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Bati is Rajasthani forte which is eaten with Dal. Bati is normally made using a tandoor or oven but not everyone has that in there family, that ’ s why today i am going to show your how to make bati in a pan equally well as in cooker .

Bati is normally eaten with dekaliter and churma .

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Ingredients to make Bati

Wheat Flour 1 cup
Ajwain / Carom Seeds ⅛ tsp
Baking Soda pinch
Salt ⅛ tsp or as per your taste
Ghee / Clarified butter 1 ½ tbsp for the dough and for soaking

Prepping for making the Bati

1 ) so first we need to knead the boodle for that take a flat abstruse dish and add the wheat flour, followed by the carom seeds which is ajwain, then the baking pop, some salt and then the ghee which is the clarify butter .
2 ) now using clean hands mix everything in.

3 ) once everything is interracial in take some boodle in your hand and make a fist, if the boodle forms into a human body that means that you have enough ghee in it or else we need to add a little more ,
4 ) then start adding little lukewarm water at a time starting with 2-3 tsp and start kneading a hard dough. ( you might need around 9-10 tsp of the luke strong water system to knead this boodle .
5 ) After kneading the boodle cover it up with a wet fabric and keep aside for the following 15- 20 minutes .
6 ) After 20 minutes remove the wet fabric and refresh the boodle, by kneading it again for 1-2 minutes and then divide the dough in 6 peer parts .
7 ) After that take one of this boodle parts and start rolling them in between my hands sol as to give it a round shape ,
8 ) and once you get the round shape lightly imperativeness on it, to make it a piece apartment .

Method for making the Bati

So now let’s get baking:
So first i am going to tell you how to cook the bati in a pan.

1 ) so for that you are going to of course need a pan and to it, Add some salt, and spread it evenly .
2 ) and then place a stall in the center, and delay till it gets hot. this can take around 5 minutes
You can even cover the pan to fasten the process .
3 ) After 5 minutes or once the salt is hot, add 3 of those dough balls on peak of the rack .
4 ) now cover it up and cook it for the adjacent 15 minutes on humble flare .
5 ) After 15 minutes flip them and then again cover and cook for the following 15 minutes.

6 ) After 15 minutes or once your batis are cooked its meter to remove them in a plate .

And now lets move on to making the bati in a cooker so for this you are going to need a pressure cooker of course,

7 ) and to that add a small bit of petroleum, and move it about so that the buttocks of the cooker is
evenly coated with the petroleum, and wait for about 30 seconds for the oil to heat up ,
8 ) now cautiously place the boodle balls at the bottom of this cooker and cook them for the adjacent
7-8 minutes on low fire .
9 ) Remember to cover the hat of the cooker and to remove the whistle .
10 ) After 7-8 minutes time to flip them
11 ) And again fudge for the future 7-8 minutes or until you get the golden brown color on both
sides on low flame .
12 ) After 8 minutes check on the bati, and remove them out in a plate .
13 ) now that you have the batis cooked soak them in ghee for at least half an hour, which is

how they are it ’ sulfur traditionally done .
14 ) After that you remove the batis from the ghee and serve it with dekaliter .
If you are health conscious and don’t want to dip the batis in ghee then you can just brush it with some ghee.

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