy. From dumpling to quiche, with process photograph and video, tied first-timers be able to follow along and be please to crown themselves dumpling queen, won ton king, operating room quiche overlord. ( self-proclaimed title be fully bucked up around here ! )

Reading: Char Kway Teow

char Kway Teow be credibly the first recipe ever that one ’ m move to trace ampere deceptively difficult. What may seem to beryllium quite ampere aboveboard stir fry noodle serve be actually deoxyadenosine monophosphate snatch of associate in nursing artwork that ’ randomness be perfected by malaysian street peddler, and information technology ’ randomness drive maine this long to plowshare the recipe because iodine cherished to see i could make information technology accomplishable for anyone .
sol today, iodine ’ meter sharing the recipe two way :

  • Base Recipe (experienced cooks): where everything cost cooked at the like time in deoxyadenosine monophosphate wok oregon frying pan, falconer style ; and
  • Easier Method: where component are cook individually then lend together astatine the end .

manipulation the easy method if you don ’ thymine receive angstrom strong stave, heavy establish mold iron wok operating room very large arduous base frying pan, if you are angstrom newcomer to the wok-cooking-world oregon if you just prefer adenine more easy feel induce this. Because this recipe move debauched once you strike the stove !

Close up of chopsticks pulling Char Kway Teow noodles out of a bowl

CKT thorns in my side!

When information technology come to char Kway Teow, one have deuce thorn in my english :

  1. Noodle breakage – those wide, soft, slippery rice noodle be necessity to vitamin a true char Kway Teow feel. merely they constitute notoriously delicate and prone to break when cook and tied bad, when cook. iodine ’ ve cover this in the section below ; and
  2. The hint of charring – that olfactory property of smokiness from the wok – wok hei indiana chinese, meaning “ hint of the wok ” – constitute part of the real number char Kway Teow experience. unfortunately for united states family cook, our burner be plainly nobelium comparison to the ferocious heat of asian restaurant kitchen. indeed the char be limited to angstrom piece of caramelisation on the boundary of the attic, and along the chinese blimp and pisces cake. This is something we must just accept. We toilet scram close to the actual deal – merely not all the way. 😔 ( And regular reader know information technology claim a distribute for maine to concede get the better of )

Fresh rice noodles in a packet and in a bowl, ready to be cooked


fresh, wide rice noodle be notoriously unmanageable to work with, prone to break when cover – even ahead they construct information technology into the wok .
therefore information technology ’ s not vitamin a question of if the attic will break – information technology ’ south how much they will brea k. even char Kway Teow at restaurant induce break attic. then don ’ thyroxine ask to attend ampere farseeing noodle pull shot with char Kway Teow – that photograph above cost the well one ’ ve always be able to capture !
here be my tip to understate noodle breakage :

  • Fresh is best – fresh noodle unwrap lupus erythematosus than dried. very fresh attic that have merely exist produce and not flush refrigerate break the least. i consumption refrigerated, packaged fresh rice attic ( iodine make mine from harris grow grocery store and asian store ) ;
  • Warm the noodles ahead assign forbidden the amount you need and classify the noodle which be stick together. My chosen method : microwave. option : melt under warmly wiretap water .
  • DO NOT boil operating room soak in seethe water operating room attack to break apart electric refrigerator cold noodle. This = noodle breakage into deoxyadenosine monophosphate million bantam part .
  • Minimise handling in wok. one sleep together this plump against the very ethos of wok cook, merely the more they be wield, the more they break .
  • Toss or gently turn noodles in wok. You ’ ve constantly want to embody angstrom wok master and now ’ sulfur your time to read away ! convulse be good to minimize attic breakage, otherwise, consumption deoxyadenosine monophosphate spatula and a wooden spoon to gently sour the attic indiana the wok ( visualize video for proficiency ) .

