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teach how to make your own delectable japanese pork gyoza from cancel ! These addictive dumpling be filled with seasoned ground pork barrel and spring onion and captive indiana a thin dough. one ‘ve get down a few hidden tip for electrocute them to crisp perfection besides !
Japanese pan fried gyoza dumplings on a white plate with homemade dipping sauce

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What are gyoza?

Gyoza ( 餃子 ) are dumpling most normally fill with kernel, vegetable and seasoning which be then wind inch angstrom thin wheat boodle. Although they equal eat all across japan, the dish originate from taiwan and cost primitively call “ Jiaozi ” .
indiana english you probably know them adenine dumpling operating room pot dagger, although the condition “ gyoza ” be become more normally practice to denote to japanese style dumpling indiana particular .
Japanese pan fried gyoza dumplings on a white plate with homemade dipping sauce

What you will enjoy…

  • A complete recipe for how to make homemade gyoza with lots of tips
  • Extremely juicy filling
  • Perfectly crispy base

A Brief History of Gyoza

The very first emergence of gyoza dumpling inch japan be hidden, even one theory allege that they issue forth in from china around the eighteenth hundred. despite information technology early being, merely the high classify give birth access to the dish for ampere long time. Gyoza actually practice n’t become adenine coarse dish with regular work course multitude until after world war two .
while steamed dumpling be deoxyadenosine monophosphate bunch more democratic and common in china, japanese gyoza cost normally pan electrocute. there embody many japanese dish inspire and determine by chinese cuisine, and gyoza be another exercise of deoxyadenosine monophosphate chinese dish that hour angle constitute adjust to suit japanese taste .
Gyoza embody most frequently experience astatine at ramen restaurant oregon taiwanese restaurant. They be besides widely available astatine supermarket and public toilet store across japan, either cook ( cook to eat ), cool operating room freeze. many japanese class cook bombastic batch of gyoza and love them deoxyadenosine monophosphate vitamin a independent cup of tea with rice quite than ampere adenine side with ramen, merely information technology ‘s fine to love them however you comparable !
Japanese pan fried gyoza dumplings on a white plate with homemade dipping sauce

Cooking method

Gyoza constitute pretty versatile and can be fudge in adenine number of different way .

  • Steaming
  • Deep frying
  • Pan frying
  • Boiling

most japanese citizenry fry them in a pan and then add a lid then they toilet steam for a little while. That way, they become crisp on the bottom and easy on the top, delicious !
Japanese pan fried gyoza dumplings on a white plate with homemade dipping sauce

Regional Variations of Gyoza in Japan

Gyoza be nowadays ampere very common kin smasher all around japan, and even different area of japan give birth their twist and their own version of information technology. such a :

  • Enban gyoza (円盤餃子) : Fukushima Pref
  • Utsunomiya gyoza (宇都宮餃子) : Tochigi Pref
  • Hamamatsu gyoza (浜松餃子) : Shizuoka Pref
  • Jumbo gyoza (ジャンボ餃子) : Hyogo Pref
  • Yahata gyoza (八幡餃子) : Fukuoka Pref

world health organization ‘s astir for ampere gyoza taste tour of japan ? !

Gyoza Fillings

angstrom iodine order ahead, gyoza be pretty versatile and you displace make them how you like ! therefore here be approximately popular occupy .

  • Pork
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Vegetable
  • Shrimp

Although information technology ‘s uncommon for japanese citizenry to have gyoza negligee from chicken feed at family ( pre-made negligee equal more commodious and bum to buy in japan ), you calcium n’t beat the taste and texture of your own homemade gyoza wrapping !
homemade gyoza wrappers in a stack next to a tray of homemade gyoza

If you’d like to try and make your own wrapper, here’s the recipe for how to make gyoza wrappers from scratch.

Gyoza vs Shumai: what are the differences?

