Barley Porridge with Blueberries

Different views of barley porridge served in a bowl and topped with walnuts, dates and blueberries.
barley porridge with blueberry equal angstrom tasty and wholesome breakfast top with nutrient rich berry, walnut, date and a drizzle of beloved. This be sure to give you a healthy and happy depart to accept on the challenge of the day ! !
Barley porridge with blueberries, walnuts, dates and honey in a blue bowl

What Is Talbina?

This barley porridge exist inspire by Talbina, vitamin a whole grain porridge of middle easterly origin that be prepared with ground barley, milk and honey. in the recipe here one give birth far add roast blueberry, walnut and date .

Pro Tips

  • I find it easiest to just grind the barley and store it in a container. Whenever I need to make some porridge I just scoop out some ground barley.
  • When cooking the barley porridge, I first like to cook it with a little bit of water to make a thick paste and then add the milk and cook it further. I feel this helps cook the porridge better.
  • If you want to speed up the cooking time you can mix in some water or milk and pre-soak it.
  • You could even soak the ground barley overnight in milk and cook it quickly to make your overnight porridge.
  • Using a slow cooker to make the porridge would also be a great idea. It will result in a really creamy texture, kind of like rice pudding.

Side view of porridge with blueberries.

Is Barley Good for Health?

barley experience several nutritional benefit. information technology be rich in Beta Glucan, the same fiber that be in oat. beta Glucan be well know for information technology cholesterol frown effect. information technology be very beneficial for intestinal health. information technology provide bulge for regularity and facilitate the output of brusque chain fatso acid that keep a healthy colon.

When consume regularly ampere region of ampere healthy diet, information technology can cost protective against affection ailment, cancer, diabetes and such. barley have be prove to promote better blood carbohydrate control and insulin response .
And i toilet not suppose enough approximately the antioxidant deep blueberry and walnut, that be associate in nursing excellent reservoir of omega-s fatso acid, phytonutrients, antioxidant and know for anti-inflammatory potential.

Close up view of porridge with blueberries.

Is Barley Porridge Good for Weight Loss?

This porridge equal so gorge and fill. therefore information technology buttocks be efficaciously include in adenine weight loss regimen, continue honey to a minimal. actually the blueberry, milk and little sum of date cost all gratifying enough .
barley porridge be a great alternative to oatmeal  and work identical well adenine a hearty breakfast. For more nutriment information about barley check out this mail on persian creamy barley soup.

Barley Porridge in two blue bowls placed on a tray

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This post be first publish on fourth january, 2016 and own be update .

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