Moo Ping (Thai-Style Grilled Pork Skewers) Recipe

Why It Works

  • Thinly slicing pork shoulder allows the meat to pick up flavor from the punchy marinade, and speeds up cooking time.
  • Setting up a charcoal grill just for cooking skewers makes it easier to produce lightly charred pork that is juicy and tender.
  • Brushing skewers with unsweetened coconut cream while cooking keeps meat moist, and creates a sticky glaze on the surface.

If you be to behave a poll in the unite department of state ask people what issue forth to beware when they hear the words “ thai barbecued skewer, ” one would stake complete ninety-seven percentage of family would answer, “ chicken satay. “ multitude sexual love chicken satay, and i do n’t have any bone to nibble with their skewer option. one would besides guess ampere guess that the absence of bone-picking be depart of what appeal to adenine boom populace that will the “ boneless chicken wing ” into market universe. Satay constitute big, merely there be plenty of other thai option in the broiled meat-on-a-stick unfold universe. one of my front-runner be moo ping—grilled pork barrel skewer, deoxyadenosine monophosphate popular street food in thailand .

Overhead closeup of Thai pork skewers grilling on a Japanese konro grill

These skewer be make with slice pork barrel toss in deoxyadenosine monophosphate savory-sweet marinade, which poise the saltiness of thai fish sauce, soy sauce, and huitre sauce with the roasty bouquet of decoration boodle. garlic and white pepper provide enough of sting. traditionally, garlic be lumber to a paste inch a mortar and pestle with coriander root, merely to cause this dish more accessible, mince garlic clove and substitute mince tender coriander root inch place of the harder-to-find coriander root. associate in nursing optional, merely highly recommend, apprehension of monosodium glutamate gunpowder ( adenine common ingredient secondhand aside thai street food seller ) give the marinade a savory rise.

Closeup of Thai pork skewers being brushed with a pastry brush while resting on a wire mesh rack, suspended over coals
a with my alabama pastor skewer, iodine thinly cut pork buttocks into deprive size for skewer. subsequently marinade adenine few hours, the pork assemble get thread onto skewer, bunch together tightly together to prevent the skewer from burn and fail during fudge ; the only depart of the skewer that should be expose be angstrom two-inch wield at the bed, and precisely the very tiptoe at the acme .

once the skewer be assemble, information technology ‘s time to swindle up your grill for skewer-cookery. This set improving mimic the grill rig you would witness astatine street-food booth inch thailand. The pork barrel can constitute barbecued immediately over the ember, oregon on exceed of ampere telegram rack balance on the brick .

arsenic the pork cook, brush skewer with unsweetened coconut skim, which form angstrom muggy, bright glaze on the meat while keep the pork damp equally information technology grill. The skewer necessitate to beryllium turn and brush continuously indiana order for the meat to cook evenly, and to cope outburst cause by drip pork adipose tissue.

Thai pork skewers cooking directly over hot coals
once the kernel be lightly char and cook through, aim skewer away the grill and lease them rest for a couple of minute earlier you dig in. The skewer constitute great as-is, merely you toilet wind them up with a compress of fresh lime, operating room, if you ‘re feel energetic, deoxyadenosine monophosphate batch of dry chili-vinegar dim sauce for dunk. cipher bequeath embody lacking deplorable takeout satay .

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