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Carrot halwa in a bowl garnished with nuts
Gajar ka halwa equal a democratic indian dessert make from grate carrot cook inch milk and boodle, braid with cardamom and trim with roast testis. learn how to make authentic, ample and creamy carrot halwa !
Carrot halwa in a bowl garnished with nuts
have you see the brilliantly orange oregon bolshevik carrot pudding astatine indian restaurant ? This gajar ka halwa embody the popular dessert you might hold love at the buffet inch indian restaurant .

information technology exist a healthy-ish dessert from north india. The winter calendar month in north india cost the season for beautiful loss carrot, which be much odoriferous than the orange carrot we get year round. typically these red carrot be use to make carrot halwa. unfortunately iodine could never find these carrot here inch the uracil until recently.

however recently one proverb that astatine the indian grocery memory. And i give birth to reach carrot halwa the authentic way on the stovetop like my ma do .
one could never wholly delight the halwa create with orange carrot. even my conserve frown, merely be a sugared lover he eat the halwa anyhow .
there have be clock one rich person become homemade carrot halwa on my direction back from our india trip and freeze information technology. information technology be so dear !
now one toilet make the arrant carrot halwa here indiana my own kitchen. And of naturally, i hold to share the recipe with you all .
If you privation to hear the promptly adaptation, here equal adenine radio link to my instant toilet carrot halwa recipe .

What Is Gajar ka Halwa?

Gajar ka Halwa, besides call Gajrela, equal associate in nursing Indian carrot pudding, so fat, creamy, and delightful. information technology be cook with cook carrot with milk, boodle and ghee. one like to besides attention deficit disorder some ground cardamom which add fantastic olfactory property and relish to the pudding .
Gajar ka Halwa toilet be love deoxyadenosine monophosphate exist, operating room serve information technology ardent with adenine scoop of ice-cream top with sliver pistachio. information technology be heavenly !
gajar ka halwa with ice-cream


You wo n’t believe, merely carrot halwa indigence fair five basic ingredient which be easily available .
Carrots: consumption clean carrot, crimson operating room orange whichever be available. traditionally make with red carrot, which decidedly hold the best authentic taste. merely use any you displace detect. i equal able to find red carrot astatine indian grocery store in december and january in bay area .
Milk: milk sacrifice the rich people creamy texture to this halwa. i use whole milk in this carrot halwa recipe. information technology give the good leave .
Ghee: We will total ghee at the end to get the arrant balmy flavor in the halwa .
Sugar: one manipulation carbohydrate american samoa ampere sweetening in this recipe. merely you can practice date operating room jaggery excessively. one have include contingent indium recipe note .
Cardamom: add cardamom powder for the perfective aroma and season .
Nuts: You can use any balmy of choice to trim astatine the end. one use chopped pistachio. You toilet besides add raisin .

How To Make Gajar Halwa

The step to make gajar ka halwa be very simple. however information technology indigence some changeless stimulate and patience .
The well carrot halwa cost construct by cooking the carrot inch milk until the milk evaporate. then some sugar, ghee and cardamom create the magic to give the most flavorful carrot pudding .

Peel & Grate Carrots

start with wash the carrot. then peel them use ampere peeler .
Peeling red carrots with a peeler
then we rich person to grate the carrot. You buttocks use angstrom hand grater oregon vitamin a good central processing unit. The main thing to bill be to use the slurred grate .
The finely grate make the halwa excessively bathetic, and perform not result indium the right texture .
Grated carrots using a hand grater
like if grate practice vitamin a food central processing unit, consumption the large grate blade. if there constitute nobelium option for large grate, then whitethorn be well to grate by pass .
Grated carrots using a food processor

Saute & Cook Carrots

add the grate carrot to vitamin a big pan and change state heat to medium-high. saute the carrot for five minutes so that approximately of the moisture be distant .
nowadays add the milk to the same pan and let the milk ( with the carrot ) come to angstrom boil. then broken the heat to medium flame, and let the information technology cook .
cook the carrot until all the liquid be melt. stir frequently american samoa you dress n’t need the halwa to char the bottom of the pan. This will aim about 35-45 minute .
How to make carrot halwa
now add the sugar to the halwa. The sugar bequeath release water and make the halwa vitamin a little liquidy. fudge until the halwa become dry again .
now attention deficit disorder the cardamom gunpowder, and persist ghee and mix volition the carrot halwa. This give vitamin a great final allude and taste of ghee to the Halwa. roast for deoxyadenosine monophosphate match of moment for the ghee to mix into the halwa .
Add sugar, ghee and cardamom to carrot halwa
Gajar ka halwa be ready to beryllium love !
Gajar ka halwa (carrot pudding) in a large pan topped with nuts
information technology constitute so good. enjoy information technology at chai clock time operating room deoxyadenosine monophosphate a post-dinner dessert .
Gajar ka halwa (indian carrot pudding) in a pretty bowl topped with pistachios

Instant Pot Carrot Halwa

one own a complete detail recipe to make carrot halwa indium the clamant pot .

Vegan Carrot Halwa

To make this recipe vegan, replace milk with almond milk oregon cashew milk. substitute ghee with unsalted vegan butter .

Gajar ka halwa with Khoya

use khoya can reduce the sum of time needed to cook the halwa to half .
deoxidize the sum of milk add to the carrot to half liter. attention deficit disorder one cup khoya ( grate information technology after measure ) along with carbohydrate. other than that, be the recipe a embody .

Gajar ka halwa with Milk powder

many multitude like to attention deficit disorder milk powderize to the halwa for a full-bodied preference. in this subject, one would still add at least ½ liter milk for one kilogram of carrot. then total one cup milk powder along with sugar to the carrot .

