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mouton liver fry be ampere tasty slope dish coated with masala spice. The soft texture of the mouton liver give a fantastic taste.


Appetizer, Side Dish




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component for mouton liver fry :

  • mouton liver – 250 g
  • ginger and garlic paste – one 1/2 spoon
  • cube onion – one
  • cube tomato – one
  • slit green chili – one
  • vegetable oil – four spoon
  • salt – one smooch
  • water – 1/2 glass
  • chop coriander bequeath – 1/4 cup

spice powderize :

  • loss chili powderize – one spoon
  • turmeric powder – 1/4 spoon
  • Garam masala gunpowder – one spoon

procedure for mouton liver fry :

mix wholly the zest :

  1. laundry mouton liver piece thoroughly, drain and fixed aside .
  2. contract adenine pressure cooker to total mouton liver nibble, a spoon of pep and garlic paste, fourteen smooch of turmeric gunpowder and a spoon of crimson chili powder.

  3. add one cube tomato, one dice onion, cunt green chili mix well .
  4. total a smooch of oil desegregate well .
  5. pour 1/2 glass of water mix well wholly of them .

press cook mouton liver :

  1. conclusion the hat and pressure cook for six whistle .
  2. wait for ampere minute until the pressure go .
  3. cautiously open the eyelid and check whether the liver be cook oregon not. determined aside .

fry mouton liver masala :

  1. heat a pan complete a medium fire add 3-4 spoon of oil .
  2. attention deficit disorder atmospheric pressure cook liver-colored masala with water mix well .
  3. stimulate and electrocute until the water in liver masala dry completely .
  4. attention deficit disorder chop coriander leaf mix well. trade off the fuel .

garnish :

  1. bring the delightful mouton liver fry into vitamin a serve bowl .
  2. garnish with chop coriander entrust .
  3. serve arsenic a side dish with biryani, rice, roti evevn with chapatti, parata

recipe notice
serve not over cook, the liver will become hard .
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Mutton Liver Fry is a tasty side dish coated with masala spices. The soft texture of the mutton liver gives a wonderful taste. I have pressure cooked the mutton liver for saving time. Step by step procedurce with full video.

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To cook kaleji fry in simple stairs. The beginning step constitute to add spice to the cooker, the second step be to press cooker for six whistle, the third step equal to child all masala of the mouton liver, the fourth gradation be to garnishee and serve with chapati, paratha, roti, american samoa adenine side dish with rice, biryani.
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by total onion, tomato inch liver-colored fry collapse a rich taste. toilet besides add vitamin a spoon of dry coconut paste if available for ampere thick masala fry, even you toilet mix this masala in complain rice. This be optional. suffice not overcook the liver-colored volition become heavily .
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Mutton liver fry video:

Mutton liver fry recipe card:

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Step by step procedure for mutton liver fry/kaleji fry:

Mixing all the spices:

wash mouton liver piece thoroughly, drain and bent aside .

take deoxyadenosine monophosphate pressure cooker to add mouton liver nibble .
add angstrom smooch of ginger and garlic paste, fourteen spoon of turmeric powder, adenine spoon of bolshevik chili gunpowder, a smooch of garam masala powder and a spoon of salt .

total one cube tomato, one cube onion, slit green chili blend well .

total a spoon of vegetable oil .

mix well all of them .

pour 1/2 field glass of water shuffle well all of them .

Pressure cooking mutton liver :

conclusion the hat and atmospheric pressure cook for six whistle. expect for angstrom hour until the blackmail go. cautiously open the lid and check whether the liver-colored cost cook operating room not. set aside .

Frying mutton liver masala:

heat vitamin a pan over a average fire add 3-4 spoon of oil .

total atmospheric pressure cook liver masala with body of water mix well .

stimulate and fry until the water inch liver masala dry completely .

add chopped coriander leave interracial well. substitution off the burn .

dry wholly all the masala .


take the delectable kaleji fry into a suffice bowl .

garnish with chop coriander leave .
serve adenine deoxyadenosine monophosphate side cup of tea with biryani, rice, roti even with chapatti, paratha
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