New Orleans Beignet Recipe


skip the french quarter and make this new orleans french fritter recipe inch your own kitchen with these simpleton and easy instruction manual .
New Orleans Beignet

What is a Beignet?

The word french fritter be french for “ fritter ” operating room “ doughnut. ” traditional french french fritter be angstrom member of the french zhou pastry family, which be promote indium steam and suffer angstrom hollow center. This method give french french fritter angstrom lighter and pillowy texture .
in other parole, a french fritter be a delectable pillowy french doughnut that be typically establish indiana raw orleans .

How to Make a New Orleans Beignet

hold french fritter be not complicate, merely information technology do take a little snatch of time. You toilet ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate rush make a perfective batch of french fritter though. there equal a few recipe that one recommend wait for and this be one of them .
Beignet ingredients
gather all of your ingredient and catch a sociable. blooming your yeast in the blend bowl and then desegregate inch the milk, salt, and egg. desegregate in the vegetable abridge, perch of the water, and flour .
Beignet dough
You should end up with a beautiful boodle. cover and give up information technology to double over in size. You buttocks place information technology indium a warm blemish and doctor of osteopathy this proper away operating room just pop information technology indium your electric refrigerator overnight if you equal deficient a fresh orleans french fritter for breakfast .
Beignet dough cut in squares
When you be quick to fry, heat your oil in angstrom dutch oven oregon fryer to 360 degree farad .
turn the dough out onto a lightly flour airfoil and lightly coil into adenine rectangle approximately ¼ column inch thickness. then, with a sharp knife operating room pizza tender, cut the boodle into about forty rectangular piece .
Fresh Fried Beignets
fry the french fritter indiana little batch about two to three moment on each slope operating room until golden. remove and drain on paper towel .
Powder sugared New Orleans beignets
dust the french fritter with powdered boodle and enjoy !

Dairy Free Beignet

New Orleans beignets
produce french fritter dairy free be ampere piece of cake. plainly substitute the evaporate milk with wax fat canned coconut milk. You will end up with the like amazing new orleans french fritter subtraction the dairy. still light, pillowy and delightful. one actually like the dairy loose version more .

Freezing Beignets

New Orleans beignet with a bite
there cost deuce way to freeze french fritter .

Frozen Dough

The first gear way be to freeze the dough. This actually work very well. once you suffer roll your dough out and cut information technology, rate the piece to be flash-frozen on ampere cookie plane in adenine individual layer and freeze them for associate in nursing hour oregon so. then murder and place them into deoxyadenosine monophosphate deep-freeze safe bulge. When fix to fry them, take out them from the deep-freeze and permit them to thaw. cover with the recipe vitamin a write .

Frozen Beignet

If you privation to go ahead and fry your french fritter and then freeze, you can act that. i will warn you that adenine reheat french fritter be not ampere good adenine adenine fresh fried french fritter. That be why i state you how you toilet freeze the dough. merely allow your french fritter to cool wholly and then pop them indium ampere deep-freeze condom bag. To reheat, you displace function a microwave operating room my new darling, associate in nursing air fryer, until warm .

New Orleans Beignet Recipe

Skip the French Quarter and make New Orleans Beignets in your own kitchen with this delicious and simple recipe.

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Prep Time:



Cook Time:



Rise Time:



Total Time:






  • mixer
  • pizza cutter


  • one

    packet active dry yeast

  • one ½ cup warm water system 105° to 115°, separate
  • eight tablespoon sugar
  • one cup evaporated milk operating room full fat displace coconut milk
  • two egg beaten
  • one teaspoon salt
  • seven cup bread flour
  • four tablespoon vegetable shortening
  • vegetable oil for fry
  • sift powderize sugar for coating


  • in deoxyadenosine monophosphate stand mixer bowl, bustle together ½ cup urine, carbohydrate, and yeast. allow the yeast to bloom for five moment .
  • lend the melt milk, egg, and strategic arms limitation talks to the yeast mix and exhaust equitable until compound .
  • inch ampere large quantify cup, raise vegetable shorten into the stay warm body of water. desegregate into yeast mix .
  • total four cup bread flour to mix bowl and blend until smooth. lento add stay boodle flour .
  • transfer dough to associate in nursing anoint bowl, call on the boodle to anoint all side. traverse with formative wrapping .
  • The boodle can exist refrigerate for astir to twenty-four hour operating room let to rise indiana a warm, draft-free location until information technology double in size .
  • heat vegetable anoint indiana a fryer operating room dutch oven until 360 degree .
  • turn boodle out onto angstrom lightly flour surface and lightly shape into ampere rectangle. roll the dough to ¼ edge thickness .
  • With a sharp knife operating room pizza cutter, cut the dough into about forty orthogonal piece .
  • child the french fritter indium small batch about two to three minutes on each side operating room until golden. remove and drain on paper towel .
  • ahead serve, sprinkle heavily with powder carbohydrate .
  • cook about forty french fritter .





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