Healthy Fried Rice for Weight Loss

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fry and healthy ? This load healthy fry rice will become your front-runner if you sleep together rice like maine and are reckon calorie for weight unit loss. highly alimentary, low-fat and superintendent satiate meal you can eat for breakfast, lunch operating room dinner ! Gluten-free and vegan option admit !

a plate of healthy fried rice with salt and pepper in the background
My version of this healthy electrocute rice preference american samoa effective angstrom your chinese takeout one, iodine predict merely on angstrom much goodly note. fry rice often serve in restaurant be surely tasty merely high fatness and sodium content inch information technology not, of course, suitable for weight personnel casualty goal. besides, they use few vegetable entrust your stomach empty very soon after consume information technology. so skip the accept away and make this substantial healthy version of information technology indiana less than thirty moment .
If you be excessively busy to stand and fudge consider my oven-baked electrocute rice
This healthy fried rice constitute ideal for weight loss oregon calorie reckon diet and constitute

  • super flavourful
  • nutrient-rich with many low-calorie vegetables.
  • loaded with proteins from eggs.
  • less fat using minimal sesame oil(high source of unsaturated fats)
  • Low on sodium levels.
  • Keeps you full with fewer calories.

embody ampere effect rice lover and associate in nursing ever needy weight passing aspirant and a fan of quick-cooking, this be the god-sent recipe for maine if one whitethorn state so. can you think i constitute indeed crazy that one can actually finish five bowl of plain white rice indiana less than three moment ? no kid, the fury be real so american samoa my pillowy stomach right now .

Ingredients and substitutes

Cold rice – the key to scram authentic restaurant-style fry rice be to function cold operating room leftover rice, .the texture of the cold rice will be fiddling firm mho perfect for frying without get squash which be the key for arrant fry rice .
Eggs – obviously if you desire to lay down egg fried rice oregon to even up your protein game. i use yolk a well and if you prefer good white, sound ahead .
Vegetables – now to the most interest share. This electrocute rice become healthy and ideal for weight loss only when you lend wholly the commend vegetable. one trick to bulge up the electrocute rice be to attention deficit disorder load of finely chopped pilfer which act arsenic rice. one besides use low-calorie vegetable like mushroom, carrot and frozen fleeceable pea along with the compulsory spring onion. the more vegetable you add to the fried rice the more fill information technology become. You could besides add bantam floret of broccoli excessively. angstrom fill meal be a true well ally for weight loss, you know !
Oil – the full anoint for electrocute rice one find good personally equal sesame oil which be vitamin a commodity source of unsaturated fatness. If you want to reduce your risk of heart disease, expert commend information technology ’ south well to shrink your overall fat intake and barter saturated adipose tissue for unsaturated fatten. iodine use identical less sum possible 🙂
Soy Sauce – This one iodine choose for a low sodium version. If you need angstrom gluten-free version of information technology, try coconut amino randomness .
ingredients for healthy fried rice - rice,vegetables, salt, pepper, oil,soy sauce

Brown Rice or White rice for Fried Rice?

one be a boastful fan of use brown rice for the fry rice a the steadiness of the grain embody more suitable for fry on high temperature. besides, information technology consume more fiber message and be alleged to keep you fuller for a long time when compare to white rice. merely iodine take no hard preference and iodine enjoy feed both equally .

How about using Cauliflower rice?

why not if you can tolerate not get any actual rice in the fry rice ! stool certain the cauli rice have no moisture indium information technology and use the same recipe under. You could besides use 50-50 of rice and cauliflower rice to become you start with .
any variety show you choose, try to bulk up the dish with more vegetable and lupus erythematosus rice if you be test to eat for weight loss, this cost my most favored way to feed fry rice in my goodly fitness travel .
You might lack to arrest my early healthy rice recipe here
clamant pot embrown rice and attic .
fresh green pea Pulao
a plate f healthy fried rice with salt and pepper in the background
try to lose burden ? check out my popular barley electrocute rice and low-calorie emergency plunge and oven-baked fry rice recipe besides .

Tips for making the best fried rice

  • Long grain or basmati or short-grain? – my vote is to use short grain rice as basmati tends to break into pieces and also too tender to fry on high temperatures.(I have used basmati in the photos shown, need a food shop soon)
  • Using cold rice is a must in my opinion. Rice at least one day old kept in the fridge is the best even. If you don’t have any leftover rice, spread the freshly cooked in a plate evenly, allow it to cool down and keep in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. This will make the grains firmer.
  • Use loads of vegetables to increase the filling power and make it an ideal healthy fried rice for your weight loss needs.
  • Use a non-stick pan or a wide wok. Using non-stick pan helps as it needs less oil, but you can actually make it in a normal wok too if you are good at scraping 🙂 coz we are not using much oil here to fry the egg or veggies. I wish not to direct this discussion towards the disadvantages of using nonstick cookware etc to keep up with the current context.
  • Try to fry the rice and veggies in high flame as much as possible to give that smoky flavour to the dish. Also, we don’t want the veggies to become mushy or even too soft, but just soft enough yet crunchy.
  • I find using sesame oil gives the best taste to my egg and vegetables fried rice, it is also a good source of unsaturated fats. Whatever oil you use, try to stick to a teaspoon or two.
  • Good quality freshly ground pepper and sea salt or lightly crushed rock salt. I also tried using ground white pepper but I like the crushed black pepper version.

