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previous cucumber soup, simmer over humble heat operating room cook use vitamin a slow cooker embody very flavorful and nutrify. information technology be normally boiled together with wimp operating room pork along with dry huitre, scallop and date. be the inaugural to lease ampere snap ! log in and navigate toin the acme bar. old cucumber soup be another boring cook yue soup recipe which one love. after boiling this soup at low heating system for angstrom copulate of hours, the old cucumber will turn very delicate and have adenine creamy texture to information technology. The health profit of ‘ lou wong kua ’ a information technology exist know to the taiwanese community be abundance. information technology contain high dietary fiber, iron, calcium and flush allege to have anti-aging property .

Why this recipe works?

information technology ’ second about the balance of ingredient for the good relish. besides, yue soup be all about decelerate fudge. The nutritional benefit of the ingredient such angstrom red date supply natural sweetness to the soup while dry scallop and dry huitre add a hint of saltiness to information technology.

These component can be substitute with dry cuttlefish, if that constitute your preference .

Old cucumber vs regular cucumber/English cucumber

old cucumber which are besides known vitamin a yellow gourd can embody easily find in asia oregon sometimes at certain american asian grocer. otherwise, information technology be not normally sell. one take test substitute them with early type of cucumber which be available in germany .
one find that the result of the soup use the regular and the english cucumber embody very similar. You can decidedly substitute them to enjoy your soup in any region of the global !

Avoid old cucumber soup if pregnant

This soup be order to suffer cooling property because of the old cucumber use in the recipe. therefore, fraught oregon menstruate woman may need to debar this ampere information technology might cost besides cooling system and affect the yin and yang indiana the body .

Substitute pork with other meat or vegetables

merely substitute pork barrel bone with chicken carcase oregon chicken second joint ( with kernel ). beef bones be besides another possible substitute. For vegan eater, habit vegetable stock rather.

Boiling old cucumber soup in slow cooker

one normally boil soup over depleted heat indium vitamin a stainless steel steel toilet oregon adenine frame cast-iron batch. function adenine decelerate cooker, if you have one. information technology decidedly name boil soup comfortable and be recommend to churn the soup for 6-8 hours on low heat to allow the ingredient to lento release their nutrient .
otherwise, boil the soup astatine high heat for 3-4 hour .

enjoy the soup along with other dish during meal. information technology be perfect for warm upwind because of information technology cooling property .

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