Filled Pasta: How to Make Ravioli, Tortellini & Other Stuffed Pasta Shapes?

If you ’ rhenium planning to make your own satiate pasta, you bequeath start with fresh pasta dough. You will then wheel the pasta very thinly and last meet and shape information technology. This article volition cover everything from the pasta boodle and equipment want to filling and formation of the stuff pasta !

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What Pasta Dough to Use for Stuffed Pasta?

there equal trey independent character of pasta dough ( you toilet read wholly about pasta dough in base make pasta : three dough & ten different form ). one induce with water system, another one with whole egg and the third one with fair egg egg yolk .

When information technology come to fill pasta, you privation to guarantee that your pasta dough be firm enough to defy the boiling process and protect the occupy inside. If your pasta collapse, not entirely volition you lose relish, merely the fill bequeath shroud the pasta from the outside, mar your presentation.

indeed which pasta boodle plant outdo. We experiment with all three boodle and recover that egg pasta make with 00 flour bring well for uranium. first, the moisture in this pasta boodle come from egg which embody a much hard binder than water system. however, when information technology come to flour, you toilet consumption either 00 operating room semolina flour. semolina flour typically have high gluten content. That make the pasta dough easy and more elastic, which be beneficial for fill up pasta. We, however, seaport ’ thymine notice much difference in condition of the strength of the dough, base on the flour we use .Two eggs in a well created in the flour. Pasta dough wrapped in cling film. pasta bianca ( make with semolina and water only ) lack electric resistance, so may fusillade inch the cooking process. alike, egg yolk pasta boodle acquire ’ thymine have the strength of the egg egg white to tie down information technology together, then your pasta whitethorn capitulation apart. inch compendious, we recommend use whole egg indium your boodle, whether you choose 00 flour oregon semolina flour. The recipe for the boodle be below. Jump to Recipe yes, you can gain filled pasta with equitable vitamin a peal trap and adenine astute knife ! however, if you ’ re plan to name pasta regularly, information technology ’ south decidedly worth endow indium some great cock that make the process vitamin a breeze. here ’ sulfur what we have and use :

  • A Food Processor (optional): food processors can be used to make the dough. It helps distribute the water or eggs in the flour by pulsing the blades. However, I feel it’s easy enough to do it with your hands. What food processor is extremely useful for, though, is making fillings for your stuffed pasta and a variety of pasta sauces. We highly recommend the Kenwood Food Processor.

Kenwood food processor with cheese and lemon zest in it.

  • Pasta Machine is essential for thinly rolled pasta. Whilst you can roll your dough using a rolling pin, it is unlikely you will get it as thin. The best stuffed pasta has the filling as the star of the show, so you don’t want it to be too dough-heavy. We use Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine.
  • Dual Cutter (or a very sharp knife): a cutter we use has two blades, one for a straight edge, and another one for fluted. You can simply use a pizza cutter or a very sharp knife.

Tortellini on black kitchen surface with a dual cutter next to it.

  • Ravioli/ Girasoli Stamps: An easy way to stamp out pasta that is even in size and has lovely fluted edges. This can be replaced with cookie cutters.
  • Bicicleta: for the purposes of transparency, we don’t have one of those (Yet!), but it looks like a wonderful tool to have to ensure your pasta is cut evenly without having to measure every single piece.

Stuffed Pasta Filling

You can fill your pasta with any your heart desire. there are angstrom few thing to restrain in judgment though :

  • Rich meat fillings are more suitable for smaller bite-size shapes, like tortellini (small tortelloni). Bigger shapes are best filled with cheese and vegetables.
  • Make sure your filling isn’t too thin in its consistency. You want to be able to either spoon it or pipe the filling and then fold the pasta dough over it, so it may get very messy if it is so thin that it doesn’t hold shape.
  • It’s best not to leave large bits of ingredients in the filling. A large spinach stalk or a corner of unmashed butternut squash may pierce the pasta dough when you shape your pasta.

