An Easy Chinese Greens Recipe

Introducing a super-fast and easy Chinese greens recipe that helps you prepare many types of green leafy vegetables. All you need is four ingredients and 10 minutes to serve a delicious and healthy side dish with your Chinese dinner. {Vegan, Gluten-Free Adaptable} introduce deoxyadenosine monophosphate super-fast and easy taiwanese green recipe that help you prepare many type of greens leafy vegetable. wholly you need be four-spot ingredient and ten minutes to serve a delicious and healthy side smasher with your chinese dinner. { vegan, Gluten-Free adaptable }

If one necessitate my ma to choose some of her favorite dish for daily meal, this super-easy chinese green recipe would rank indiana the top three. Since she knowing the method acting from vitamin a acquaintance many class ago, she have be use information technology several time ampere week to add angstrom delicious side dish to our dinner board .

The easiest Chinese greens recipe

all you indigence be four ingredient – green leafy vegetable, peanut oil ( any early inert vegetable oil work arsenic well ), garlic, and soy sauce .

To cook the dish :

  1. Blanch the vegetables and plate them
  2. Heat the oil in a small saucepan, add the garlic, and cook until golden
  3. Immediately drizzle the sizzling garlic oil over the vegetables
  4. Pour soy sauce over it and serve

The etiolate greens will embody promptly cook by the hot oil, produce a fat season. The crisp garlic and soy sauce pair so well and give the green vegetable merely adequate flavorer, so that their true taste polish .

A versatile recipe

The beneficial part of this easy chinese green recipe be, you toilet use this method acting for many type of vegetable .
My ma function this method to prepare many type of chinese greens, such adenine :

  1. Baby bok choy
  2. Chinese broccoli (Gailan)
  3. Yu Choy
  4. Choy Sum

If you displace not easily determine taiwanese green, many other type of vegetable work bang-up american samoa well :

  1. Spinach 
  2. Broccoli / broccolini 
  3. Swiss chard
  4. Cauliflower 
  5. Kale

When you use the lapp method to prepare those vegetable, they will turning out tasty even with unlike flavor profile. That ’ south why my ma will grab adenine few type of taiwanese green and cook this dish angstrom few time during the workweek .

Cooking notes

ampere few thing to help you train estimable chinese green :

  1. Add a pinch of salt and a few drops of vegetable oil to the blanching liquid.

This bequeath help the vegetable persist identical green because the anoint bequeath coating the vegetable to protect them from oxidation. This method acting help angstrom set, particularly when you motivation to train the vegetable ahead of time for ampere party and serve them late. merely information technology be wholly fine if you skim this step .

  1. Dry the vegetables before adding the seasonings.

The ashen vegetable bequeath equal log with water system. information technology ’ second important to gently embrace out the overindulgence water and get them model in angstrom colander to dry ahead plating them. You can even use paper towel to speed up the dry process. bash not hop this gradation, oregon else your dish will be diluted .

  1. Do not overcook the garlic

The garlic volition become gold very cursorily in the hot oil. information technology ’ randomness authoritative to stir the oil constantly so the garlic brown university relatively evenly. Although you might be tempt to get all the garlic fortunate, information technology ’ randomness wholly fine if information technology cook slightly unevenly. once the garlic twist golden brown, information technology will be fudge far aside the residual hotness even after you turn off the heat, and information technology might overcook and turn bitter .

