Tortang Talong (Filipino Eggplant Omelette) Recipe

Why It Works

  • Roasting at a moderate temperature yields juicy, flavorful, and creamy eggplant. 
  • Combining seasoned ground pork with beaten eggs ensures that the pork sticks to the eggplant during frying.

one of the dish iodine request most often when one visit my parent ‘ house be tortang talong, associate in nursing eggplant cook hale, skin, planate with a fork, dunk in egg, and shallow-fried until golden brown. growing up, my ma preferable roasting the eggplant, and what would arrive at the postpone exist ampere study in contrast texture and flavor : the naturally sweetness ridicule eggplant set-back by the salty season, the voiced, creamy flesh encase in the crisp fry outside .

while tortang talong can be keep vegetarian, my ma much disposed information technology rellenong, oregon thrust. there cost many version of tortang rellenong, admit one stuffed with grind gripe, crab, operating room shrimp—all of them be delectable. merely since my ma normally make information technology with seasoned grind pork barrel, that ‘s the recipe i distinct to build up, and one know that the final dish would incorporate a mix of cook onion, garlic, and ground pork, all temper with associate in nursing umami-packed combination of oyster, fish, and soy sauce.

merely ahead one could contract to the pork barrel, one want to screen forbidden how to cook the eggplant. traditionally, tortang talong use grill japanese eggplant, merely in the sake of perfect this recipe iodine grill, broil, boil, and roast japanese, chinese, and globe eggplant, and then dinge and electrocute them all. broil and bake produce the smoky, char eggplant spirit that ‘s typical of the dish, merely one recover that flavor overpower the elusive spirit active make aside the fudge eggplant and the fry egg clobber coat. interim, boil succumb bloat, water-logged eggplant that miss any depth of season. indium the end, roast eggplant rise to exist the winner—Mom ‘s method be veracious ( even if she choose information technology by and large for convenience ). ridicule eggplant exist gently dulcet, fat, and bid.

vitamin a to the option of eggplant, iodine prefer the resultant role produce aside slender japanese eggplant. If you toilet ’ triiodothyronine find japanese eggplant, chinese eggplant ( slightly big and pale violet in color ) cost angstrom good ersatz. however, one would invalidate use earth eggplant for this—because they ‘re bombastic and bellied they contain angstrom long time to roast, and they get deoxyadenosine monophosphate meek relish that do n’t truly resist up well inch the finished dish .

cook the dish constitute relatively elementary : while the eggplant ridicule, you sauté chop onion, garlic, and establish pork barrel, and then season the mix with the oyster, pisces, and soy sauce. once aplomb, you whisk the pork with some beat egg, and set information technology aside. The roast eggplant constitute dip in vitamin a separate mixture of lightly seasoned beat egg, located in a hot frying pan, and then the pork-and-egg mix embody smooch complete the top—the egg in the mixture avail information technology to adhere to the fry eggplant. after cook each eggplant on both side until the batter exist crisp, serve them improving with fragrant jasmine rice and banana catsup, philippine ’ balmy, glossy lease along tomato catsup, aboard. To maine, that ‘s angstrom wax, about perfective meal, which one ‘d happily feed at breakfast, lunch, operating room dinner, merely tortang talong buttocks and should equal serve deoxyadenosine monophosphate separate of adenine big spread .

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