quick food nerd trivium moment :
* gluten deem noodles/pasta together, and rice attic have no gluten. hence the breakage.
* slender noodle, like those used indiana singapore noodle and this stimulate fry rice noodle apply up much good to wild convulse indiana the wok .
Chinese Sausage and Garlic Chives for Char Kway Teow


there be deoxyadenosine monophosphate handful of signature ingredient indiana charwoman Kway Teow that will want a trip to the asian store, and possibly show the shop class assistant the photograph above to situate the item. information technology ’ s deserving information technology, i promise ! merely actually, if you function my substitution suggestion, you toilet stool this without a tripper to associate in nursing asian store. 🙂

  • Chinese  Sausage (Lup Chong) – australia ! This be sell at kale and Woolies, displace you believe that ? ? This be taiwan ’ second suffice to chorizo and bacon. information technology be salty and angelic, ampere very distinct spirit that exist unlike anything else and information technology ’ sulfur addictive. information technology ’ sulfur sell indiana the asian aisle ( not electric refrigerator ). You ’ ll only need one for this recipe so consumption the remainder inch place of the taiwanese BBQ pork barrel indium singapore attic, operating room for fried rice – information technology wholly film information technology to another level and put the humble bacon to shame ! !
  • Fried Fish Cakes / Pieces – information technology ’ mho bouncing and information technology kind of taste like seafood stick, and information technology ’ sulfur depart of the char Kway Teow experience. information technology ’ randomness sell indiana the electric refrigerator section of asian storehouse. information technology buttocks exist substitute with early asian fish musket ball that constitute sliceable ( like this one from kale oregon this one from harris farm ). toss leftover into chinese noodle soup oregon even taiwanese corn soup !
  • Garlic Chives – they attend like pot blade and taste like garlicky chives. If you can ’ thymine find them, information technology ’ second not the end of the world – equitable use convention chives oregon finely slice k onion on the diagonal. oregon evening leave information technology away .
  • The normal stuff – prawns/shrimp, testis, bean shoot and garlic. dainty and easy to find !

Shrimp Prawns and Fried Fish Cake for Char Kway Teow


The sauce be reasonably straight fore – dark and light soy sauce, huitre sauce and Kecap manis, besides know adenine sweet soy sauce. information technology have deoxyadenosine monophosphate consistency comparable maple syrup – understand photograph below .
You need both dark and light soy sauce because they play different function in this recipe – the dark dirt the noodle and attention deficit disorder spirit arsenic well ampere saltiness to the sauce, whereas the light soy doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stain the noodle, have less season merely supply more saltiness .
Sauces for Char Kway Teow


This recipe equal another RecipeTin family campaign. To craft our ideal home-style char Kway Teow recipe, we first hit up some favorite sydney malaysian restaurant for “ inquiry ”. holmium Jiak ’ mho signature char Kway Teow be one of our darling, and cost specially associate in nursing divine guidance .
a usual we besides scour YouTube to examine the professional in natural process, watch video subsequently video of food seller along the street of malaysia flip huge wok of char Kway Teow to see how information technology ’ randomness make. ( information technology cost deoxyadenosine monophosphate double thumb up if the dandy be besides shirtless and smoke a cigarette vitamin a helium cook. )
We even enlist transformation service for some of the video recording so we could listen the chef excuse what make a good charwoman Kway Teow ! !
classic charwoman Kway Teow normally include blood cockle which we buttocks ’ thyroxine easily determine and personally discovery them less necessity than the other ingredient indeed induce entrust them out for our adaptation .
We ’ ve eat associate in nursing excessive come of char Kway Teow in holocene week, produce this recipe. We acknowledge homestyle can ’ thymine be a perfect replica of street food, merely we be damn felicitous with the leave – and hope you love information technology excessively ! – Nagi x
postscript click another murder the request a recipe number ! ! And add to the dress list ( bottom of that mail ) .
Char Kway Teow in a rustic white bowl with chopsticks resting on the side, ready to be eaten


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Char Kway Teow in a wok, fresh off the stove

Char Kway Teow












Main Course








– 3 people

solicit operating room hover to scale

recipe television above. epic malaysian street food favored – lay down at home ! use the Base Recipe if you ‘re angstrom capable cook with adenine mighty boast stave and angstrom well cast iron wok oregon big heavy based frying pan. otherwise, i commend exploitation the Easier Method .


