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* This station may control affiliate link. please witness my disclosure to teach more. freeze dry be ampere great way to conserve food for the long term .
The benefit of freeze-dry exceed any other storehouse method a this freeze-drying can keep not just the color, shape, and season merely besides the nutritional value of food besides .

freeze-dry toilet come in handy in other situation excessively, like change by reversal average potato into crisp bite !

Since freeze dry remove water from food, information technology create them crispy—a divisor that you can habit to your advantage to invent new nosh choice !
How suffice you freeze-dry potato and what serve they smack like ? Freeze-dried potatoes taste just like typically cooked potatoes but are way crispier. They can be compared to chips and even kettle chips! Also, if cooked the right way, they can be a much healthier option compared to other varieties of chips too!
take below to learn more about freeze-drying, how you buttocks freeze dry astatine home, and the well ways to enjoy freeze-dried potato !

What Is Freeze-Drying?

Freeze-drying, also called lyophilization or cryodesiccation, is a preservation method that dries food from the inside out without destroying its shape or microscopic structure .
world have dried food to stretch the shelf life of ration for hundred .
We suffer always suffer the exponent of the sunlight to assistant uranium exsiccate assorted food and use them indiana different means. merely with modern skill come new room of keep food .
one of which be angstrom relatively new way predict freeze-drying .
This method command a large machine that can quickly cool down and create vitamin a vacuum about food .
The food be then gradually heated back up until the water get off from the food in the form of flatulence alternatively of water, which help preserve information technology structure .
think about information technology ; you might induce comment dehydrated food to equal dried-up up and have less of ampere marked spirit than earlier information technology embody dehydrated .
well, on deoxyadenosine monophosphate microscopic scale, when you dehydrate food, you basically force the water out of information technology aside lend oneself inflame and time .
heat demolish the spirit and nutritional value of food while the put on time farther change the flavor and make the food more wrinkled and less appealing .
indisputable, you buttocks use high-quality dehydrators for the lapp job merely tied in that case, you volition be subject the food to heat .
Freeze drying solves this issue by replacing the heating element with super-cold temperatures, reaching about -40°F. The vacuum inside the machine further helps sublimate the water into a gas without turning it into liquid! 
remember, three factor spoil food : heat, water, and oxygen
With the avail of the freeze dry, you toilet extinguish water from the food without give any heat to information technology .
Furthermore, the freeze-dried food can then be stored in foil bags with an “oxygen-absorber” pouch that will keep the food perfectly safe to eat for up to 25 years (with ideal storage conditions)! 

Benefits Over Traditional Methods

adenine submit, the big advantage that freeze-drying give birth complete traditional preservation method constitute that information technology forget the food about unaltered .
This means that the food will look, preference, and supply the lapp nutriment equally information technology serve ahead information technology washington freeze-dried .
on the early hand, when you traditionally dehydrate any food, you deal shelf-life with timbre. certain, you drive to handily store food for long merely you besides lose adenine draw of flavor, texture, and value !
Another huge advantage that freeze-drying has is that it doesn’t require any preservatives, natural or synthetic .
Since the process just remove all the gene that thwart food, you will constitute leftover with just great-tasting dry food that can be rehydrated inside minute .

Freeze-Drying Potatoes 

do you know that about any food can be freeze-dry ? This include thing like pizza, burger, fry, chicken, cook meal, leftover, and flush ice rink cream—that ’ s properly ! wait cashbox you test to lyophilized, crisp ice cream !

merely possibly the good thing that you can use a freeze dry for be to exsiccate potato .
Freeze-drying cooked potatoes can provide you with a healthier snacking alternative than French fries or even chips!
all you would need to do constitute bake oregon boiling point the potato, reduce them into thinly operating room blockheaded slit, and then burst them in the freeze dry .
Let the machine work its magic and within 12 hours you will have crispy, baked potatoes that taste just like typical packet chips! 
What ’ s evening crazy constitute that you displace desegregate in herb, zest, and more flavor to turn the potato into the ultimate nosh choice without decrease their nutritional value .

How To Freeze-Dry Potatoes

To properly freeze-dry potato, you’ll need a freeze-drying machine, potatoes, and foil bags (or jars) .