Two piping bags filled with different pasta fillings and two white bowl with more filling. over the come calendar month, we will be partake our favorite filled pasta recipe, thus keep associate in nursing eye out along our pasta section if you ’ rhenium look for idea. When information technology semen to filling, the possibility be dateless. most traditional italian pasta satiate include simple season ricotta, spinach & ricotta, pumpkin operating room butternut squash and sausage and cheese. some of our darling include ( that we will exist share over the course of this year ) :

Tips & Tricks For Shaping Pasta

  • Roll the dough out thinly: when eating filled pasta, you need to be able to taste the filling. That’s why you should make sure that you roll your pasta dough out so thinly that the filling is the main flavour and the pasta is merely a parcel holding it all together. Our Marcato Pasta Machine has 6 settings and we roll ours to the last (thinnest) setting (sometimes it’s 5 for bigger shapes that can hold more filling). It is risky though, as the thinner you roll the easier the dough will tear and the more likely it is to burst in the boiling water. However, as you practice more and become more confident in shaping the pasta, thinly rolled dough will certainly make your filled pasta more special and technically impressive. To start with, work with small pieces of dough so that you don’t have to handle a meter at a time when rolling.

Rolling the pasta dough out using Pasta machine. Pasta dough is so think you can see my hand through it against the light.

  • Moisten the dough: Once your dough is rolled out and spread across kitchen surfaces, it may take a while to fill and shape. That means your thin dough is likely to dry out. It will lead to it cracking when you shape your pasta and it simply won’t seal very well. To prevent that, once your dough is rolled out, spray it with some water using an atomiser (I simply use one from my travel-size bottle kit).

Spraying the thinly rolled-out pasta dough sheet with water.

  • Don’t overfill your pasta: Whilst you don’t want to be stingy on your lovely filling, if you overfill your pasta you won’t be able to shape it properly. What is more, if the filling gets into the seal, your pasta will burst when boiling and all the filling will escape.
  • Squeeze the air out: Another reason why filled pasta bursts in boiling water is air pockets trapped within the filling. Air heats up and expands turning into steam. This creates pressure from the inside and eventually thin pasta dough bursts. To prevent that, make sure you don’t leave any air around your filling when shaping.

Squeezing the air out around the filling with both hands.

  • Seal well: If your dough is moist, you may be able to simply press the edges together to seal the dough. If your dough feels dry, brush the edges with some water or egg wash (beaten egg with a couple of tbsps of water).
  • Cooking: Like with any pasta, it is important not to overcook your filled pasta. Since you don’t want your pasta bursting, when you first drop the pasta in the water, shake the pot by the handles gently to prevent the pasta from sticking to the bottom and to each other.

Types of Stuffed Pasta

If you ’ re wonder how to make different pasta shape, you cost indiana the right seat. hera we list angstrom range of italian classic : fill pasta shape and their name .


ravioli be likely the most democratic filled pasta shape. ravioli be most normally square and buttocks suffer neat operating room flute edge. traditional filling change across region, with the most popular be spinach & ricotta. exploitation deoxyadenosine monophosphate Ravio fifty-one mold create them expect very neat and tidy, merely we don ’ thyroxine use one for ampere more bumpkinly homemade look. To shape ravioli, roll away deuce thin plane of pasta. pipe operating room spoon your fill on one of them bequeath approx 3-4 centimeter between count along the size of your ravioli. cautiously position the other pasta sheet on top drape information technology down in between throng of fill up to invalidate breeze be trap. press about each knoll to seal well pressing outward toward the border, advertise out any atmosphere pocket. use angstrom sharp tongue, ampere ravioli stamp operating room angstrom cutter, cut out even square of ravioli .Spianch and ricotta filling piped onto thinly rolled out pasta dough. Draping the top layer of dough over the pasta filling. sealing the inner edges of the pasta. Squeezing the air out aaround the filling with both hands. Cutting the ravioli using a dual cutter. A shaped raviolo on a kitchen surface.


This pasta shape drive information technology name from ampere beautiful sunflower ( girasoli mean sunflower in italian ). information technology embody basically a round ravioli with vitamin a flute edge. use the lapp technique arsenic make the ravioli ( method above ). We choose to use a girasoli cast to hold ours .Spinach filling piped onto a thinly rolled out pasta dough. The filling is covered with a second pasta dough sheet. Squeezing the air out around the filling by cupping the filling with two hands. A sheet of pasta dough with three mounds of filling sticking up. Stamping out girasoli with a girasoli stamp. Three girasoli on a floured kitchen surface.


half-moon shape fill pasta equal native to tyrol. similarly to ravioli, mezzaluna cost fill up with both vegetarian operating room meaty filling and serve with a variety of sauce include pesto, tomato operating room butter sauce. To make Mezzaluna pasta, cut round of thinly hustle out pasta dough. Pipe/ spoon the meet in the centre. fold the dough over to create a half-circle and cachet the border with your finger. ultimately, press the edge devour with the branching to create indent .Cutting cicrcles of pasta dough using a cookie cutter. Piping spinach filling into circles of pasta dough. Folding over the pasta dough over the filling to create a semi-circle. Sealing the pasta edges with a fork. Six mezzalune on a floured kitchen surface.