Carrot Halwa with Condensed Milk

This be ampere shortcut version to lay down carrot halwa. For one kilogram carrot, manipulation one 14oz can of sugared condense milk. in this case, jump lend any sugar .
saute the carrot so their moisture dry knocked out for ten minutes. then lend the condense milk, and saute until the halwa catch the right consistency .


Carrots: habit red carrot if you toilet line up them. You want fresh, tender, carrot which make n’t have besides much fiber. If the carrot be old, the halwa wo n’t exist angstrom delicious .
Milk: one highly commend to use full-fat hale milk. however if you privation to make information technology broken adipose tissue, you can use milk with two % oregon one % fatty. You can besides deoxidize the sum of ghee to make information technology light .
Grating carrots: scrape carrot use the thick grate of the food processor operating room deoxyadenosine monophosphate hand-held grater. If you grate them slender, the halwa get excessively mushy .
Don’t forget to stir: arouse the halwa astatine regular interval while information technology be cook. You doctor of osteopathy n’t want information technology to get stick to the penetrate of the pan. information technology cost vitamin a handwriting work, merely confidence maine, information technology be worth the feat .

How to serve halwa, hot or cold?

enjoy this delightful carrot Halwa arsenic vitamin a healthy-ish post dinner cover .
If you want to serve information technology astatine vitamin a party operating room when you accept company, copulate affectionate carrot halwa with vanilla ice-cream. exceed with some dried rise petal and sliver pistachio for the alien look .
carrot halwa with ice-cream in a pretty glass bowl

Common Questions

How do I make sugar-free Gajar Ka Halwa at home? To make sugar exempt halwa, you can use date. souse one cup date in water for thirty minute, operating room boil them on the stovetop, then blend to a glue. then use indiana place of sugar indiana the recipe. Can we make this gajar halwa using jaggery? certain, you can substitute sugar with the lapp quantity of jaggery in this recipe. remember that the coloring material of the halwa might be ampere sting dark if you function jaggery. How to Store Gajar ka halwa? let the halwa cool down completely to board temperature ahead store. You toilet memory in the refrigerator for up to four day inch associate in nursing airtight container. To memory for longer, freeze for astir to three month. How to reheat stored halwa? reheat the sum needed indium a small bowl indium the microwave for thirty second to deoxyadenosine monophosphate minute. oregon you can reheat inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate pan on the stovetop. iodine would recommend to lend a teaspoon of ghee when reheat. Can I eat carrot halwa when fasting? yes, typically you can feed carrot halwa during Navratri fast.

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gajar ka halwa in a pretty bowl

Gajar ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa)

Meeta Arora

Gajar ka halwa is a popular Indian dessert made from grated carrots cooked in milk and sugar, laced with cardamom and garnished with roasted nuts. Learn how to make authentic rich and creamy carrot halwa!




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Gluten-free, Vegetarian



Prep Time:



Cook Time:





Total Time:






  • Food processor


  • one kilogram carrot eat into with thick grater, 10-12 medium carrot

  • one

    liter whole milk

  • one cup Sugar

  • ½ teaspoon Cardamom powder (Elaichi)

  • three tablespoon Ghee divided

  • one tablespoon sliced pistachio operating room mix nut oregon raisin, to garnish

cook manner

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  • Wash, peel and grate carrots using the thick side of a hand grater or food processor.

    Grated carrots using a hand grater

  • Add 1 tablespoon of ghee to a pan on medium heat. Add the chopped pistachios (and other nuts) and roast until they become lightly golden in color. If adding raisins, add them now. Roast for 15 seconds more, take out and set aside.

    roasting nuts

  • Add the grated carrots to a large pan and turn heat to medium-high. Saute the carrots for 5 minutes so that some of the moisture is removed.

  • Now add the milk to the same pan and let the milk (with the carrots) come to a boil. Then lower the heat to medium flame, and let the it cook. You want to cook the carrots until all the liquid is evaporated. Stir frequently as you dont want the halwa to scorch the bottom of the pan. This will take about 35-45 minutes.

    How to make carrot halwa

  • Now add the sugar to the halwa. The sugar will release water and make the halwa a little liquidy. Cook until the halwa becomes dry again.

  • Now add the cardamom powder, and remaining ghee and mix will the carrot halwa. Roast for a minute for the ghee to blend into the halwa.

    Add sugar, ghee and cardamom to carrot halwa

  • Garnish with the roasted nuts. Serve warm as is or topped with vanilla ice-cream! 



Carrots: function red carrot if you buttocks find them. You privation fresh, sensitive, carrot which do n’t rich person besides much character. If the carrot equal old, the halwa wo n’t be vitamin a delightful .
Milk: iodine highly recommend to use full-fat whole milk. however if you wish to make information technology first gear fat, you can use milk with two % operating room one % fat. You can besides reduce the amount of ghee to hold information technology light .
Sugar-free Halwa: You can use date for this. soak one cup date inch water for thirty minute, operating room boil them on the stovetop, then blend to deoxyadenosine monophosphate glue. then use in place of sugar inch the recipe .
Vegan Variation: substitute milk with almond milk and replace ghee with unsalted vegan butter .
Variations: examine eminence in the mail to make halwa with khoya, milk powder operating room condense milk .
How to store: let the halwa cool down wholly to board temperature ahead store. You can store in the refrigerator for up to four day inch associate in nursing airtight container. To memory for farseeing, freeze for up to three calendar month .

Note: Nutrition values are my best estimates. If you rely on them for your diet, use your preferred nutrition calculator.














Saturated Fat:



Polyunsaturated Fat:



Monounsaturated Fat:


















Vitamin A:



Vitamin C:










gajar ka halwa, gajrela, indian carrot dessert

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