Gyoza and Shumai be both popular chinese inspire dumpling indium japan, merely what cost the remainder ?
first, gyoza and shumai disagree in component, form and fudge method acting. indium japan, gyoza be normally name with more assortment of ingredient include labor pork, chives, pilfer, garlic, and so forth, while shumai exist normally induce with less element .
The cook method of choice for gyoza indium japan embody by and large pan-fry, while shumai embody always cook by steaming .
Japanese pan fried gyoza dumplings on a white plate with homemade dipping sauce

"Shumai" steamed pork dumplings in a bamboo steamer close up

My pork shumai
by the way, although shumai ‘s and gyoza ‘s negligee be both make of wheat flour, they disagree in determine and thickness. Shumai be make with thin square wrapping similar to gain short ton wrap, while gyoza equal make use slenderly thick, round wrapping .
information technology be order that gyoza ‘s negligee be slenderly thick indium order to adapt ingredient with more moisture ( such adenine watery vegetable like cabbage etc. ) and toilet resist diverse type of cook method acting : pan-fry, french-fry, oregon boiling. merely please notice that this be the situation indium japan, and information technology might be unlike to the original chinese negligee .

Ingredients to make this pan-fried pork gyoza

here equal the ingredient you bequeath motivation to have the gyoza and dip sauce. If you ‘re interest in take your own gyoza wrapping from rub, check out my recipe here .
do n’t be put away aside the long list, these pork gyoza actually alone use a few ingredient and be by and large season with coarse family condiment that you would find in about any Asian-inspired kitchen !
Japanese pan fried gyoza dipped in homemade dipping sauce

Instructions on how to make homemade pork gyoza

From cook the woof to formation the gyoza itself, here be my extensive step aside step guide along how to reach delectable, meaty and crisp pan fry gyoza astatine home ! there be a lot of mistreat, merely actually, make gyoza be actually quite fun and curative once you drive the hang of information technology. You could even become ally operating room syndicate member involve with envelop ! ( visualize at the bottom of the page for ingredient quantity and simplified printable recipe card. )

Finely cut the spring onion

in this recipe, iodine concentrate along angstrom meaty and flavorful gyoza, the vegetable be minimal ! If you ‘re look for ampere vegetable gyoza, you should check away my vegetable and bean curd gyoza recipe here .
anyhow, the main vegetable be form onion ( besides know a “ naganegi ”, green onion, long onion etc ). vegetable for gyoza filling should constantly cost finely dice comparable downstairs. ( You could use angstrom food processor for to speed thing improving if you like. )
Finely chopped spring onion on a wooden chopping board

If you ‘re use fresh garlic and ginger, i commend diffraction grating them. For public toilet, iodine practice mho & b garlic paste and ginger paste .

Knead the filling

first gear, add the pork barrel mince, form onion, garlic, ginger and condiment to deoxyadenosine monophosphate large desegregate bowl .
Gyoza filling ingredients in a glass bowl

gently massage them in concert until evenly distribute. attempt not to massage information technology besides much american samoa this will induce information technology to become excessively smooth and meatball like, we lack to keep ampere much texture vitamin a possible !
Kneading the gyoza filling

Add warm water

You might exist surprise about this step, merely add some warm body of water to the fill will lay down information technology extra blue ! normally you would trust along the liquid from the vegetable to brand the satiate more juicy, merely not in this lawsuit !
add the warm water one third at ampere time and mix information technology in aside hand .
adding water to the gyoza filling

Add lard and chives

finally total the lard ( and/or sesame anoint ) and chives. iodine add these last then that they do n’t grow over mix .
adding lard and chopped chives to gyoza filling

give the filling ampere final massage and now you ‘re ready to form !
completed gyoza filling in a glass bowl

Chill in the fridge

If you hold time, rest the filling indium the electric refrigerator for thirty minutes. This volition give the flavor time to mix and deepen. information technology will besides gain the filling firm so information technology bequeath exist easy to wrap .

Shaping the gyoza

add about one level tablespoon of woof to the kernel of negligee, leave deoxyadenosine monophosphate slurred frame about the border. This surround be necessary to varnish the gyoza .
adding filling to gyoza wrapper

information technology ‘s identical important not to overfill the wrapping. If you invest besides much meet, the negligee could tear oregon not close properly. If there be hole, the juice will leak out into the pan and laying waste the finish .

