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Holiday Hours

Christmas Eve, Dec. 24 : 8am – 5pm
Christmas Day, Dec. 25 : Closed
December 26 : Closed
New Year ’ s Eve, Dec. 31 : 8am – 5pm
New Year ’ s Day, Jan. 1 : close
Jan. 2, Monday : 9am – 6 promethium

This Little Ol’ Country Market is Beloved For Its Outstanding
Products & Genuinely Friendly, Top-End Customer Service

The ever-popular destination, Corralitos Market & Sausage Company, means different things to different people. Because of the market ’ s real butch patronize and their more than 30 varieties of in-house made smoked and fresh sausages, many see Corralitos Market as their personal Nirvana for versatile fresh meats and, of course, the sausages .


The Best in Local Products!

Santa Cruz County is in truth a down of abundance when it comes to producing superb foods — grown, made and/or bottled — in our base fiddling area. Corralitos Market is proud to carry a wide variety of these greatest, high-quality items — from wines to pies to salsas, breads, eggs and more. Though the commercialize does carry standard name-brand staples, we ’ ra “ blue ” to report that much of what you ’ ll you ’ ll find here is ace quality

A Wide Array of Specialty Products

If you ’ re new to Corralitos Market & Sausage Company, most probably you ’ ll be be pleasantly surprised by the sum of peculiarity foods that line the aisles. “ You ’ ll receive in Corralitos and nearby areas a fantastic mix of people whose families have been here for generations, ” says the grocery store ’ s Dave Peterson. “ We cater to this diverse population with cultural foods originating from Croatia, Portugal, Germany, England and Mexico. ”

Convenience Store to Must-Have for Year ‘round Holiday Feasts

Some Corralitos locals view the commercialize as a appliance memory ; after all, where else are you gon na stop for bread and milk before your five-mile twisting-turning drive home plate ? And many see the Corralitos Market as their absolute go-to for holiday meals — order in overture ! : ( 831 ) 722-2633. They may choose their Thanksgiving joker, prime rib, or ham, and do it all complete again Christmas and Easter. For grilling on the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day — all the holidays plus weekends — they ’ ll find steak, burgers, hot dogs and of course those fabulous sausages. Graduation, birthdays and business parties ? Count on them ! Weddings ? Ditto !
Dave says, “ I should point out that we make a very special ham in-house : it ’ s sugar-cured, applewood smoked and amply cooked and quick for all holidays or any juncture. We produce 150 of these particular hams for a local business every Christmas. They give them as gifts to their employees and darling clients besides. ”

A Three-County-Customer Base

not entirely do close-by residents from Corralitos, Freedom and Watsonville shop here, but then do many others, trekking from all over the rest of Santa Cruz County — from Aptos, Capitola, Santa Cruz, and Scotts Valley thru Boulder Creek. many long-time customers besides come Monterey, San Jose, Los Gatos, and other South Bay and North Bay communities .
“ They may not come here every week but we do recognize them, ” says Dave. “ They ’ rhenium not tourists : they ’ ve been shopping here for years. ” The market ’ s Ken Wong says, “ When the weather is courteous, these folks might make a day of it. They ’ ll tell us how much they enjoyed the relax arcadian, nation drive to the market, before possibly doing a picnic at the plaza right across the street, or then going wine tasting, or hiking or bike riding nearby. ”


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