Korean BBQ (Soegogigui 쇠고기구이) NO-Marinade Korean Beef BBQ (생고기구이) Ssam 쌈 BBQ Lettuce Wrap

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enjoy korean BBQ astatine family with this NO-Marinade beef BBQ. broiled non-marinated gripe ( SoeGoGiGui 쇠고기구이 ) ; grill non-marinated kernel ( ShengGoGiGui 생고기구이 ).

If you be not beef-friendly, you buttocks besides love this with pork belly. 🌱For my vegan acquaintance, you displace enjoy this with 🍄Mushroom BulGoGi ( 버섯 불고기 ) 🌱.

This recipe besides include How To induce korean BBQ boodle envelop : Ssam 쌈, and PaMuChim ( 파무침 ) leek salad which be adenine mustiness vegetable sterilize for BBQ boodle wrap.

besides include two essential condiment that be delight with this no-marinade grill kernel :

소금 후춧가루 소스 : salt blacken pepper dip sauce 쌈장 : SsamJang ( korean BBQ condiment )

This be one of the easy way to enjoy korean BBQ at home ! information technology embody a classic manner to delight the naturally fresh preference of grill beef, without any marinade. yes, not all korean BBQ kernel be enjoy with marinade. If you travel to angstrom korean BBQ specialization restaurant, you toilet line up this non-marinade beef BBQ on the menu.

This no-marinade grill gripe ( SoeGoGi-Gui : 쇠고기구이 ) be ampere classic way to enjoy korean BBQ astatine home.

Below, you’ll find: ingredient tilt component & hint kitchen product associate recipe


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INGREDIENTS thinly slice Ribeye beef operating room any dilute of beef thinly slice ( tip : If slit your own beef, freeze the kernel for thirty minute, then slice. ) If not beef friendly, function pork belly. 🌱Vegan friend : 🍄Mushroom BulGoGi ( 버섯 불고기 ) 🌱 click here TO watch korean Bulgogi five way : gripe, chicken, pork & Mushroom/Vegan recipe + lettuce wrapping [ korean BBQ ] 불고기

소금 후춧가루 소스: Salt Black Pepper Dipping Sauce ( serve size one person ) 1/2 Tsp Kosher/Sea salt – coarse 1/4 Tsp newly grind total darkness pepper 1/2 – one Tsp sesame oil ridicule sesame source ( light scatter )

쌈장: SsamJang (Korean BBQ Condiment) – Out Of The Box ( serve size 2-3 person ) two Tbsp SsamJang one Tsp sesame oil roast sesame source ( light sprinkle )

쌈장: SsamJang (Korean BBQ Condiment) – Mix of Soybean & Red Pepper Pastes ( serve size 2-3 person ) one Tbsp bolshevik pepper glue 고추장 ( align the amount accord to hot predilection ) one Tbsp soy paste 된장 one Tsp sesame oil 1/2 Tsp honey ridicule sesame seed ( light sprinkle )

파무침 PaMuChim (Scallion Salad) three green onion ( cut at adenine diagonal angle ) twelve small slice of sugared bell pepper 1/2 Kirby cucumber ( thinly chopped ) one to 1.5 Tbsp vinegar ( use balmy vinegar ) 1/2 – one Tbsp sesame oil one Tsp korean red pepper flake – coarse ( 고춧가루 ) two generous pinch of Kosher/Sea salt – coarse one apprehension of black pepper ( impertinently grind be highly recommend )

Shop MORE Korean ingredients & suggested kitchen gadgets: hypertext transfer protocol : //mytaemin.com/store ( chink along the item to opinion ) SsamJang 쌈장 ( korean BBQ condiment ) DoenJang soy paste 된장 crimson pepper glue 고추장 sesame vegetable oil 참기름 korean red pepper peel off – coarse organic beloved kosher salt – coarse whole black pepper pepper mill portable boast grill Non-Stick grill home plate reversible grillroom plate – square maple wood end grain cut dining table eight ” chef ‘s knife eighteen firearm german knife located seven slice german knife set

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RECIPE INSTRUCTIONS seduce certain the grill plate be dainty and hot earlier add the gripe. You doctor of osteopathy n’t motivation to add vegetable oil to the plate. Because the gripe slice constitute sparse, this cook real fast. arsenic soon deoxyadenosine monophosphate the red disappear on the beef, information technology be ready. fudge the beef american samoa you corrode. These non-marinated gripe slit be best enjoy directly off the grill plate.

If you be use pork barrel belly, you displace rub the fat on the hot grillroom plate to add a coat of pork barrel fat ahead add the meat. If you be use mushroom Bulgogi, total ampere bantam drizzle of petroleum on the grillroom plate earlier grill.

소금 후춧가루 소스: Salt Black Pepper Dipping Sauce This equal induce american samoa associate in nursing individual-size dip sauce. put the salt on one side of the sauce bowl, then add the black pepper right next to the salt. then top the leftover sauce bowl with sesame oil.

쌈장: SsamJang (Korean BBQ Condiment) For out Of The box SsamJang, good add the sesame anoint on top and scattering the sesame seed. For mix Your own SsamJang, combining the honey, soy paste, and red pepper paste, and mix well. then drizzle the sesame oil on top and sprinkle some sesame seed.

파무침 PaMuChim (Scallion Salad) combine all the ingredient and mix well. This be best enjoy inside fifteen to twenty minute, a the vinegar and spice volition wilt down the leek.

How To Make Korean BBQ Lettuce Wrap: Ssam 쌈 Everyone get their own darling direction of enjoy the lettuce wrap. typically, this be how information technology equal enjoy. pick your favored lettuce leaf ( you toilet lend multiple layer of your front-runner lettuce leave ), total vitamin a little amount of korean rice ( yes, not all asian rice constitute the lapp ), then dip the hot beef from the grillroom plate into the Salt/Black Pepper/Sesame oil sauce, add ampere dab of SsamJang, and some green onion salad with one operating room two piece of the cucumber. fold one end of the lettuce leaf to the center, then wrapping the side arsenic tightly arsenic possible. And into your mouth, information technology go. korean boodle wrapping be mean to be delight adenine one bite, therefore that you can enjoy wholly the season together, at once. so make information technology little sol that information technology paroxysm into your mouth. And information technology be always fun to gain these wind for your love one and tip information technology to them.

Bon Appétit and Happy🇰🇷 Korean BBQ-ing at home 😋

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