Instant Pot Drumstick | Moringa Vegetable Curry – Poriyal – Prepbowls


4 Servings



Prep Time:

5 Mins

Cook Time:

15 Mins

Total Time:

20 Mins

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Murungai Is normally Known As Moringa, Drumstick, Murungakkai. Drumstick | Moringa Vegetable Curry Is A Simple, And Very Flavorful Dry Curry. Made With The Slender Fruit, normally Know As Drumsticks, 100% Healthy. They Are Prepared As A Culinary Vegetable, Cut Into Shorter Lengths, Tempered, Sautéed With Spice Powders, Onions, Tomatoes, And Stewed In Curry. The Curry Is Made With Instant Pot In 20 Minutes ( Includes Preparation And Cooking Time ). Serve As A Sides With Rice, Roti Or Any Kuzhambu / Sambar. ( Instructions To Cook On Stove Top Method Is besides Given ) .

Good To Know About Moringa / Drumstick

In todays recipe, we’re using mineral – rich green fruit pods for making the dry curry. The seeds, removed from the pods contain high levels of vitamin C and, B vitamins, and dietary minerals. Moringa trees have been used to combat malnutrition, particularly among infants and nurse mothers. There are numerous health benefits from eating Drumstick. It is best to include it in you ’ re food / diet, than eating it as a capsules .
The taste is described as evocative of asparagus, with a tip of green beans, though angelic, from the green seeds contained inside. Because the outer skin is tough and hempen, drumsticks are much chewed to extract the juices and nutrients, with the remaining fibrous corporeal discarded. early different method acting of eating it is, sucking out the human body, and tender seeds and discarding the tube of skin .
When the vegetable is tempered, and stir fried with onions – tomatoes, and cooked with spices, it gives a big spirit to the pods / flesh inside. Truly because of its health benefits, I make sure to include it in my food routine .
Turmeric A tablespoon of ground turmeric offers closely a gram of protein, 2 grams of character and 6 grams of carbohydrates. Turmeric besides contains charming nutrients – to keep you hard and goodly .
Fresh Curry Leaves – More than acting as a flavorful herb in asian cook, curry leaves have a number of health benefits. In fact, they ’ re commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine, a type of holistic medicine practice that began in India over 3,000 years ago. Curry leaves are rich with antioxidants, which can help prevent you from getting sick, and which can help lessen the come of time you stay disgusted. early studies suggest that curry leaves can help your body fight genetic mutant, which has been linked to chronic illnesses including cancer .

Fresh Or Frozen Drumsticks?

Drumsticks is seasonal, so using fresh or freeze during not season is o. I normally buy fresh Murungakkai / Drumsticks from amerind store in united states, during the season, wash them, cut them into smaller pieces, and I put them into modest sized Ziplocs, and freeze them. When using it, I directly dump them into the cook. This manner it is still clean without any preservatives. I try using the fresh – frozen drumsticks within two to three months. In this recipe excessively, I have used fresh – frozen drumsticks entirely .
If using it immediately within a day or two, then store the impertinently cut drumstick in energy lock or airtight container in the refrigerator. You could besides find fresh drumsticks from the farmers market ( asian Veggie segment ) during summer in united states .
Note – Frozen drumstick vegetable gang from the indian storehouse can besides be used in this recipe .

Serving Suggestions

Serve this drumstick dry dress as a sides with rice, roti or any kuzhambu, sambar, rasam rice .
Curries which goes well with this poriyal / vegetable,

Other Vegetables Which Can Be Included With Drumstick 

Purple / light purple colored Brinjals cut into lengthwise, potatoes cut into small cubes, can be added with drumstick to make this dry curry. If adding extra vegetable other than drumstick, then make indisputable to increase the come of salt, and other spices to your prefer taste. But rest everything follow the same recipe ( flush the blackmail cook time remains the same ) .

If Cooking The Curry On the Stove Top?

All the ingredients measurements on this recipe will remain the same, except the water quantity. For 500 grams of drumsticks, water quantity for the stove method is 270 ML. Temper first in the a pan, sauté onions and tomatoes, lend drumsticks, spices, salt and water, stir, and cover the pan with eyelid, cook in medium -low flame for 10 to 15 minutes, stirring in-between ( if you ’ rhenium make as dry curry, then last two to three minutes do not cover the pan for the water to evaporate completely ) .

Storing Any Leftovers

Store them in the refrigerator in a air tight box, and use them in two to three days. Reheat it in the microwave covered with a lid to prevent the dress from getting dry .
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Step By Step Pictures Of How To Make The Drumstick Curry

Wash, and Cut the long size drumsticks into Two edge pieces, finely Chop the onions, chop the tomatoes, sambar powder, Kashmiri chili gunpowder, turmeric, salt, water, mustard seeds, urad dekaliter, fresh dress leaves, and vegetable oil for tempering .

Temper And Sauté
I used Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus 8 Qtrs for cooking. Place the inside vessel into the Instant Pot. Press SAUTE mode on HIGH might. In CUSTOM settings, SET Timer to TEN minutes. nowadays Press START. Once it is fix and preheat is done. Add oil, followed by mustard seeds, when it starts to splutter, add urad dekaliter, and curry leaves, sauté for a infinitesimal. now add the chop onions, sauté for ONE infinitesimal, add chop drumsticks and sauté again for ONE more infinitesimal .

Add tomatoes immediately, and just stir to mix with other ingredients. Followed by all the spiciness powderize – sambar powder, turmeric, Kashmiri chili gunpowder, salt, and water .

Add given amount of water, and give it a flying arouse to mix ( make certain there is nothing sticking to the bottom of the pot ). Press CANCEL .

Pressure Cooking
airless the LID of the Instant Pot. Press the PRESSURE COOK mode on HIGH world power, and SET CUSTOM TIMER to FOUR minutes. SEAL the press Valve. Switch off the KEEP WARM MODE ( light should not be on in the observe warmly manner ). now press START. After the press cook is done. Press CANCEL. then do QPR ( promptly blackmail release ) by moving flying let go of switch over from SEAL TO VENT .

Sauté For Two Minutes
After the steam is released, open the lid, ( mixture / curry will be SEMI GRAVY at this stage, if you want it like this, then do not sauté again, just garnishee with bracing chopped cilantro leaves, stir nicely and remove/serve ). For Dry Curry, Press SAUTE mode on HIGH office. In CUSTOM settings, SET Timer to TWO minutes. now Press START, Stir the curry well, let it cook for two minutes, ( keep stir, as the curry thickens, it may get bite at the bottom ) water will evaporate, and it will become dry curry / poriyal consistency. garnish with fresh coriander leaves. Press CANCEL. Serve as a side with roti, rice or with any curry / Kuzhambu / sambar rice .

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