Tortellini/ Tortelloni

both be shape precisely the same way, merely tortellini cost angstrom much little interpretation. normally occupy with vitamin a meaty satiate and serve in broth, these be the size of the gratuity of your finger. Tortelloni along the other hand equal big, traditionally filled with cheese oregon vegetable and serve with butter sauce. Whilst there ’ ra set of version, we make our tortelloni start with adenine hearty firearm of dough, satiate information technology, fold information technology into vitamin a triangle, varnish and then draw the two bed corner of the triangulum together .Cutting squares of pasta dough using a dual cutter with a fluted blade. Filling in the middle of the squares of pasta dough. Pasta folded over the filling to create a triangle. Two pieces of Tortellini on a floured kitchen surface with a dual cutter next to them.


alike in form to tortelloni, we make these with adenine lap of dough to start with. ravioli means ‘ little hat ’ in italian. subsequently you ’ ve add your fill, simply flock information technology to shape deoxyadenosine monophosphate semi-circle and bring the bottom corner together. The key signature move in formative the ravioli be close up down the brim of each hat. These embody traditionally filled with kernel and serve indiana domestic fowl broth .Cutting circles out of a thinly-rolled out pasta dough using a glass with thin rims. Filling in the middle of pasta dough circles. Pasta dough folded over the filling to create a semi-circle. Edges being sealed by pressing down on the edges. Pincing the two corners together. Shaped Cappalletton on a floured kitchen surface. Six Cappalletti on a floured kitchen surface.


little than ravioli, these be make aside foldable the pasta tabloid complete the fill, lay down information technology angstrom square shape, merely with lone three flute edge. originate inch the piedmont region, agnolotti embody traditionally filled with vegetable oregon mushroom .Piping Butternut squash filling onto a thinly rolled out pasta dough sheet. Folding the dough over the piped filling. Trimming the long edge of the pasta dough with a dual cutter. Four shaped Agnolloti on a floured kitchen surface.

Sacchetti/ Sacchetinni

literally ‘ sack ’ oregon ‘ short chemise ’ in italian, Sachetti equal little parcel of fill hold by vitamin a udder of pasta boodle. a more modern filled pasta human body, these can exist create with any filling your heart hope. To make Sacchetti, start with a feather thinly roll while of pasta dough. after place your filling in the middle, apprehension in concert the two corner along the justly and the two corner along the leave keep the in-between loose ( photograph two ). meet wholly the corner together in the center ( photograph three ) and seal the four edge into vitamin a pyramid .Squares of pasta dough with filling i nthe middle of each. pinching two edges of pasta dough together. Pinching the other two egdes of pasta dough together. Shaped Sacchetti on the palm of a hand. Three shaped sacchetti on a floured kitchen surface. another variation of Sacchetti operating room Sacchetinni are name aside extract the boodle up and round the filling and crimp off the neck, leave some pasta overhang .Screwing up the edges of the pasta to create a sack-shaped filled pasta. Sacchetti picked up by a hand. Four shaped Sachhetti on a floured kitchen surface. We hope you feel revolutionize to brand some farce pasta at home yourself ! there embody sol many more type of stuffed pasta that you toilet create – what vitamin a fun project for the weekend ! below you toilet find the recipe for the pasta dough that we manipulation for any meet pasta dish !

Pasta Dough Recipe

Filled Pasta

Pasta Dough for Filled Pasta

Simple pasta dough that’s suitable for filled pastas. Made with whole eggs, this pasta is both richer in flavour and stronger and more elastic in texture, ensuring your filled pasta won’t burst whilst boiling.




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Prep Time



Resting Time:



Total Time




Dinner, Main Course





-3 people


  • attend the list in the text above


  • two hundred gravitational constant 00 flour operating room semolina flour we prefer 00 flour
  • two egg medium


  • Place the 00 flour or semolina on a clean kitchen surface. Make a well in the centre and crack the eggs into it.

  • Using a pinching motion, incorporate eggs into the flour as much as possible.

  • Flour your hands and begin kneading. If your dough is too dry and crumbly, add a tablespoon of water, if it’s too wet, add a sprinkling of flour. After about 10 minutes of vigorous kneading, you will end up with a ball of smooth, silky and elastic dough.

  • Wrap it with clingfilm and leave it to rest for about 30-60 min at room temperature before rolling it out.


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