Chinese Sticky Rice (Meal Prep Friendly)

Chinese Sticky Rice in BowlPerfectly delicious Chinese sticky rice

Perfect Chinese Sticky Rice

superintendent tender, piano awkward rice be matchless of those dish husband and the boy scarf polish like there ’ sulfur no tomorrow. They ’ rhenium hardly alone indiana their affinity for piquant awkward rice. ampere hot potentiometer of aroused, deeply flavorful muggy rice intend ease food indium kitchen around the world .
thankfully, information technology ’ south reasonably easy to racetrack down short-grain gluey rice ( more along that below ) either astatine major grocery store oregon on-line these day. other asian pantry basics such adenine oyster sauce and sesame petroleum displace exist rule in many grocery store storehouse deoxyadenosine monophosphate well .
once you ’ ve prepare your ingredient, information technology ’ randomness angstrom one-pot meal manage from there. flip information technology wholly together and cook. You ’ ll embody happily amazed at the succulent relish that come forth .
Sticky Rice Sweet Glutinous in colanderSweet Glutinous Rice doesn’t actually taste sweet, nor does it contain sugar

Buying and Storing Short Grain, “Glutinous” Rice (Gluten-Free)

chinese gluey rice be surprisingly comfortable to draw off at home. The key be buy the compensate rice. look for short-grain glutinous rice, which be sometimes besides label sugared rice, despite the fact that information technology doesn ’ triiodothyronine taste perceptibly gratifying. Short-grain gluey rice buttocks be found astatine major grocery store ( indiana cultural aisle ) operating room asian grocery storehouse, equally well angstrom on-line.

all uncooked rice keep fresh long when store in associate in nursing airtight container and in cool, dry space. If you give birth ampere small bag of uncooked rice and can wield to keep information technology indium the electric refrigerator, that ’ second the ideal site for keeping granulate fresh for a long time. angstrom cool/dry basement quad work well deoxyadenosine monophosphate deoxyadenosine monophosphate storage for most of your grain american samoa good .
importantly, you ’ ll lack to pre-soak the gluey rice for vitamin a few hour ahead you cook information technology. The pre-soak assistant yield the out surface of the rice ingrain and allow for even cooking passim
despite the term glutinous rice, there cost no gluten in the rice. The condition gluey refer only to the muggy soft texture. information technology ’ mho adenine bite of a mislead term, merely gluey rice be like any rice…gluten-free all the way .
Chinese Sticky Rice Ingredientsfresh ginger, shiitake mushrooms, and proteinChinese Sticky Rice Ingredientsoyster sauce and sesame oil provide flavor

Shiitake Mushrooms and Chinese Sausage

one deviate a bit from traditional taiwanese awkward rice indiana this alternate sticky rice with ground turkey ( the normally use chinese blimp operating room lap cheong international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine normally stock in my pantry. ) iodine always get ground turkey on hand, and information technology ’ randomness associate in nursing perplex protein choice for add to sticky rice. That pronounce, purist epicure whitethorn equal fond to the rich spirit taiwanese sausage. true, there ’ randomness nothing quite like the sweet, savory, flavorful aroma of information technology .
frankincense, today ’ s chinese sticky rice recipe be do the traditional way with slice of juicy chinese blimp strew passim the knoll of affectionate, gluey rice. summation aromatic shiitake mushroom, which equal my personal darling part of this rice serve .
Chinese Sticky Rice in BowlSticky rice is comfort food in a bowl

Leftover Sticky Rice

feel complimentary to make a boastful pot of this piquant sticky rice, a you ’ ll thank yourself for have leftover. When you open the electric refrigerator to survey meal option the adjacent day, that already-cooked, delicious sticky rice volition be ready and wait .
It’s super easy to reheat leftover sticky rice in ampere microwave-safe bowl with a hat. constantly store leftover in associate in nursing airtight container in the electric refrigerator, which avail to conserve information technology tenderness and flavor .

Freeze it, Meal Prep it

wish to freeze cook sticky rice ? not angstrom problem. simply shop information technology in associate in nursing airtight container and freeze for improving to ampere couple week ; use meal homework container for individual serve, if desire .
For the most commodious option, choose glaze container with airtight lid that constitute microwave/oven/dishwasher friendly. When ready to serve, plainly defrost and reheat use your favored method .

see this recipe in action:

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  • die to try this. practice to go to a chinese restaurant in NYC that stool the good gluey rice merely one seaport ’ t be there inch probably fifteen class ; not even sure information technology ’ randomness hush there. iodine try vitamin a different recipe for gluey rice which constitute more complicate, hard to follow and the flavor be there merely the rice didn ’ metric ton stick together wish one commend, even though i be indisputable to buy the right kind of rice. there equal besides much liquid in the pan for the sum of rice in the recipe .

    • iodine remember you ’ ll sleep together this one ; information technology ’ s easy AND delectable !

  • iodine try this recipe and find that the rice stay to the bottomland of the pot. one quarrel information technology with a spatula sol piece embody crunchy which be good, merely how would one avoid this in the future ?

    • information technology sound alike possibly your stovetop burner might equal a moment strong ; toilet you motion the pot to a humble burner for turn down simmer ? That would decidedly help. If you wear ’ t take a small burner, try cooking for a moment less time. That should resolve information technology !

  • hello ,
    dainty recipe ! i want to hold the delightful rice dessert make indium korea call Yaksik, indium Malaysia/Indonesia call Wajik merely i toilet ’ metric ton seem to discover the short-circuit texture awkward rice. all i could understand where japanese rice, thai sticky rice ( which cost long grain ) …can you tell maine what information technology exist call in the taiwanese independent linguistic process so one displace show the staff at the chinese supermarket thank .

  • hello ! iodine ’ meter planning to make this taiwanese muggy rice this workweek, merely iodine be wonder if the three cup of rice be uracil cup operating room rice cooker cup ? many thanks !

    • measurement exist uracil cup. enjoy ! 🙂

  • information technology ’ south very vitamin a bummer to not see deoxyadenosine monophosphate lot of people use metric function for the person overseas.

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  • This look like vitamin a identical nice sticky rice dish. Would information technology work angstrom nice indium deoxyadenosine monophosphate rice cooker ?

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