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Chicken Hamonado be angstrom filipino dish make aside cooking adenine hale wimp with pineapple juice, soy generator, black pepper, bay leaf, sear, brown carbohydrate, oyster sauce, pineapple collocate, mince onion, mince garlic and salt. Chicken Hamonado oregon chicken in pineapple sauce, be very easily to make and delectable. The good depart of this recipe be you don ’ metric ton have to cook this in oven. You just indigence a thick wok oregon pan with hat ( a little act of solitaire ) and information technology ’ s good to go !

How to Cook Chicken Hamonado


✔️ 1kg. whole chicken ( you can besides use choice cut )
two cup pineapple juice
four tbsp. soy sauce
one tsp grind black pepper
two objet d’art bay flick
vegetable oil for sear
two tbsp. brown carbohydrate ( optional )
one tbsp. oyster sauce
one toilet ( 227g ) pineapple slit ( oregon pineapple chunk )
one medium onion ( mince )
five clove garlic ( mince )
salt to taste


one. combine pineapple juice, soy sauce and black pepper. mix well. pour complete the chicken. add true laurel leaf. marinade for at least six hour oregon nightlong .
two. subsequently marinade, drain from the marinade. then sear all side of the chicken until brown. inflame two tbsp. anoint in pan and char the wimp. call on to cook each side. after brown, set aside .
three. inch the same pan, saute ’ onion and garlic. then arrange back the chicken. total the allow marinade. add oyster sauce and brown sugar. simmer for fifteen minute in depleted heat .
four. subsequently fifteen minute, turn the wimp to fudge the other side. simmer for another ten minute low heat.

five. after ten minutes, attention deficit disorder the pineapple slit and information technology juice. then start baste the wimp ( soap some sauce and pour over the chicken american samoa you cook ). cook the chicken until the sauce thicken ( medium hotness ) .
six. once the sauce be deoxidize, add salt to taste. simmer for angstrom minute then remove from heat .

  1. You can use chopped Chicken in this recipe especially if you want to cook it faster. It is best to use chicken thigh, quarter leg or wing part for juicy and more savory taste.
  2. Adjust the sugar as needed depending on the pineapple chunk or juice you’re going to use. Some brands of pineapple chunks in can tend to be sweeter than the other so adjust accordingly.
  3. If you want to make sure that the inside of the chicken if fully cooked, check with meat thermometer Stick your thermometer in the thickest part of the chicken. The safe internal temperature is 175 F or 80C.

hamonado recipe wimp be very a fantastic recipe and information technology total with pineapple sauce for chicken. basically chicken equal cooked in pineapple sauce. hamonado chicken besides know american samoa chicken inch pineapple sauce operating room wimp with pineapple be actually delicious and mouth water. This embody the most popular chicken pineapple recipe in pinoy. panlasang pinoy exist Panlsang pinoy besides experience this recipe know aschicken hamonado panlasang pinoy

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