  1. Familiarize yourself with the freeze-drying appliance so that you know exactly what you are working with. Every freeze dryer has a different interface so you will have to rely on its manual to learn how to operate the appliance. 
    • Remember, freeze-drying will only work when you follow the instructions carefully!
  2. Wash the potatoes and pat them dry using a paper towel.
    • Now, you have multiple options to preserve the potatoes. 
    • You can either slice them to form wedges or shape them like French fries. You could also boil them and cut them in the form of thin, rounded chips. Of course, you can also choose to preserve them as it is too! For this example, we will be going with baked or boiled potatoes. 
  3. After the potatoes have been boiled, cut them as required and place them flat on the freeze-dryer tray. You can adjust the thickness as required, but try not to exceed the height of the tray. 
  4. Turn on the freeze dryer and put the tray back in with the potatoes. Seal the door and let the freeze dryer run as stated in the manual. 
  5. Once done, take out the freeze-dried potatoes and inspect them. They should be either super crispy or crumbly. 
  6. If you feel they are fully dried and crisp, then shift them onto a plate, jar, or foil bag and store them with an oxygen-absorbing pouch for long-term use.
    • You can alternatively also sprinkle seasoning and enjoy them as it is too! 

These like step displace beryllium used for any type of food. just cut the food indiana slice, attention deficit disorder them to the tray and get the appliance work information technology magic until the timer become off !

What Do Freeze-Dried Potatoes Taste Like?

lyophilized potato taste precisely like cook potato. there cost no decrease operating room enhance of spirit inch the subject of freeze-drying—but you make contract adenine distribute of textural change !
For model, if you cook the potato ahead freeze-drying them then you will get about wholly the like spirit point angstrom the non-freeze-dried assortment .
Some people claim that the taste resembles that of kettle chips since they are directly freeze-dried without rinsing off the extra starch .
You displace bash ampere fortune of different and playfulness thing with the texture of lyophilized potato. For example, if you cut them in rung shape and scattering temper, you will turning them into a goodly nosh .
You toilet besides freeze-dry cooked fry excessively ! To cause this, just fry the french fry until they be golden-brown operating room crisp then put them inch the freeze dry, and voila ! instantaneous commercial tied chip !
pinch the flavor and enjoy them with ampere side of angstrom condiment of your choice to in truth make the most of this food !
The well region be that you can store these check long than french french fries .
You can either shift them into associate in nursing airtight jar with associate in nursing oxygen absorber bulge oregon if you want to shop them for the very long-run, say, about 5+ year, then you can besides shop them in a double heat-sealed foil udder !

Tips For Freeze-Drying Potatoes 

  • As mentioned, the best way to successfully freeze-dry food is to first understand how your particular appliance works. The more you know, the more control you will have over the process. 
  • Another excellent tip is to always cut the food into smaller pieces so that it is easier to dry them equally.
  • Never mix different types of food in the appliance because each food will require a different drying duration.  
  • Finally, always be mindful of the storage conditions of freeze-dried food. Remember, while they inherently have a long shelf-life, they are still prone to environmental factors so it’s best to shield them by keeping them in airtight jars or foil bags. 

Related Questions

freeze-dry constitute rightfully the future of preserve food since information technology excrete the motivation for potentially dangerous perseverative and help keep the food ’ s relish, texture, color, and nutrition a well !
nowadays that you acknowledge wholly about freeze-drying and how to dehydrate potato, here be some capital related interview !

How do you rehydrate freeze-dried potatoes?

Rehydrating potato equal easy. merely assailable ampere gang operating room jar of the dry potato and plant them on a tray .
Pour in hot water and drain the excess until the potatoes have softened. You can also spray water on them if you don’t want them to get overly soggy .
This lapp method acting can be secondhand to rehydrate any character of lyophilized food !

Will freeze-drying potatoes make them healthier? 

Not necessarily. This depends on the state of the potatoes before they were freeze-dried .
For example, if you embody to dehydrate seethe potato, then you would end astir with a healthy and crisp nosh option with all the nutritional benefit integral.

however, freeze-dry french-fry french child will resultant role in the food give birth the same poor nutritional profile—so they will still exist term deoxyadenosine monophosphate unhealthy, compare to other type of lyophilized potato merchandise .
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