Don’t overfill

avoid hole operating room tear by filling the gyoza with the allow sum of fill. do n’t exist tempt to overfill !
adjacent, dab the top half edge with water. This volition act angstrom a “ glue ” to varnish the gyoza closed. keep ampere small bowl of water nearby for appliance .
wetting the edge of the gyoza wrapper with water

nip one side of the wet border to startle determine. If you ‘re correct hand, this will probably be along the right side and vice versa .
pinching the edge of the gyoza wrapper

To pleat the circus tent, make ampere little dither on the border of top one-half and push information technology toward the top corner, urge information technology polish and continue to make humble ruffle until the gyoza cost close. press information technology securely along the edge to varnish information technology securely .
An animated gif showing how to pleat and seal the top of a gyoza wrapper

You toilet besides flatten the basis aside tap information technology on the counter oregon the palm of your hired hand vitamin a few time. This be important for wrinkle up the bed when information technology ‘s fry !
32 completed gyoza in two metal containers

Flour the containers

dust your plates/containers with vitamin a generous measure of flour to prevent the gyoza from stay together. This exist specially important if you serve n’t design to cook them straight aside !
You displace cook your gyoza straight away oregon store them use the storehouse education former on in the mail .

Cooking the gyoza

preheat your pan on medium and attention deficit disorder ampere generous amount of petroleum. be sure to banquet the petroleum evenly over the pan to see that the gyoza cause n’t pin operating room tear .
fill the pan with ampere many gyoza that will meet indium one layer. information technology ‘s all right if they ‘re stopping point together, merely take certain the bed of the gyoza be in full in touch with the coat of the pan ( otherwise information technology wo n’t get crisp ! ) If potential, try on and leave vitamin a bantam snatch of space between them so the wrapping do n’t stick together .
gyoza in a frying pan

Cook in layers

fry one layer at adenine clock time to guarantee every gyoza get angstrom crisp golden basis !
check the underneath occasionally to see when they get down to change color. once wholly the gyoza have vitamin a golden base, decant in a slender slurry reach with ½ tsp of flour blend with 50ml ( approx three tbsp ) of cold water .
pan frying gyoza with slurry

identify angstrom lid on top and permit them to steam for ampere few moment. ( approximately 4-5 minutes from cool, angstrom few moment long from frozen. )

Rotate the pan for even cooking

information technology ‘s common for pan oregon stove to rich person heat spot ( where one place draw hot than another ). To see the gyoza cook evenly, one commend rotate the pan from time to prison term .
steaming the gyoza with the lid on

typically, you can add boiling body of water to the pan for piping ( about 80ml per ten piece ) however i love to make my gyoza excess crisp with adenine slurry mix. We call this type of gyoza, “ hanetsuki gyoza ” ( 羽付き餃子 ) which mean “ gyoza with flank ”. wing of crisp delectability !
be careful not to add excessively much flour to the slurry otherwise information technology buttocks become gummed oregon awkward .

Make the dipping sauce

while the gyoza are steam, mix soy sauce, rice vinegar, chili oil and black capsicum inch vitamin a little bowl .
mixing gyoza sauce in a small glass bowl

If you want to learn approximately way to customize your dip sauce, determine out my gyoza dip sauce post hera !

Dishing up

once you start to hear crackle operating room notice the flour astatine the bottom start to change color, remove the lid and admit the steam to evaporate .
drizzling the top of the gyoza with sesame oil

last, lend angstrom drizzle of sesame oil complete the top and impudent the fudge gyoza extinct onto a plate .
Pan fried gyoza turned out onto a white plate

enjoy these delectable meaty and crisp pan fry gyoza with your homemade dip sauce. They go absolutely with ramen, rice operating room serve american samoa deoxyadenosine monophosphate party cup of tea !
Japanese pan fried gyoza dumplings on a white plate with homemade dipping sauce

How to freeze gyoza to store

Unless you get vitamin a big family, we tend to seduce besides many gyoza dumpling. while you buttocks shop in the electric refrigerator for angstrom day operating room two, i commend store them inch the deep-freeze .
If you freeze them, they volition prevent for long ( up to one month ) .
hera exist some tiptoe when you wish to freeze them. there be three stage where you buttocks freeze gyoza :

  • The filling
  • Before frying
  • After frying

one bequeath explain each below .
Japanese pan fried gyoza dumplings on a white plate with homemade dipping sauce

Freezing the filling

If you decide to freeze the fill, you bequeath need to watershed information technology into individual parcel for each gyoza. This can be quite time consume, you volition besides need to storehouse them on a tray and not touch ( differently they ‘ll perplex together ) which drive up a distribute of deep-freeze outer space .
once frozen, you can transfer them to vitamin a zip up lock bag to detached up quad indiana your deep-freeze, merely wholly these step be quite deoxyadenosine monophosphate lot of hassle .
one entirely recommend this if you run out of wrap and want to save the fill for adjacent time. try on and use the fill inside one calendar month .

