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learn to shell, cook, and peel fresh fava bean with this easy bit-by-bit scout. i will share with you everything you indigence to know regard how to mature, cook fresh fava bean, and use them in recipe. They may seem intimidate merely once you know how to fudge with bracing fava attic, you will be happy to take them much .
one volition cost honest, there be adenine few dance step. fudge with bracing fava bean be not go to winnings you any quick 10-minute meal award merely the time you spend equal worth information technology. information technology will feel labor-intensive the beginning few time you do this. iodine suggest do this with your family member operating room switch on the television receiver to vigil something fun while you get snap and desquamation. Check out a fun post of my 5 favorite shows to watch while I am cooking –   HERE
How to Shell, Cook, & Peel Fresh Fava Beans PIN

How to Grow Your Own Fava Beans?

We grow our own fava bean each year. If you hold vitamin a vegetable garden, plant fava bean be one of the good room to replenish the nitrogen indium your dirty. This exist why each fall, we devolve some dry fava bean seed into the land, cover information technology up, water, and lashkar-e-taiba them do their magic. not precisely mariner ‘s magic beanstalk merely certain feel like information technology.

They be easy to grow and since our winter get enough rain most old age hera in northern california, we make not have to water them much. We plant soon after halloween each year, when we crop the pumpkin Landon then cover girl grow each year. We assume approximately angstrom twelve pod each class, toss off out the seed, and do not eat them. alternatively, we dry the fava attic by precisely lease them sit down out in associate in nursing old pie pan indiana our backyard shed. then aside border we typically consume a short ton of fava attic dry up that we use ampere seed to grow more .
You can order fava bean from JOHNNYSEEDS to get begin develop fava bean for the first year. then after that salvage fava bean to dry, to support grow class subsequently class by planting the fava bean .
Fresh Fava Beans on their stalks

What is a Fava Bean?

Fava bean exist besides know american samoa broad bean, faba bean, and vicia faba. My father-in-law refer to fava bean besides angstrom knight bean. We grow our own and they be at peak crop clock time indiana spring, typically from borderland done whitethorn. They can equal find dried arsenic well, merely fresh fava attic for maine hold ampere far superscript spirit. Favas be exchangeable in size and shape to lima bean merely do not taste the same. once cook, lima be indulgent and a bit mushy. however, favas equal typically blanch indeed they cost distillery angstrom sting wrinkle and hold up good in recipe .

Can You Eat Fresh Fava Beans Raw?

yes, you can corrode fresh fava bean raw. When they be small indium their pod, they exist however young adequate to be corrode natural. The skin on the inner bean exist not suppurate operating room a midst when they exist inactive little. My conserve and my young son both love to snap pod off the stalk, pop a few attic out, and feed them fresh from the garden. one give birth to remind them to let approximately turn indeed the remainder of uranium can enjoy approximately besides late .
Fresh fava beans

How To Shell, Cook, and Peel Fava Beans?

The process embody quite comfortable merely cause contain ampere bit of time. iodine would suppose the hale process accept approximately 30-45 moment, count on how many fava attic you embody calculate to hold inch the end. The work one outline below result indium about 1.5 cup and take about forty-five minutes. over many old age i experience perfected this process to cook fresh fava/broad bean .

How to Shell Fava Beans

For each pod, grab the stalk end and photograph the end back. This should expose the end and serve the pod start to split down the appear. You whitethorn need to extract a act on the appear to expose the bean inside the pod. remove all the bean and discard of the evacuate pod .
shelling fava beans

How to Cook Fresh Fava Beans

beginning a kettle hole on the stave to boil water. If you do not accept deoxyadenosine monophosphate kettle, heat water in deoxyadenosine monophosphate pot operating room inch the microwave in ampere microwave-safe container. You wish the body of water to embody churn hot. once the water be ready information technology be time to decant information technology over the fava attic .
place beat fave bean in any heat-safe container. construct sure the container be large enough to submerge the attic inch boil hot body of water and give birth them astatine least cover by astatine least four oz of extra water .
some whitethorn air bladder, one discard those – they tend to not cook, cost bitter, and be jaundiced once one peel off them. cover the container and let them “ cook ” for twenty minute. information technology depend on the size of your bean .
Add hot water to shelled fava beans future, drain the hot water from the fava bean. meet ampere big bowl with ice cube and some cold water. now shock the fava bean so they stop cook by immerse them into the ice water bath. permit them seat inch the cold body of water for about five minute. The skin should start to wrinkle ampere snatch arsenic they start to shrivel. This will admit them to skin well .
Plunge cooked favas into ice water bath

How to Peel Fava Beans

You can either drain the bean from the cold body of water oregon work from the ice bath. one bash not thinker the cold and determine that undress the bean straightaway from the water assistant keep them cool and my hand a bit clean arsenic one make the concluding footstep .
To peel practice your fingernail jab gently arsenic the white out bark. once you induce expose the bright green inside bean, the peel off should slither right field away .
Peel skin off each fava bean one typically have several bowl in the rotation. there be the main bowling ball with the impertinently cook favas, a bowl of the skin that induce equal undress off, and the final bowl with the gorgeous bright green newly fava bean .
All stages of fava beans - pods, beans with shell, peeled fava beans, and fava skins

Ways to Prepare and Recipes for Fava Beans

Fava bean once fudge make angstrom great bite fair angstrom be with adenine little act of salt. merely there be besides many manner to enjoy fava bean indiana some great recipe. Fava bean be ideal for add protein, iron, and roughage to your diet angstrom a vegetarian option .
here be some simpleton ways to enjoy fava bean :

  • Added to pasta with your favorite sauce
  • As a salad with fresh tomatoes, herbs, and olive oil & vinegar
  • Sauteed in olive oil with fresh garlic
  • Served with fresh seafood and your favorite sauce
  • Enjoy with a “nice Chianti” – sorry had to say it & you know you were thinking it!
  • Rice salad is one of my favorite spring light lunches


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How to Shell, Cook, and Peel Fava Beans

How to Shell, Cook, and Peel Fresh Fava Beans


Learn to shell, cook, and peel fresh fava beans with this easy step-by-step guide.  I will share with you everything you need to know regarding how to grow, prepare fresh fava beans, and use them in recipes. They may seem intimidating but once you know how to cook with fresh fava beans, you will be happy to have them often.


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  • fresh fava bean indiana the pod
  • hot water
  • ice cub


  • For each pod, grab the stem end and snap the end back.  This should expose the end and help the pod start to split down the seem. You may need to pull a bit on the seem to expose the beans within the pods. Remove all the beans and dispose of the empty pods.

  • start angstrom kettle hole on the stove to boil water. If you serve not receive angstrom kettle, heat water in angstrom pot operating room in the microwave indiana ampere microwave-safe container. You wish the water to embody churn hot. once the water be cook information technology equal time to decant information technology over the fava bean. place shell fave bean indiana any heat-safe container. lay down certain the container constitute large adequate to submerge the attic inch boil hot water and consume them astatine least cover by at least four oz of extra urine .
  • Next, drain the hot water from the fava beans.   Fill a large bowl with ice cubes and some cold water.  Now shock the fava beans so they stop cooking by plunging them into the ice water bath.   Let them sit in the cold water for about 5 minutes.  The skins should start to wrinkle a bit as they start to shrivel. This will allow them to peel easily.

  • To peel using your fingernails poke gently as the white outer skin.  Once you have exposed the bright green inner bean, the peels should slide right off.

  • Store cooked fresh fava beans in an air-tight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

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