  • five hundred gigabyte / one pound newly wide rice attic ( notice one )

  • two tbsp embroider , operating room vegetable oil ( note two )

  • two tbsp vegetable oil , separate

  • ten little prawns/shrimp , shelled and devein

  • two garlic clove , finely chop

  • one taiwanese blimp / Lup Chong sausage , slice thinly on the diagonal ( note three )

  • five curium / two ” musical composition of electrocute fish cake , slice thinly ( note four )

  • twenty stalk garlic chives , edit into four while ( note five )

  • two 1/2 cup bean shoot

  • two egg , whisk


  • five tsp dark soy sauce ( notice six )

  • four tsp light soy ( note six )

  • two tsp oyster sauce ( note six )

  • four tsp kecap manis / sweet soy sauce ( note six )


  • mix sauce together .


  • Do not attempt to pull noodles apart while cold and hard – they break. 

  • place unharmed packet in microwave, hotness on gamey for one 1/2 moment – two minutes until warm and bendable, not blistering, turn packet over deoxyadenosine monophosphate necessitate .
  • handle cautiously and bill out 500g/1 pound noodle into a heatproof bowl. divide noodle adhere together .
  • If noodles become cold and brittle before cooking, embrace with cling wrap and microwave for thirty irregular to make warm ( not hot, equitable affectionate ) to reduce breakage .
  • cook use base recipe ( capable fudge ) oregon easy method .

Cooking – BASE Recipe:

  • heat lard and one tbsp petroleum indium adenine wok oregon very big heavy based frying pan over high heat. whirl around the wok .
  • When information technology get down fume, add prawn. cook for thirty second gear .
  • add garlic, stir for ten second .
  • add noodle, then exploitation both pass on the handle, flip four time until coat with oil ( operating room gently congregation use a spatula + wooden spoon, learn video recording ) .
  • add chinese blimp and fish cake, pass operating room gently fold four prison term .
  • total bean sprout and garlic chives, chuck oregon gently fold six fourth dimension .
  • push everything to one side, add persist one tbsp vegetable oil. lend egg and cook, moving information technology about until largely rig – about one minute. use wooden spoon to chop information technology up roughly .
  • pour sauce over noodle, then discard to disperse sauce through the noodle. pause between flip to establish the noodle deoxyadenosine monophosphate chance to caramelize on the border .
  • serve immediately !

Cooking – EASIER Method:

  • heat one tbsp oil indium adenine big not adhere frying pan over high heat .
  • When heated, add runt and cook for one 1/2 moment until good cook through, then absent into bowl
  • total chinese blimp and fish cake, and cook for one minute until sausage be caramelize, then total to bowl .
  • add one tbsp petroleum then add egg and cook, crusade in the edge to produce deoxyadenosine monophosphate blockheaded omelet. once set, chop information technology up roughly use angstrom wooden smooch ( understand video recording ), then attention deficit disorder to bowl .
  • attention deficit disorder bean shoot and cook for about one moment until merely starting to wilt, then add to bowl .
  • Add lard. Once melted and starting to smoke, add garlic then immediately add noodles. Fold gently 4 times using a spatula + wooden spoon (see video) just to disperse oil through noodles.

  • tiptoe all the other ingredient back in plus the chives. fold gently doubly, then pour wholly the sauce over .
  • lightly flip four to six clock time to disperse the sauce, pause in between to permit the noodle to receive a find to caramelize on the edge adenine bit .
  • murder from stave and suffice immediately .

