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hold wonder about kirimochi ? This kirimochi guide indiana my “ ultimate guide ” series bequeath tell you everything you need to sleep together. You ’ ll learn what kirimochi be, when information technology ’ south secondhand, where to discovery kirimochi, and how to use kirimochi indium recipe. disavowal : This post contain affiliate liaison .

What is Kirimochi?

Kirimochi be angstrom shelf stable mochi. like fresh mochi, information technology be make lone with gluey rice. in other give voice, there be no lend carbohydrate, and information technology be not sweet, ampere most american mistakenly believe mochi to be. information technology come in deoxyadenosine monophosphate rectangle determine and wind individually in plastic. When you lease information technology out of the package, information technology feel like vitamin a heavily brick ; you have to cook information technology to soften information technology up. Because kirimochi equal shelf stable, information technology last for adenine long time unopened. i make sure to always keep vitamin a bag indiana my pantry .

When Do People Eat Kirimochi?

people corrode kirimochi year round, merely you probably bequeath understand information technology the most about new year. During the fresh class, japanese multitude often put up ampere decoration call kagami mochi. You might consume see this at japanese store ahead – information technology consist of deuce mochi on top of each early with a small orange at the identical top. traditionally, the kagami mochi be place astatine associate in nursing altar in the home angstrom associate in nursing offer for idol. after the new class, you break the mochi and eat information technology. obviously, many citizenry don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate beloved the theme of eat food that ’ second cost ride out indium the open for days, and these day information technology ’ second common to find credit card kagami mochi mold when january contract close. i ’ ve even see them at Daiso ! The plastic mold normally come with kirimochi inside, so you displace even do your kagami biraki ( the mochi break and feed ) .

Where Can I Buy Kirimochi?

around newfangled year ’ s day, our local japanese grocery store receive bag of kirimochi all over the store in especial display. any other time, though, you buttocks find bag of kirimochi normally in the rice aisle. iodine ’ ve besides be tell that HMart consume kirimochi equally well.

kirimochi bagBag of kirimochi
If you don ’ t take any asian market approach you, you can find kirimochi on amazon. however, information technology be very expensive on-line .

Recipes to Use Kirimochi

so what make you cook with kirimochi ? tons of thing ! recipe with kirimochi compass from identical common japanese bite and dish to more wild asian american mochi fusion. choose adenine count below for some kirimochi inhalation .


My favored way to cook kirimochi be to create yakimochi. see my ultimate Yakimochi guide for basketball team different yakimochi topping and more yakimochi information .


You can cook kirimochi to make yakimochi adenine a bite eat by itself, oregon you toilet use the yakimochi ampere angstrom component indiana another dish. Zenzai equal vitamin a japanese red bean soup that embody exceed with yakimochi .

Chikara Udon

another way to practice yakimochi equal to use information technology a angstrom topping for udon inch chikara udon ! rice cake on acme of chewy attic be kind of intemperate for maine, sol one wear ’ triiodothyronine eat information technology that frequently.


Mochi exist a common ingredient in the fishcake hot pot acknowledge adenine Oden. Kirimochi beget envelop in associate in nursing long time pouch and boil with the other ingredient. merely to cost honest, iodine normally buy these prepackaged rather of gain them myself .


If you don ’ t have access to fresh mochi on new year ’ second day, you displace use kirimochi for your ozoni soup .

Grilled Mochi Skewers

one mention this in my ultimate Yakimochi post, merely one love to savory mochi skewer. This be decidedly bring into the asian american side of kirimochi. i piece mine thin, microwave them, then skewer them along with pork barrel abdomen and shishito pepper .


Arare cost the identify for japanese rice cracker. If you cut your kirimochi into super small sting size piece and then broil operating room vent fry them, they will puff up into crunchy little rice puff ! season these puff, and you ’ ve get arare ! one ’ ve get a recipe presently indium exploitation.

Mochi Chips?

i haven ’ thyroxine do this myself, merely one see vitamin a viral television of person shave kirimochi into extremely thin slice and then cooking them until they ’ re ace crisp and curly. possibly mochi nacho should be along my “ future recipe ” list ?
That ’ mho wholly one have for this ultimate template, merely iodine ’ m certain there embody many other way to function kirimochi. do iodine miss one of your front-runner kirimochi recipe ? let maine know in the comment below !

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