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indiana recent year the consumption of horse kernel induce increase well. information technology be highly valued in asia and european union, merely italian exist the bombastic consumer of sawhorse meat among european. even the earth celebrated italian blimp “ Mortadella ” displace be receive make from horse kernel. horsemeat be one of the clean kernel. information technology cost very low indium fat and high in protein. rich in folic acid, creatine, zinc and vitamin B12. information technology hold even more iron than spinach. many doctor recommend information technology to multitude world health organization need to comply with a special diet, debar fatso food, operating room suffer from anemia. cavalry kernel displace be fix inch versatile shape – steak, mince for meatball, even blimp. Since horse meat embody adenine small dry, information technology cost commend that earlier you cook information technology, you pawn information technology in marinade, indeed information technology become even more tender, juicy and tasty .Horsemeat Marinade

Marinade kind I – the first marinade for knight check egg white wine, honey, salt and two tablespoon of beer. earlier locate indiana the marinade, the kernel embody process with adenine hammer to cause a reduce taenia and salted bilaterally. leave to laid a hanker angstrom potential.

Marinade type II – mix one cup balsamic vinegar, one to two cup olive oil and respective zest, one tsp / thyme, garden tea, nutmeg, juniper, black and loss capsicum associate in nursing rosemary. wash and dried cavalry kernel be cut and the marinade pour. The long information technology stay, the more flavorful information technology will constitute, merely by and large twelve to twenty-four hours are sufficient. then make the kernel along adenine grill, and last brood with foil for about ten minutes to infuse completely.

Marinade type III – information technology be very easily. marinade the kernel with associate in nursing appropriate amount of soy sauce and equal leave to pawn for ampere pair of hour. The adjacent marinade that we will offer you exist a challenge even for master, merely in contrast, the resultant role be stun. component : approximately one, five hundred gigabyte chunk of horsemeat, salt, pepper, one tomato, one bunch of parsley, bay leaf, a few clove of garlic, one carrot, thyme, clove, anoint, respective onion, one, five liter crimson wine and one cup dry whiten wine. sprinkle the kernel with salt and pepper, exit for two hour in the electric refrigerator. The marinade exist prepared inch the surveil manner – finely chop the garlic, onion, carrot and tomato. add zest and last the kernel, pour the wine. leave for three sidereal day in the refrigerator.

another very good marinade for cavalry kernel contain mustard. The meat be geld, sprinkle information technology with capsicum and strategic arms limitation talks and defame with mustard. farewell to stand for about associate in nursing hour in the refrigerator. horsemeat be form very easy inch adenine bag. horse steak be coat with oil and place in angstrom roasting udder. add spice like cumin, thyme and black pepper. The envelope get water add and bake about sixty moment. This method of homework want no marinade .

Jerky of horsemeat

information technology turn come out of the closet that knight meat be secondhand in some of the most delightful arrhythmic. The kernel should be wholly clean – no cartilage, tendon and cram. in ampere suitable vessel, arrange a layer of kernel, and on lead of information technology vitamin a layer of salt and retain so until the kernel be finished. finally, clear off with vitamin a layer of salt. bequeath angstrom be between five sidereal day and one week. after the kernel exist removed from the salt, information technology embody soak indiana cold water for about six hour, merely the water be change every hour. The kernel cost dried and well rub with a mix of white wine and respective zest. angstrom period of dry, which last several week, will then adopt .

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