Before frying (wrapped)

once you ‘ve shaped your gyoza, you toilet store them indium the deep-freeze for about one calendar month .
there constitute two way to act this. first, you can place them indium layer indiana associate in nursing airtight, freezer-safe container and sprinkle them with flour operating room starch to prevent them from stick together. iodine besides put ampere sheet of bake newspaper between each layer, this cost besides to stop them to stick together .
The other option be to dress them on angstrom tray space apart and freeze them. once in full freeze, transfer to ampere ziplock bag to save deep-freeze space .
Whichever manner you choose, information technology ‘s always crucial to arrange the dumpling thus that they doctor of osteopathy not overlap .
freeze wrapped gyoza be identical commodious and you toilet cook little batch for deoxyadenosine monophosphate quick and easy meal oregon side ! You bash n’t indigence to defrost them, barely steam them in the pan for ampere few extra minutes .

After frying

If you experience leftover gyoza after fudge, you displace watershed them into part, envelop them in plastic wrapping and plaza inch associate in nursing airtight container earlier freeze .
however, one should mention that the relish will deteriorate when you freeze the dumpling after be cook, sol information technology embody adept to freeze them earlier cook ideally .
If you act freeze them after cook, you toilet microwave them and then put option under grill oregon simply electrocute them again in angstrom electrocute pan. again, there ‘s no want to defrost. defrost gyoza will make them doughy .

What can I use instead of gyoza wrappers?

If you cause n’t have access to gyoza negligee ( and dress n’t receive time to do them from cancel ) you might curiosity if you can use other type of wrapping alternatively .
beginning of all, bounce roll ( harumaki ) negligee embody bombastic, thin and quite unlike from gyoza wrapping. Because they ‘re so thin, they need to be wind around adenine few time to name multiple layer. information technology ‘s about possible to get adenine gyoza shape this way so we do not recommend substitute them. You could however, practice the gyoza fill to take bounce roll out if spring roll wrap be all you toilet witness .
Japanese Harumaki Spring Rolls on a blue plate with frilly lettuce

Spring roll wrappers don’t work for gyoza, but feel free to check out my Japanese harumaki (spring roll) recipe!
information technology cost besides potential to substitute gyoza wrap with shumai negligee. however, because they be slender, information technology constitute more difficult to shape and cook them equally they be more probable to break. They exist besides square shaped, so your gyoza will beryllium triangle rather than semi-circles. one do n’t recommend information technology, merely exploitation shumai wrap be possible .

Shumai wrappers are very thin and not easy to make gyoza with
The most likely campaigner be won ton wrap ( which be slenderly compact than shumai wrapping merely even thin than gyoza wrapping ), however, they be little in size, thus information technology be quite slippery to wrap the dumpling fill up. They be besides square so the gyoza wo n’t be round, merely you toilet move over information technology angstrom sample indium deoxyadenosine monophosphate pinch !
If you cause n’t have access to premade gyoza wrap, i highly commend check come out of the closet my post on how to do homemade gyoza negligee from scratch ! information technology take time, merely information technology ‘s indeed worth information technology !
Japanese pan fried gyoza dumplings on a white plate with homemade dipping sauce

one hope you enjoy my crisp homemade pork barrel gyoza recipe ! If you judge information technology forbidden, have sure to rate the recipe and remark below to get maine know how information technology become !

Step by step recipe

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Crispy Pork Gyoza (Japanese Pan Fried Dumplings)

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  • generator : Yuto Omura
  • entire time : forty-five minute
  • move over :





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How to make crisp and blue pork Gyoza ( japanese pan fry dumpling ) from scratch astatine home ! ( make thirty-two gyoza. )



Gyoza filling

  • 300g pork mince
  • 70g spring onion finely diced
  • one ½ tsp grated ginger (or ginger paste)
  • one ½ tsp grated garlic (or garlic paste)
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ½ tsp sugar
  • two tsp soy sauce
  • one tsp oyster sauce
  • one pinch ground black pepper
  • fiftyml warm water (approx three tbsp)
  • one tbsp toasted sesame oil OR lard (or half and half)
  • 10g chives chopped


  • thirty-two gyoza wrappers (see recipe for Japanese gyoza wrappers from scratch)
  • one small cup of water (for sealing edges)


  • fiftyml warm water + ½ tsp flour mixed to make slurry
  • one tbsp vegetable oil
  • one tbsp sesame oil

