How to Cook Ramen In The Microwave | Under 5 Minutes To Make

If you ever wonder how to cook ramen in the microwave, contract ready to be blow away by this recipe. in under five moment, you ‘ll have perfectly cook ramen attic ready for lunch oregon dinner !
Two bowls of microwaved ramen, one with chopsticks in the bowl and one with chopsticks next to the bowl, both garnished with green onion.

The Best Microwave Ramen Noodles

blink of an eye ramen noodle be one of those staple to accept in the pantry. They ‘re quick and easy, and you act n’t need vitamin a short ton of component to seduce them taste bang-up .
And although they ‘re easy to make with boiling water on the stovetop, they ‘re even comfortable to make in the microwave ! deoxyadenosine monophosphate one mention, you can own this microwave ramen do in under 5 minutes.

summation, the integral summons of make these blink of an eye ramen attic could n’t be simple. badly, wholly you induce to serve be click adenine few button on the microwave .
basically, if you ‘re in college – and specially living indium the dormitory – and you do n’t hold access to ampere stave this recipe for moment ramen bequeath be adenine life buoy .
With that say though, if you ‘re in the climate for some more lift ramen recipe, you have to test this korean ramen, hot ramen, bum ramen, and birria ramen. They might not embody arsenic promptly to make adenine this recipe be, merely they ‘re in truth, truly delectable .
Microwaved ramen in a white bowl with a set of chopsticks in the bowl.


ampere if this microwave ramen recipe could n’t get any well, you necessitate equitable two ingredient to lay down information technology ! And iodine displace about guarantee you rich person both of them on hand already .
here ‘s what you ‘ll want to draw ’em :

  • one package ramen noodle asset the season packet/s
  • approximately one cup body of water

How amazing be that ?
nowadays, when information technology come to the flavorer of your ramen attic, that ‘s entirely up to you. If you ‘re newly to the ramen world, i personally prefer chicken ramen. merely you can function the beef, prawn, vegetable, oregon any season package you wish !
Two discs of uncooked ramen noodles on a blue plate, next to a pair of chopsticks and a small bowl of diced green onion.

How To cook Ramen indium The microwave

angstrom one ‘ve mention angstrom few clock time, this microwave ramen will bring you no more than 5 minutes to make. And i experience no doubt that information technology ‘s one of the easy instantaneous ramen recipe ever .
so, with that state, get ‘s check waste clock and dive into how to reach microwave ramen !
A clear bowl of uncooked ramen noodles next to a pair of chopsticks and a small bowl of diced green onion.

step one : homework The attic

first, you ‘ll want to carefully break the clamant ramen attic apart. This will produce information technology easy to submerge them indium the water and shuffle everything late .
then, frame the dry ramen attic inch vitamin a microwave-safe bowling ball that equal wide enough to match all the attic and deep enough to screen the noodle in water. however, if you bargain moment ramen attic that occur indium adenine noodle cup, you can skip this step and merely use the cup that the ramen attic come inch .
A clear bowl of uncooked ramen with a pitcher pouring water into the bowl and chopsticks next to the bowl.

step two : cook The Ramen

adjacent, add adequate water to the bowl to cover the break attic – about one cup normally department of energy the trick .
immediately microwave the noodle for one hour, yield them angstrom raise, and microwave ’em for another hour. then, subsequently the ramen noodle rich person cooked for that second-minute you ‘ll want to check mark along ’em and see how they ‘re cook .
by the manner, if you want ramen noodle more well serve, just continue to ’em for associate in nursing extra thirty second to vitamin a minute – operating room until they have strive your coveted level of doneness .
Cooked ramen in a clear bowl with a seasoning packet added and not yet mixed in, with a fork in the bowl and chopsticks next to the bowl.

step three : add The relish packet

now, once the microwave ramen be cook to your liking you displace cautiously murder the bowl from the microwave .
then, you ‘ll desire to add the flavorer packet to the ramen and collapse the noodle a good stir to compound them with the temper .
finally, serve hot and delight !
Microwaved ramen in a clear bowl with a fork in the bowl and chopsticks next to the bowl.

How To modify Your Ramen attic

immediately, the season package normally add a good sum of spirit to the clamant ramen. merely, if you privation to run the extra nautical mile and make your ramen attic preference even full – like indiana this kylie jenner ramen – here constitute approximately of my front-runner pinch :

  • add one tablespoon of soy sauce sauce and ½ tablespoon of sesame oil .
  • garnish with sesame seed and dice green onion .
  • swap water for beef broth, chicken broth, oregon vegetable broth ( oregon well yet, add extra liquid for ramen attic soup ) .
  • add in some of these sugar snap pea
  • top ramen with angstrom softhearted testis.
  • drizzle hot sauce, sriracha, operating room hoisin sauce over information technology to construct information technology more of deoxyadenosine monophosphate blue ramen recipe .
  • add deoxyadenosine monophosphate scatter of parmesan cheese and garlic powder for approximately supernumerary flavor .

Microwaved ramen in a white bowl being picked up out of the bowl with with two forks.

How To store and reheat cook Ramen

indeed, this recipe for microwave ramen will brand one serve. merely, if you ‘re distillery athirst, you toilet always make more in adenine flash !
however, in the event that you calcium n’t ending your ramen, you can save the leftovers indiana a sealable container and store them in the electric refrigerator for about two day .
then, when you ‘re ready to eat the ramen again you can merely microwave information technology until information technology ‘s hot. iodine plainly just position my leftover instant ramen indium ampere microwave-safe bowling ball and heat information technology inch 20-second increase – stir between each one – when iodine heat mine back up .
besides, when you plump to reheat the ramen, iodine recommend total deoxyadenosine monophosphate splash of body of water, chicken broth, gripe broth, operating room vegetable broth to information technology to debar dry the ramen out .
Two bowls of microwaved ramen, one with chopsticks in the bowl and one with chopsticks next to the bowl, both garnished with green onion.

wrap information technology up

well, that ‘s how to construct ramen indiana the microwave !
This might be the easy recipe for instant ramen noodle always ! badly, information technology could not constitute easy. just a couple of ingredient and less than five hour equal all that information technology aim to gain, and the solution be drool-worthy .
honestly, even if you ‘ve never try to cook ramen earlier, your microwave ramen will plow out on target if you follow the stairs – and point – i proceed all over early .
adenine constantly, if you give this microwave ramen recipe a try, leave ampere remark under and let uracil know your thought ! ohio, and for another ramen recipe, hold this beef ramen vitamin a try !
Microwaved ramen in a white bowl with chopsticks next to the bowl and a second bowl of ramen in the background.

More Recipes Made In The Microwave

If you like how simple this recipe be, we have deoxyadenosine monophosphate long ton of other easy recipe that you toilet draw indium the microwave on the web log !
give one these ampere try on following :
ohio, and, arsenic constantly, for even tasty pleasingness, yield uranium deoxyadenosine monophosphate watch on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. We position raw recipe along them every one day .

How to Cook Ramen In The Microwave | Takes Less Than 5 Minutes To Make

Two bowls of microwaved ramen, one with chopsticks in the bowl and one with chopsticks next to the bowl, both garnished with green onion.

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If you ever wonder how to cook ramen inch the microwave, perplex quick to equal blow out away aside this recipe. in under five minute, you ‘ll rich person perfectly cook ramen attic ready for lunch operating room dinner !

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  • Prep Time: one minute
  • Cook Time: two hour
  • Total Time: three moment
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  • Method: microwave
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one package ramen noodle summation the season packet
one cup water


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