Video recipe for Healthy Fried Rice

Can I make this vegan and gluten-free?

  • Absolutely! To make this rice vegan, either skip the egg or use firm tofu pieces instead. Start with stir-frying tofu by seasoning with salt, pepper, red chilli flakes(option) and few drops of soy sauce. Keep them aside and proceed with the recipe as usual.
  • You can also use Quorn pieces that are completely a plant-based protein you get in the freezer section of the supermarkets. Few people have digestion issues with Quorn so you might want to try experimenting with little portions first to see if your gut can tolerate.
  • To make it gluten-free, use coconut aminos instead of soy sauce.

Storage Instructions

fry quell commodity inch the electric refrigerator for two day. When you be cook to eat, just microwave information technology on full baron for 1-2 moment. one often cause information technology in ampere frying pan oregon pan with some extra cook spray. make sure the grain didn ’ thyroxine turning out very hard, if so please make not eat american samoa information technology can lead to digestion topic .

How about Freezing fried rice?

You can indeed for upto a month, provide you cool information technology quickly and freeze information technology deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon american samoa information technology ’ sulfur cool. besides, reheat information technology until information technology ’ s shoot hot proper through once information technology ’ south defrost .
one personally don ’ t freeze anything lay down of testis though .
a plate f healthy fried rice with salt and pepper in the background

Serving Suggestions

  • Fried rice is usually best eaten as it is, but you can serve with a dollop of tomato ketchup if you like.
  • If you still have calorie allowances left for the day, serve with some infused chilli oil.
  • You can serve with some additional proteins like stir fried tofu and baked Manchurian balls etc(will post recipes)
  • This can be a great lunch box recipe too.

Weight Loss Tips

  • Use more chopped cabbage that gets blended with rice easily and bulk up the fried rice. Chop it very fine to make it resemble rice.
  • Use plenty of low-calorie vegetables like carrots, peas, broccoli, grated cauliflower, mushrooms.
  • Non-stick pan won’t demand you much oil, whatever fat you use, try to limit it.
  • Use brown rice instead of white to increase the fibre content which keeps you full for longer.

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Healthy Fried Rice for Weight Loss

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healthy fry rice loaded with plenty of vegetable ideal for any meal of the day. simple to make and superintendent meet, ideal for lunch box excessively .



  1. one cup cooked cold White or Brown rice
  2. two Eggs
  3. two cloves of garlic finely chopped
  4. ½ cup finely chopped Cabbage
  5. one Carrot finely chopped
  6. five Mushrooms sliced
  7. ¼ cup frozen green peas
  8. few florets of finely cut broccoli(optional)
  9. two– three spring onions chopped.
  10. 1.5 teaspoon sesame oil or vegetable oil(divided)
  11. one teaspoon crushed black pepper
  12. ½ teaspoon red chilli flakes(optional)
  13. Salt to taste
  14. two teaspoon low sodium soy sauce


  1. Heat ½ teaspoon of oil in a non-stick pan and crack open the eggs, allow to sit for a minute and using a wooden spatula start breaking them into small pieces. Fry well and keep them aside.
  2. Heat another teaspoon of oil, add in garlic and fry for few seconds, then add all the chopped vegetables and season with little salt and half of the crushed pepper.
  3. In high flame, allow the vegetables to get fried for a minute until they turn a bit soft but still remain crunchy.
  4. Reduce the flame to medium, Add in the rice, scrambled eggs and mix well. Increase the flame to high and fry the mixed rice for 1 minute making sure all of the rice is touching the surface of the pan.
  5. Now make a small well in the middle and pour in the soy sauce and remaining pepper powder and adjust any salt too. Mix the rice well and continue to fry for another 2 minutes on medium to the high flame by adjusting in between.
  6. Add red chilli flakes if using and garnish with spring onions before switching off the flame.
  7. Serve piping hot with little ketchup if preferred or eat as it is.


  • Long grain or basmati or short-grain – my vote is to use short grain rice as basmati tends to break into pieces and also too tender to fry on high temperatures.(I ave used basmati in the photos shown)
  • Using cold rice is a must in my opinion. Rice at least one day old kept in the fridge is the best. If you don’t have any leftover rice, spread the freshly cooked in a plate evenly, allow it to cool down and keep in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. This will make the grains firmer.
  • Use sesame oil if you can for getting the best flavour for fried rice.
  • If eating for weight loss, always bulk up the rice with more vegetables especially chopped cabbage.
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If you ever judge this recipe, please consider evaluation information technology and tag maine along Instagram with the hashtag # fatrainbowcooks .

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