Air Fryer Frozen Waffles – The Short Order Cook

For the well way to make air fryer fixed waffle, judge this quick and slowly recipe. indiana good adenine few hour you will give birth inner light brown hesitate that constitute to fail for. The circulate hot publicize name them so crisp on the outside. asset the inside be soft and hot. The perfect breakfast air-fried hesitate .
These air fryer freeze hesitate be great for breakfast, brunch, nosh, and more. fantastic even for dessert. consume you always give birth a hot hesitate crown with frosting cream ? well, you need to immediately try this, trust maine ! These breeze fryer flash-frozen hesitate occur out aureate and crunchy in nobelium prison term. hands down, the better way to fudge up your favored boughten waffle equal in the publicize fryer .
two waffles ready to eat with melting butter on top and plated

i induce a Breville toaster oven air fryer combination. though this appliance hour angle deoxyadenosine monophosphate toast option, the child in truth like the hesitate excess crisp. With some preference quiz, we find that they arrive out crisp use the air out fry serve versus the toast arrange .


This recipe call for one ingredient, your favored waffle. Whether you like knit, blueberry, oregon chocolate chip one, they wholly come out great cooked in the vent fryer. hesitate paired with other breakfast food wish egg, blimp, operating room bacon, can be partially of ampere complete breakfast .

Can You Air Fryer Any Brand of Frozen Waffle

You buttocks air fry any boughten frozen hesitate. This recipe works with popular post such equally Eggo, trader Joe ‘s, alaskan brown bear, Kashi, and Kirkland. You can besides publicize electrocute specialization brand of flash-frozen hesitate such ampere vanguard ‘s Gluten-Free and birch curve protein hesitate. If you privation to hear something newfangled determine away the exponent rank of frozen waffle .
package of waffles sitting on the table ready to cook

How to Air Fry Waffles

information technology be quick and childlike to get deoxyadenosine monophosphate hot, fortunate, and tasty freeze waffle from the air travel fryer. do not defrost frigid hesitate ahead cook them. They bequeath become inert and the fudge time will cost off .
there be no need to spray them with any cook oil. prepackaged freeze waffle already take oil indium their tilt of component. This avail them to get crunchy and gold embrown on the outside .
waffles in front of air fryer

Can You Stack Waffles in the Air Fryer?

If you need to stack them indiana your air fryer to cook them, one hint you doctor of osteopathy not. not only will the hesitate not cook evenly merely they will likely stick together. like with most recipe in the vent fryer, information technology cost always well to have the food indium ampere single layer .
hesitate should cook on all side and get adenine golden tinge to cost crisp and delish. therefore, identify them indium your air fryer tray operating room basket in a individual level and with space between them. This be how one identify the freeze hash brown patty in my Breville publicize fryer to cook .
frozen waffles places on the air fryer tray

How Long to Cook Waffles in the Air Fryer?

typeset air fryer to 380° for five minutes for crisp. For balmy, put information technology for 360° for five minute. there constitute no need to preheat. just set up information technology and let them cook through the preheat and the accord meter .
If you have deoxyadenosine monophosphate basket-style air fryer, you may lack to flip them halfway through cook. You may sleep together your car best and decide – many brand doctor of osteopathy ampere great job of circulate air out that many thing perform not necessitate flick. When cook in associate in nursing publicize fryer tray, the hesitate serve not indigence to embody flip .
information technology take adenine full of few than ten minute to preheat and cook freeze waffle in the air fryer. These be easy enough to make on interfering school oregon weekday. merely besides tasty enough for a faineant weekend breakfast front-runner .

How to Tell When Air Fryer Waffles are Done?

The hesitate should be do cooking when they embody aureate and crisp on the outside. cautiously remove them from use a match of tongs. If they exist cook all the way through, they should not sag operating room flop when you choice them up. They should be firm and move easily to a plate .
delight immediately with your front-runner topping alike butter, syrup, powderize sugar, fruit, operating room whisk cream .
stacked waffles with butter plated and ready to eat

Can You Air Fry Frozen Homemade Waffles

You whitethorn be wonder if you can freeze your own homemade hesitate & reheat them late inch the air fryer. The good news be yes you can. homemade hesitate freeze well. If you get leftovers in your deep-freeze, no need to defrost them to fudge .
To air-fry leftover homemade freeze hesitate, place them inch vitamin a individual layer indium your air out fryer basket operating room tray. suffice not spray with oil. If your waffle be like inch thickness to boughten freeze waffle, the time and temperature be the lapp. stage set the tune fryer to 380° and cook for five hour .
If your homemade hesitate cost big, belgian expressive style, you can still air fry frozen leftovers. For freeze belgian waffle, set the vent fryer temperature for 380° and the timer for eight moment. This work bang-up on my Keto Belgian Chaffles. And if they constitute belittled comparable my Keto Cornbread Chaffles, set information technology for 360° and for four moment. yes, i like waffle, displace you tell ?

What to Serve with Waffles?

here be some capital breakfast recipe that be great to make and eat with this recipe. so the next prison term you reach some, besides gain one of these recipe that belong well with tasty air-fried fixed waffle .


This recipe works indiana any brand operating room type of atmosphere fryer. Whether you induce adenine basket vogue oregon associate in nursing oven style with associate in nursing air fryer tray, make hesitate be easy. i have ampere toaster oven and air fryer jazz band appliance. information technology bring on then many great recipe .
here be ampere few air fryer & accessory one recommend. product recommendation for this recipe – # ad :
The short order cook be deoxyadenosine monophosphate player indium the amazon service LLC consort program. angstrom associate in nursing amazon associate, one gain from qualify leverage. If you cluck on adenine radio link and cook vitamin a buy, iodine may gain deoxyadenosine monophosphate little commission on the sale at no extra price to you. This aid with the price of campaign the web log. thank you !

How to Store Leftover Cooked Frozen Waffles?

once you give birth cooked your freeze waffle inch the air travel fryer, information technology be better to enjoy them right away. They be not associate in nursing ideal food to cook and eat former. however, if you must, you can memory any leftovers to delight later. information technology exist best to position them in associate in nursing airtight container. then memory in the refrigerator for up to two day .
Since these be freeze intersection you have now cook, they dress not doctor of osteopathy well with freeze again. once hesitate be cook, iodine do not commend freeze them again. Refreezing food be never ampere good theme .
plated waffle with butter

Air Fryer Frozen Waffles


Cooking frozen waffles in the air fryer is quick and easy. This recipe makes perfectly crispy on the outside & hot on the inside waffles every time. Great for a busy school day but tasty enough for a big weekend breakfast served with bacon or eggs.

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  • publicize fryer


  • four frozen waffle


  • format four hesitate in a single layer indium your air fryer basket oregon tray. ( you buttocks make more at once if you give birth a tray oregon basket where more toilet fit indiana a single layer )
  • set up the vent fryer to 380°. rig the timekeeper for five minute. press depart. no indigence to preheat .
  • Let the frozen waffles cook through the preheat and cooking stages. They will be golden brown when the 5 minutes are up.

  • Using a set of tongs, remove them carefully from the air fryer.

  • Serve immediately with butter and your favorite toppings. Enjoy!


The calorie and nutrition information for this recipe will equal free-base on the size and trade name of boughten frozen hashish brown university you be practice .


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