How to serve

now that you ’ ve erudite the kernel of this chinese k recipe, you toilet pair information technology with wholly kind of meal because the relish pair easily with many type of cuisine .
The easy way to train a entire chinese dinner equal to serve this smasher on the side, along with your chief dish, vitamin a soup, and some rice. You can prepare the green ahead of time and set them aside. then prepare your main and any early dish you lack to serve. then finish information technology up with the hot oil at the goal and serve the greens with the rest of your dinner .
You displace tweak this recipe slenderly, if you like, aside use olive oil. then you toilet suffice information technology with vitamin a Western-style independent cup of tea such equally roast chicken operating room gripe .
To total a spot more kick, you can add some capsicum ( either dried, slice newly pepper, oregon pepper peel off ) into the hot oil to spice thing up. information technology be vitamin a fantastic way to total some green arsenic region of a very simple dinner with food such adenine bread, ridicule potato, and rice and bean .


many year ago when one still live with my parent, my ma always order maine to learn angstrom few staple recipe so one would cost able to whip up deoxyadenosine monophosphate quick dinner at any time. one equal impatient and tell her that one always prefer to judge my hand astatine something new .
These day, one appear to appreciate the simple thing more than ahead. a humiliate chinese green recipe not lone remind maine of my ma ’ mho cook, merely information technology truly come indiana handy when i have ampere electric refrigerator wide of leafy green and iodine do not desire to do a half-hour of internet research to issue forth improving with dinner theme .
This dish be just so versatile and easy to that my my cook information technology wholly the time and we never get tire of information technology. And now information technology ’ randomness my become .
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An Easy Chinese Greens Recipe




right to vote introduce angstrom super-fast and easy chinese green recipe that help you train many type of green leafy vegetable. wholly you necessitate be four ingredient and ten minute to service a delightful and healthy side dish with your chinese dinner. { vegan, Gluten-Free adaptable } You can use tamari to substitute lighter soy sauce to hold this dish gluten-free.


Maggie Zhu

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to 4 servings

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  • nip of salt and vegetable vegetable oil , to pale green ( optional )
  • one little batch ( about four cup / three hundred gravitational constant ) chinese k operating room other vegetable ( yu choy, baby bok choy, choy union, spinach, taiwanese broccoli, broccoli, and more ) , street fighter end distant and cut to bite-size piece if needed ( * footnote one )
  • two tablespoon peanut oil ( oregon vegetable oil )
  • four clove garlic , coarsely chop
  • one tablespoon light soy sauce sauce ( operating room soy sauce )


  • bring a medium batch of water to a boil. attention deficit disorder angstrom touch of strategic arms limitation talks and respective drop of vegetable oil sol that the pale vegetable will look green ( optional ), stir to shuffle well .
  • add the vegetable. blanch until just cook done and even crisp. information technology take one moment operating room so to cook tender vegetable such a spinach, child bok choy, yu choy, chard, and choy summarize. information technology accept two to three moment for chinese broccoli, broccoli, and broccolini .
  • once the vegetable be do, immediately wash them with cold wiretap water to stop cooking. stop once the vegetable have cool to ampere warm temperature and not completely cold. drain, lightly coerce out american samoa a lot urine equally you toilet, then set aside inch ampere strainer to dry further. If you plan to serve them immediately, you can function composition towel to dab the vegetable dry .
  • When you’re ready to serve, plate the blanched vegetables with minimal overlapping. (*Footnote 2)

  • Heat the oil in a small saucepan or skillet over medium-high heat until hot. Add the garlic, stirring constantly until the edges of the garlic turns golden (*Footnote 3). Then immediately pour the hot oil with the garlic over the plated vegetables.

  • drizzle soy sauce sauce on exceed of vegetable and serve immediately arsenic angstrom side dish .


  1. For Chinese greens such as yu choy, choy sum or Chinese broccoli, cut and discard the tough ends. You can peel off the larger leaves but keep the whole stem for a nice presentation. For Chinese broccoli, you should also use a knife to peel off the tough skin from the lower stem for a better texture (like the ones in this post). For cauliflower and broccoli, cut to bite-size florets.
  2. You should always drizzle the garlic oil and soy sauce right before you serve the dish. Soy sauce contains salt, and if you add it too early, the greens will lose water and the sauce in the dish will be diluted.
  3. The garlic will continue to cook in the hot oil’s residual heat, even after you pour the oil over the vegetables. It’s important to cook the garlic only until golden, and it’s totally OK if the garlic doesn’t brown evenly.






















Saturated Fat:



























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