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What ‘s good friends ? It ‘s @ barnabie. In this issue, I request your license and prison term to reveal to you some health benefits of eating crab 🦀. crab-332103__480.png
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What actually promoted me to write about gripe, it ‘s benefits and my gripe recipe is about my personal experience. Like y’all can remember as I constantly says in some of my posts, I love writing from my very own experiences and angstrom well, observations and this actual post is one .
You will find out how, but first let ‘s find out what a crab is and it ‘s benefits.

What is crab

I believe most of you know what this animal is ; in a dim-witted term we will describe it as creature with flat round body that ‘s being covered by a shell which lives in the ocean.
Crab has two bombastic claws on either side which comprises of 4 walking legs respectively .

  • The two large claws found on both side of a crab of which one is bigger than the other is called Pincers

The stalk eyes creature called Crabs are found on seashores, they belong to Order of Decapoda, Phylum: Arthropoda and as well as Crustacea as Subphylum.
They has a very short circuit chase that ‘s hidden under the thorax, they not entirely live in earth oceans but besides in fresh waters and vitamin a well, on down .

Health benefits of Crab

equally Shelly as a crab looks, it has big health benefits to offer which ca n’t be looked down upon.
In the class of my research, one ‘ve been able to discover that Crabs has quite impressive benefits which much convert reasons about the categories of which include

  • The followings :
    ✓ Protection of the heart
    ✓Increase cognition
    ✓Strengthen bones
    ✓Stimulate circulation
    ✓Boost the immune system and
    ✓Detoxification of the body.

All the health benefits which crabs offers falls under the abovementioned categories and can be convinced that crabs are indeed effective for the health .

My crab pepper soup recipe

I promised you earlier that you will find out how this post is from my own know and this is the right clock .
Was having bad times indoor, dæm break and bored. Going through my phone trying to kill boredom as I ‘ve been doing prove abortive that day so I decided to leave everything aside and meditate a while.
not long ago when a hear something scrubbing my door footprint but never gave it attention yet since I was already deep in my meditation .
When the noise persisted, I decided to check what ‘s it and upon turning about, lo north dakota behold ! A crab crawl towards me, a identical gigantic crab for that matter.
You may wonder how, well, it ‘s identical obvious hera, it happens since we live in a boggy area precisely seawater deluge.
For the fact that I left my door opened is because while I was battling with boredom, I was doing lapp with heat besides, since it ‘s been retentive it rained and I think that ‘s one of the rationality that made the easy crab to take a walk of life .
Photo taken from my Android device
I looked at it and wondered ohio innocent crab, of all people why me ? Well, in order not to interrupt my good mediation, I grabbed a bucket and let it him, kept it outside and went back to continue my meditation.

That very sidereal day ( this was on Sunday ) elapsed without checking it ( the crab ) because I later got engaged. The following sidereal day being Monday around 4pm, I optioned the mind of making my first crab louse capsicum soup otherwise I was planning to give it to a neighbor who loves crab .

My steps in preparing crab pepper soup

My readiness of crab pepper soup involved merely 3 steps below :

  • Step 1:
    Washing with warm water and salt:

I have n’t cooked cancer before, this was my first prison term and crazy, I never bothered enquiring from people how it ‘s been done, I never even know there ‘s anything like crab louse pepper soup but I decided I have to prepare it. I never even bothered to google if there ‘s something called crab pepper soup, I did all these after I finished eating 😅 .
In deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as I had n’t cooked it, I know that it ‘ll be decent if I start my washing it with a hot water and strategic arms limitation talks. I did that

  • Step 2:

After washing, I put in a pot with little water and started boiling it.
I added these ingredients below :

Ingredients Quantity
Onions 1 mini size
Pepper 5 fresh pepper
Salt minimal
Seasoning One cube
Onga minimal
Palm oil Minimal

Photo taken from my Android device
I added the ingredients immediately I started cooking it since it ‘s a Shelly creature with the hope, let the ingredients sinks inside as possible .

  • Step 3:

I spent approximately 15 minutes preparing this, ai n’t got prison term to waste. And as you can see, I served myself and it was delectable .
Photo taken from my Android device


Cooking the cancer though for the beginning time not only did i enjoyed it but it prompted me to search for its health benefits, now I ‘ve advanced in cognition in that expression.
Hoping to welcome another one soon or possibly I should start touring for it .
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