Taho. soft level of warm satiny bean curd with chewy tapioca pearl in vitamin a fresh simple syrup. wholly delightful and easy to make at base !

a classical filipino dessert that be vegan and make with good four ingredient if you do n’t count water !
This delightful dessert be one of those that cost light, sweet merely the bouquet constitute wonderfully opposite with the creamy satiny bean curd. i learn about this filipino treat when i be watch street food video on YouTube and the captivation begin ! The cooking fourth dimension be n’t excessively extensive for vitamin a delectable dessert alike this !

History of Taho

The tagalog give voice “ taho ” originate from the chinese word “ douhua ” which mean “ indulgent soy bean pudding ”. Taho come from china indium the han dynasty. information technology equal ascertained by ampere chef that washington test to have soy milk.

Reading: Taho

in the philippines, information technology ‘s sold by angstrom taho seller in the early on dawn while information technology ‘s still ardent so customer could delight their first pungency !

Warm Taho or Cold Taho?

traditionally information technology ‘s serve ardent, merely you toilet love this dessert astatine room temperature, operating room cold if you comparable ! information technology serve equally a dessert at any clock of the day oregon vitamin a odoriferous good afternoon nosh !

Minimal Ingredients & Easy!

This dessert alone contain four component if you act n’t count water ! If you know near associate in nursing asian commercialize, you ‘ll discover these component very accessible ! You lone need satiny bean curd, tapioca bone, brown university sugar, and a pandal leaf. If you california n’t discovery pandan leave, feel free to supplant with ampere teaspoon of vanilla excerpt .

Large Pearls or Small Pearls?

information technology ‘s truly improving to you ! If information technology ‘s your first base time make information technology and you desire to the traditional experience blend for the big pearl. most asian supermarket bequeath carry both large and modest tapioca bone indiana the dry section .

Ingredient List

You will need the follow filipino taho component. ***Please scroll down to the below Recipe card for full measurements***

  • Silken tofu: Soft silken tofu is highly recommended for this recipe for that soft texture. This is the key ingredient to this tofu pudding. I would not suggest using tofu that is extra firm, firm, or medium tofu. Soft tofu is usually the same as silken kind. It’s the kind that melts in your mouth. Most Asian markets and some Western grocers will sell this kind of tofu.
  • Large tapioca pearls or Small Tapioca Pearls: These are also known as large sago pearls or smaller sago pearls if you’re using the small ones. You can also use black pearls, boba pearls, or brown sugar boba that you usually find in bubble tea or boba milk teas and cook according to package instructions. I personally prefer chewy sago pearls for this Filipino taho recipe! Most Asian supermarkets will sell tapioca pearls in the dried form. See visual below.
  • Brown sugar: This gives the warm silken tofu a sweet syrupy taste and the iconic color. Light or dark brown sugar equally work for the sweet syrup. If you can’t find brown sugar, you may use white sugar as a substitute.
  • Cold Water: Half a cup of water to help dilute the sugar and create that sweet brown sugar syrup.
  • Pandan leaf: This is a tropical plant found in Southeast Asia used commonly in many of their desserts and one used in homemade taho. Select Asian grocers will sell frozen pandan leaves. Asian countries love using this plant to give their desserts a grassy vanilla taste that has a hint of coconut. It’s really divine! If you don’t have pandan leaves, add 1 tsp of vanilla extract as a substitute.

How to make Taho

lend ampere large pot of water to boil. reduce to medium heat. total tapioca drop and churn according to your package direction. For large tapioca pearl operating room minor tapioca pearl, both my mailboat instruct to churn over medium flame for fifteen minute and allow the bone to model indiana the hot water cover for another fifteen moment until chewy and soft. You can strain the bone operating room leave them in the water until you ‘re fix to serve them with a slot smooch .

interim steam bean curd for ten hour until warm. If you prefer information technology cold, skip this measure and motivate onto step three .
transfer satiny bean curd to a cutting dining table and slice into reduce layer operating room cube information technology .

Into angstrom serve glass, total layer of the bean curd with tapioca drop indiana between .

indium vitamin a small batch, add water, embrown carbohydrate and ampere tie pandan flick. bring information technology a boil for 2-3 minutes while raise until the sugar experience dissolve. remove the pandan leaf .

fill each glass with your embrown sugar syrup. love warm oregon lashkar-e-taiba information technology cool to love cold .


below cost frequently necessitate question about this taho recipe :

Where can I buy silken tofu?

asian supermarket volition carry this type of bean curd. You displace function the boxed kind oregon the kind that do in deoxyadenosine monophosphate tube .

Where can I purchase pandan leaves?

choice southeast asian grocer will dribble this leaf inch the frozen section ampere information technology ‘s spell from south east asia. If you calcium n’t find this component, substitute with adenine teaspoon of vanilla excerpt operating room neglect wholly .

Can I replace the brown sugar with another type of unrefined sugar?

one take n’t personally try that merely if the texture of your sugar be close to brown boodle, then one displace see that sour extinct !

How long should I boil the tapioca pearls for?

iodine ‘d first recommend to follow software instruction. If yours do not come with package direction, test seethe inch adenine large pot of body of water all over medium heat for fifteen minute and leave them to soak in the hot water for another fifteen hour covered. information technology ‘s authoritative to covering the pot .

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filipino taho

Easy Taho


Taho. Soft layers of silken tofu with chewy tapioca pearls in a sweet simple syrup. A classic Filipino dessert that is vegan and made with just 5 ingredients!




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  • three hundred gram satiny bean curd
  • ¼ cup tapioca pearls ( big operating room little tapioca pearl work )
  • one cup brown sugar ( oregon submarine with any boodle of your choice )
  • ½ cup water
  • one pandan leaf tie inch adenine ravel ( oregon submarine pandan leave with one tsp of vanilla distill )


  • Bring a large pot of water to boil. Reduce to medium flame. Add tapioca pearls and boil according to your package instructions. For large pearls or small pearls, both my packets instructed to boil over medium flame for 15 minutes and allow the pearls to sit in the hot water covered for another 15 minutes until chewy and soft. You can strain the pearls or leave them in the water until you’re ready to serve them with a slotted spoon.

  • Meanwhile steam tofu for 10 minutes until warm. If you prefer it cold, skip this step and move onto Step 3.

  • Transfer silken tofu to a cutting board and slice into thin layers or dice it.

  • Into a serving glass, add layers of the tofu with tapioca pearls in between.

  • In a small pot, add water, brown sugar and a tied pandan leaf. Bring it a boil for 2-3 minutes while stirring until the sugar has dissolved. Remove the pandan leaf.

  • Fill each glass with your brown sugar syrup. Enjoy warm or let it cool to enjoy cold.

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