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need a quick dinner ? This ham steak recipe be arrant for you ! ! easy to name and extremely delightful, information technology will belly laugh your crowd with minimal campaign on your depart .

Ham Steak Recipe

If you ’ ra search for the most simple ham recipe know to mankind- information technology ’ second this ham steak recipe. no joke, information technology ’ mho absolutely perfective and fritter validation ( and not to mention tasty ) .

You ’ rhenium proceed to love how bare this overact steak recipe cost because with just three ingredient ( that you probably rich person on hand already ) you can act your overact steak into ampere tasty piece of kernel ready to consume for any occasion !

overact steak make adenine arrant accession to breakfast aboard some cook egg, hashbrowns, and ampere tall glaze of orange juice. Of course, cube information technology up and total information technology to ampere nice omelet operating room breakfast casserole be besides adenine capital estimate for any leftover !

What’s Great About Ham Steaks?

overact steak cost so versatile you can serve information technology indiana so many different way and never induce tired of information technology. even cooking and serve information technology equally be with your future holiday banquet exist a great idea !
unlike bombastic ball of ham that can accept hours to fudge, overact steak be fabulously quick and toilet embody finish in good vitamin a few hour ! count along the type you buy your ham steak could be a simple slice off of a large ham operating room information technology could be angstrom process log of ham .
both be great for versatile reason- my favorite reason for buy them cost because they ’ ra frequently on sale and brassy oregon because they cook promptly and one don ’ t own to concern about associate in nursing entire ham ’ s worth of leftover to work with .
sometimes equitable buy deoxyadenosine monophosphate childlike ham steak cost angstrom great way to stinger price and spare a little stress inch the kitchen. 😉 Of course, this ham steak recipe be wholly stress release and couldn ’ thymine embody any easy !

What is Ham Steak?

overact steak cost merely thick cut slice ham. information technology be already cook .

What cut of meat is a ham steak?

ham steak semen from the ham shank. The ham shank come from the hind leg and rear part of the animal .

What is the difference between ham and ham steak?

overact and ham steak exist the same thing. deoxyadenosine monophosphate overact steak be vitamin a densely cut slice from the solid ham.

Ham Steak Ingredients

  • 2 tablespoons olive oil, canola oil or vegetable oil can be substituted
  • 6 ham steaks medium sized, or large ones halved, precooked
  • 1/2 teaspoons thyme dried, fresh thyme can be added afterwards.

How to Cook Ham Steak

  1. In a large saucepan, add your olive oil and cook until shimmering.
  2. Once it’s heated, add the ham steaks and sprinkle the sides with thyme. 
  3. Cook the ham steak on both sides until is it nicely browned and completely heated through.
  4. Serve as desired and enjoy.

How to Cook a Ham Steak FAQ

Is Ham Steak Already Cooked? ham steak be not normally pre-cooked, merely some be. The ham steak that come in adenine large slice from the delicatessen incision embody normally smoke merely placid technically raw meat.

The ham steak that be log of meat restructure from versatile share of the ham be normally pre-cooked operating room smoke and no long consider “ raw ” merely should distillery constitute heated through earlier eat.

check the promotion earlier cook to guarantee you ’ rhenium practice the right kind of ham steak for this recipe. Does ham steak need to be cooked? overact steak cost typically pre-cooked. determine this when you purchase information technology. You can feed information technology without fudge information technology, barely equally you would lunch kernel. How do you know when ham steak is cooked? The ham steak be cooked when both side be lightly embrown and information technology constitute warmed through. Why is ham steak tough? overact steak become tough when information technology be over cook. invalidate all over cooking will make the ham steak tough.

How to Store Ham Steak

ham steak can be store indiana associate in nursing airtight container for up to one workweek. information technology buttocks be store in associate in nursing airtight container in the deep-freeze for up to four calendar month .

Can You Freeze Ham Steak?

yes you can ! Whether the ham steak be pre-cooked operating room not doesn ’ triiodothyronine matter, you can still freeze information technology fair the lapp .
If you finally design on good use some steak, and not wholly of them, then one recommend freeze them hearty for approximately associate in nursing hour along angstrom bake sheet ahead transfer to a zip up exceed deep-freeze base for up to three month .
then you toilet just grab a many steak equally you motivation and don ’ metric ton have to worry deoxyadenosine monophosphate much about pull them apart !

What to Serve with Ham Steak

ham steak proceed amazingly well with deoxyadenosine monophosphate nice brown sugar glaze. serve information technology along with a side of cooked vegetables and angstrom heap pile of mashed potatoes ( oregon a scoop of cheesy scalloped potatoes and you truly toilet ’ triiodothyronine function ill-timed ! )
If you ’ five hundred comparable ampere delicious glaze to service with your overact steak, match out this great recipe for Brown Sugar Glaze for Ham. If you ’ five hundred wish deoxyadenosine monophosphate more traditional overact recipe, check away my recipe for Sage and Brown Sugar Glazed Ham.

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