The Best Foolproof Scrambled Eggs

I ’ ve been wanting to write this post for a long time nowadays. Whenever I make clamber eggs on Instagram, I get so many questions. so, today, I am giving you all my tips and tricks for the best scrambled egg ever !
I ’ ve been wanting to write this post for a long time now. Whenever I make scramble eggs on Instagram, I get so many questions. therefore, today, I am giving you all my tips and tricks for the best scrambled testis ever !
Ok, so I ’ thousand not much of a breakfast person. It ’ second equitable not my matter. But I know I have to eat something in ordain to take my vitamins and have some department of energy for the dawn. So normally, it ’ randomness scrambled eggs and some fruit or vegetables .

I am doing a Whole30 this calendar month and I know most Whole30ers are always looking for more eggless breakfast ideas. not me, I ’ megabyte boring AF when it comes to breakfast. I barely want what works. But even if you don ’ thymine constantly love eggs in the dawn, you can constantly have these tips in your back pouch for when you want to enjoy scrambled eggs.


These are a few mistakes I think most of us make when we are cooking scrambled eggs. I ’ molarity gon na share what I think you might be doing wrong and give you some tips to fixing those mistakes :

  • STOP ADDING MILK TO YOUR EGGS. Trust me I use to do this too. I would always add a splash of some kind of milk to my eggs and I’m telling you, it’s not necessary. It doesn’t do anything for the eggs. It’s doesn’t make them fluffier or creamier. I’ve had a lot of practice and trust me, all you need is good quality eggs and some butter or ghee.
  • WHISK YOUR EGGS WELL. You want to crack the eggs in a separate bowl and whisk it well. Some people like to crack the eggs directly into the hot pan but I find it’s just messy and doesn’t result in fluffy, airy eggs. So just take the extra step and whisk your eggs before adding it to the pan to cook.
  • COOK LOW AND SLOW. I usually cook my eggs in a cast iron pan (the ultimate non-stick). I heat the pan properly, turn the heat off and then add the eggs. Because cast iron retains heat, that is what cooks the eggs. If you aren’t using a cast iron pan, I recommend using another nonstick pan. Heat the pan over medium-low, add the butter or ghee. Once the butter/ghee starts to bubbly, add the eggs and cook while pushing and folding the curds.
  • USE A SILICONE SPATULA. The flexibility of a silicone spatula allows you to easily navigate around the natural curves of the pan while you’re folding and pushing the eggs around the pan.



Preheat the hurl iron, turn the heat off and add the ghee or butter.

Add the whisked eggs

immediately use the spatula to swipe around the edges to start creating easy curds.

Continue lightly pushing/folding the eggs or class curds .

once you have soft scrambles with big curds, you are ready to eat !

Click here to learn how to make piano boiled eggs .

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