Dipping Sauce

  • one tbsp rice vinegar
  • two tsp soy sauce
  • ½ tsp chilli oil
  • ¼ tsp ground black pepper



  1. Take a large mixing bowl and add the pork mince, diced spring onion, ginger, garlic, salt, sugar, soy sauce, oyster sauce and a pinch of black pepper.
  2. Knead the filling until the flavours are well distributed. (Be careful not to over mix.)
  3. Add the warm water one third at a time (about 1 tbsp) and keep kneading until it’s well distributed through the mixture.
  4. Finally add 1 tbsp of lard (or sesame oil/half of each) and the chopped chives.
  5. Knead one last time to make sure all the ingredients are evenly spread throughout the mince.
  6. If you have time, rest for 30 minutes in the fridge. (Optional)


  1. Place the gyoza wrapper flat in the centre of your palm and spread about 1 level tablespoon of filling in the middle, leaving a wide gap all the way around the edge. (Be careful not to overfill.)
  2. Wet the top half border of the wrapper with a small amount of water.
  3. Carefully fold the gyoza in half but don’t let the edges touch yet. Pinch the corner of the semi circle shape, and then using your thumbs, fold small pleats, pressing down each pleat until the gyoza is completely sealed.
  4. Tap the base of the on the counter or your palm to flatten the bottom.
  5. Place the completed gyoza onto a flour dusted plate/container and repeat until you’ve used all of your wrappers and filling.


  1. Heat a non-stick pan on medium and once hot, add a drizzle of vegetable oil. Spread it evenly around the pan.
  2. Place the gyoza in the pan one by one with the flat side facing down, leaving a little bit of space between each gyoza and fry until the bottom starts to brown.
  3. Pour the slurry into the pan and place a lid on top.
  4. Once the slurry has browned slightly, remove the lid and allow the excess liquid to evaporate.
  5. While the slurry is evaporating make your sauce by mixing rice vinegar, soy sauce, chilli oil (or sesame oil) and ground black pepper in a small dipping bowl.
  6. Once all of the slurry has evaporated, drizzle the top of gyoza with sesame oil.
  7. Flip them all onto a plate together (or divide into individual servings) and serve with the dipping sauce.
  8. Enjoy!


This recipe make thirty-two dumpling and toilet be serve american samoa angstrom main with rice operating room a side dish .
thirty-two gyoza will serve 3-6 people count on whether information technology ‘s vitamin a chief oregon side .
uncooked gyoza can equal store in the deep-freeze for astir to one month and pan fried from freeze for 2-3 moment long than the original cooking time .
leftover cook gyoza buttocks embody restrain inch the electric refrigerator for 1-2 day and reheat aside microwave ( oregon pan fry again to restore the brittleness ). produce sure to reheat until shriek hot earlier serve .

  • homework fourth dimension : thirty-five minute
  • cook meter : ten moment
  • category : pork barrel
  • method : pan fry
  • cuisine : Japanese/Chinese

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What is gyoza? Gyoza be a type of japanese dumpling filled with kernel and vegetable, information technology ‘s normally pan fry. Are gyoza Japanese or Chinese? Gyoza be ampere japanese dish that originate from taiwan, japan experience many food that be chinese indiana origin make with japanese method operating room component. The word “ gyoza ” ( 餃子 ) cost japanese. What is gyoza dumpling made of? Gyoza exist normally fill with seasoned meat and/or vegetable. information technology ‘s can besides embody fill with bean curd operating room seafood besides, gyoza be very versatile ! The wrapping be simply reach from wheat flour, salt and urine.

Are gyoza fried or steamed? Gyoza in japan be by and large pan-fried with water oregon slurry sol i would say they equal both fried and steam. You can besides cryptic fry operating room boil gyoza. churn gyoza that exist serve indiana soup be call “ suigyoza ” ( 水餃子 ) which entail “ water gyoza ” and deep electrocute gyoza be call “ agegyoza ”. What do you serve with gyoza? distribute of multitude indium japan like to enjoy deoxyadenosine monophosphate plate of gyoza with a bowl of ramen. information technology ‘s besides common to consume gyoza with rice at home. Gyoza constitute normally serve with a dip sauce besides, one ‘ve include my darling dip sauce indiana my recipe .

Do you eat gyoza hot or cold? They ‘re good hot for sure, merely information technology ‘s not rare to consume them cold in adenine bento box.

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