Broiled Flank Steak

In this easy recipe, a very flavorful flank steak is rubbed in olive oil and spices, then broiled to medium-rare. This 30-minute recipe is ideal for a weeknight dinner, and the leftovers are perfect in a salad !Oven-broiled flank steak, sliced and served on a white plate. Flank steak is interesting. It ‘s incredibly flavorful – I love its beefy taste – but it ‘s a sturdy cut of kernel with blockheaded, outstanding muscle fibers. so you ‘ll want to either cook it promptly over high heating system as we ‘re going to do here, or slowly in a low oven as I do when making homemade beef arrhythmic. however you cook it, you will most surely want to cut it across the grain, using your knife to sever the street fighter brawn fibers. fortunately, those fibers are very easy to spot, and they ‘re besides easy to cut across since they tend to run in the lapp commission.


You ‘ll only need a few bare ingredients to make this flank steak recipe. The demand measurements are listed in the recipe poster below. here ‘s an overview of what you ‘ll need : Flank steak : Most are around 2 pound. They come folded, and before cooking them, you unfold them. I normally get my kernel either at Costco or at wholly Foods. Olive oil rub : This tasty rub contains olive petroleum, minced fresh garlic, kosher salt, black pepper, and crimson pepper flakes. As you can see, I like to use kosher strategic arms limitation talks when I cook. If you opt for sea salt, you ‘ll need to reduce the measure you use .The ingredients needed for broiling a flank steak.


It ‘s very easily to broil a flank steak ! The detailed instructions are included in the recipe menu below. here ‘s an overview of the steps : Your very first step is to line a rimmed baking plane with foil ( for easy cleanup ), turn on the broiler, and put the baking sheet in the oven. You want it to be hot so that the steak cooks evenly without you needing to turn it. For this recipe, you ‘ll want to use an oven torment positioned 6 inches below the broiler unit. so not directly below – that would be besides blistering. now that the pan is heating up under the broiler, let ‘s mix the rub ! You ‘ll grab a small bowling ball and use a little arctic spatula or a branching to stir together olive oil, minced fresh garlic, kosher salt, black pepper, and red pepper flakes. space the steak on a houseclean work come on. Locate the muscleman fibers running through it ( as shown in the video recording below ). When it ‘s cooked you ‘ll want to sever them when slicing the meat, and it ‘s easier to spot them when the meat is raw. now rub the olive anoint assortment all over the kernel ( but focus more on the top when coating it ). It ‘s easiest to do this with your hands. following, very cautiously take the hot pan out of the oven and place the steak in its center. Return the pan to the oven ( again, 6 inches under the broiler unit ), and broil until browned and medium-rare, about 8 minutes. Pull the pan out of the oven and function two bombastic spatulas to transfer the kernel to a cutting board. Cover it loosely with foil and let it rest for 10 minutes, then slice it thinly across the grain, as shown in the television below .A photo collage showing the steps for broiling a flank steak in the oven.

Expert tip

Like all steaks and roasts, it ‘s actually authoritative to let the kernel rest before you slice it. If you cut into it right away, lots of juices will immediately escape into the cutting board and the kernel will not be as blue.

even when resting it by rights, you ‘ll see that some of the juices have escaped into the cutting board. That ‘s inevitable, but we want to do everything we can to minimize that, and this means resting the meat anterior to slicing it .

Frequently asked questions

What is a flank steak? This reduce of gripe comes from the abdominal muscles of the cow. If you ‘ve always eaten at a french bistro and were served “ bavette ”, that ‘s the french diagnose for this cut. An illustration showing cow partsWhat is the best way to cook this steak? Since this is a very flavorful but besides very sturdy and fibrous deletion ( and I ‘m referring to muscle fiber here ), it ‘s best to cook it promptly and minimally over eminent heat .What is “slicing against the grain?” It plainly means cutting a objet d’art of kernel in a way that severs its muscleman fibers, making it easier to chew and digest .How do you know which way the grain runs in meat? It ‘s best to examine the assemble of kernel when it ‘s hush crude – that ‘s when it ‘s easiest to identify the steering of the grain. You ‘ll basically be looking for analogue lines of muscle fiber running down meat.

In some cuts, such as tri-tip, the granulate runs in different directions. But in a flank steak, the muscle fibers are big and easy to spot, and they besides tend to all run in the like focus, as I demonstrate in the video below .What’s the difference between a flank steak and a flat iron steak? Both are thin cuts with great beefy spirit and both should be cooked medium-rare to prevent them from being tough and chewy.

They come from different parts of the animal, though. Flank steak comes from the cow ‘s abdomen and is quite tilt, while flat iron steak comes from the shoulder ( chuck ), has more marble, and is besides more tender .


A dependable way to vary the basic recipe is to use different seasonings. thus when you mix the olive oil rub, you can add spices such as smoked sweet pepper, chili powderize, and establish cumin. I do n’t recommend adding dry herb, as those tend to burn under the broiler .

Serving suggestions

As you can imagine, this is a very versatile independent serve that pairs good with lots of sides. I do like to serve it with a salad, though, since it cooks sol fast under the broiler and I ca n’t use the oven to make anything at the lapp time, nor do I have the time ( or solitaire ! ) to cook something on the stove. so I most often serve this steak with any of the follow : This dish besides goes very nicely with pickles, including quick refrigerator pickles and pickled crimson onions .

Storing leftovers

Like most fudge leftovers, you can keep them in the electric refrigerator, in an airtight container, for up to 4 days. You can lightly reheat them, covered, in the microwave on 50 % office, or chop them cold and add them to a salad. I sometimes use them in this cobb salad alternatively of chicken.

A two-photo collage of broiled flank steaks, one on a plate and one on a cutting board.

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