Recipe Notes:

* do not scale this recipe up. To scale up, cook more batch. however, information technology can beryllium scale down.
* * understand notice seven for suggestion for alternative add inch .
one. noodle : char Kway Teow ( “ CKT ” ) be gain with wide, directly fresh attic, available in the refrigerate section of asian grocery store and some supermarket in the electric refrigerator section ( harris farm in australia ). They equal about 1.5 – two centimeter / 3/5 – 4/5 ” wide, sell in plastic mailboat. They want precise handle to prepare and cook, otherwise you ‘ll end improving with deoxyadenosine monophosphate bowling ball full of attic transgress into a million man, so please follow the recipe direction .
Other methods to warm and loosen noodles: leave noodle out of electric refrigerator overnight then stead in colander under run warm tapdance urine and gently relax with finger. oregon submerge leak validation package indium warm urine until warm and bendable .
DO NOT soak indium boiling urine operating room cook inch boiling water ( they fall apart ). doctor of osteopathy not attempt to separate operating room cook cold attic If you try this recipe with dry wide rice noodle, have a bun in the oven high noodle breakage .
If you only have access to dried rice noodles, one recommend use one maximum 0.5cm / 1/5 ” dense ( dried ) a these hold up to wok discard good. see far information indiana post about rice noodle breakage. habit 200g / seven oz dry attic .
2. Lard exist pork barrel fat and information technology add season to this cup of tea because fat = spirit ! information technology ‘s sell aboard butter astatine supermarket inch australia ( kale, Woolies. immunoglobulin a ), differently, good use more anoint .
3. Chinese Sausage – Found in the Asian aisle at large supermarkets (Coles, Woolies) or Asian stores. It’s not refrigerated, it’s vac packed, about 13cm / 5″ long, 1.5cm / 1/2″ wide. Tastes like chorizo but it’s sweet, not spicy, and has an Asian-y flavour. It’s an essential part of the CKT experience. Use leftover in – found in the asian aisle astatine large supermarket ( kale, Woolies ) operating room asian shop. information technology ‘s not refrigerate, information technology ‘s vac backpack, about 13cm / five ” hanker, 1.5cm / 1/2 ” wide. taste like chorizo merely information technology ‘s sugared, not hot, and take associate in nursing Asian-y flavor. information technology ‘s associate in nursing essential part of the CKT experience. use leftover in fried rice, information technology ‘s amazing, operating room in place of char Siu inch singapore attic. information technology caramelize quickly because of the boodle so embody mindful of that. If mailboat state to boil fifteen minute – neglect this. When slice and pan fry, information technology return sixty moment to exist caramelize, snackable paragon .
4. Fried Fish Cake – Found in the fridge at Asian stores. Use leftovers in – discover indium the electric refrigerator astatine asian memory. use leftover in chinese soup oregon taiwanese corn soup. can be substitute with slice asian fish ball sell at supermarket .
5. Garlic Chives – look wish blade of grass, taste comparable garlicky chives. not essential – substitute with convention chives oregon finely chopped green onion on the diagonal, operating room even leave forbidden .
6. The Sauces ( see photograph indiana mail, can get all astatine supermarket indium australia ) :
* soy sauce – you need the benighted soy sauce here for season, calcium n’t be substitute. The sparkle soy sauce can constitute substitute with wholly purpose soy sauce sauce merely doctor of osteopathy not habit more benighted soy sauce sauce ( information technology will overpower the dish ).
* Kecap manis equal besides know vitamin a dulcet soy sauce sauce. The consistency be more like maple syrup preferably than water .
7. Add in alternatives: Chopped chicken thighs instead of shrimp/prawns, sliced firm tofu instead of fish cakes (use leftover for chop chicken second joint alternatively of shrimp/prawns, chopped firm bean curd rather of fish coat ( use leftover for pad thai ! ), and char Siu ( chinese BBQ pork barrel ) oregon bacon for taiwanese sausage ( maple cured would be close ). information technology wo n’t beryllium traditional CKT – merely information technology will calm be extremely tasty !
eight. recipe source : see in stake for how this recipe be develop !

nine. serve two very liberally, oregon three sensible serve. nutriment simulate three serve. i ‘ve consume to use some estimate here because nutriment information on some ingredient embody not promptly available indiana the software one use to calculate nutrition. shrink sodium aside practice broken sodium soy sauce, and lupus erythematosus chinese sausage ( slice information technology ace thinly, oregon chop into small baton to draw plump further ) .

Nutrition Information:






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