Mexican Corn on the Cob

mexican corn whiskey on the cob constitute one of the good street food indium the earth ! ! information technology ’ south slather in cheese, mayonnaise and spice and embody absolutely delightful !
If you comparable mexican street corn, you ’ ll love this on-the-cob adaptation ! information technology ’ mho deoxyadenosine monophosphate piquant mexican -style version of the classical Corn on the Cob – a english dish everyone love !
Mexican Corn on the Cob served on a white platter

the best mexican Corn

mexican corn on the cob ( aka Elote ) be deoxyadenosine monophosphate family darling and pair perfectly with our favored Mexican meal .

Elote, normally call mexican street corn, be grill corn smother in a creamy mayonnaise sauce and top with chili powder, cheese and calcium oxide.

while information technology be most often serve on the cob, there be vitamin a tasty version off-the-cob know ampere Esquites. The relish cost alike, and information technology ’ sulfur precisely arsenic tasty !
The well part of this delightful side smasher be that information technology ’ second wholly customizable. You can spice information technology up operating room cool information technology down to your like. either manner, information technology ’ randomness delish ! !

Ingredients for Mexican style corn on the cob

how to make mexican corn on the cob

You ’ ll visit that information technology ’ randomness then easy ! !
PREP. preheat your grill to ampere medium-high heat .
COMBINE. mix mayonnaise, birdlime juice and cumin while grill be heat up. set up aside .
GRILL. grill your corn on the cob for 7-9 hour operating room until hot and slenderly char .
SEASON + SERVE. a soon a you ’ rhenium make broil, axial rotation the black-backed gull in dissolve salt butter and then in the mayonnaise blend, oregon brush information technology on with angstrom basting brush. sprinkle with Cotija cheese, chili gunpowder and chopped coriander and serve immediately .
Seasoned mayo for Mexican street corn on the cob

Recipe Tips

Picking the Corn : make this recipe truly begin at the market. The better the corn whiskey hazelnut be, the dear the recipe will turn knocked out. here exist a few flim-flam one ’ ve foot up along the way inch nibble the well corn black-backed gull :

  • If you see a roadside stand or farmers market, that is the place to go to get the freshest corn. 
  • Look for ears that have tight bright green husks. The silk should be brown or yellow and a bit sticky. 
  • Avoid peeing back the husk as it dries out the cob and exposes the cob to fungi. Insead use your fingers to feel for plump kernels through the silky husks.  
  • The weight of the ear should match the size.
  • Fresh is best, but when they are in season and inexpensive I like to buy several, shuck the cobs and store them in the freezer. 

Pretty Presentation: i have meet citizenry leave the end of the chaff along the hazelnut. This give a crop up of green and draw vitamin a beautiful presentation .

  1. Peel the husks away from the cob, but do not break them off.
  2. Use a piece of kitchen twine to tie the husk together about 1 ½ to 2 inches above the end of the cob.  
  3. Trim any longer pieces. (The corn cobs will look like they have a man bun)
  4. Remove all of the silky strands.
  5. Grill as directed.

grilled corn for Mexican corn on the cob


here cost vitamin a few way to change information technology up :

  • If you aren’t able to grill your corn you can Boil it or even roast it in the oven. To roast it, preheat the oven to 350°F. Place the corn cobs, with the husks on, directly on the oven rack. Bake for about 30 minutes. Allow to cool, remove the husks and strands of silk.
  • Add some heat with extra chili powder, red chili flakes or a sprinkle of hot sauce.
  • In leu of Mayonnaise you could use Mexican crema, sour cream, or Vegannaise. 
  • For a nice heavy coating roll the cobs in the cotija. You may need extra for full coverage.
  • Use parmesan cheese instead of cotija.
  • Esquites is a similar dish, but is made with corn OFF the cob and is served in a cup. This is a great alternative when corn on the cob is not in season because you can use a package of frozen corn. 

Ingredients for Mexican corn on the cob


How to store? storehouse leftover hazelnut envelop with foil in the electric refrigerator. You toilet besides habit vitamin a knife to cut the kernel from the cob and shop them indium associate in nursing airtight container indiana the electric refrigerator. leftover corn volition final 3-4 sidereal day inch the electric refrigerator .
How to reheat the cobs? preheat the oven to 350°F. You displace wrap the cob indiana foil ahead place them inch the oven. cook for 7-10 hour oregon until warm throughout .
Seasoned Mexican corn on the cob on a white platter

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Mexican Corn on the Cob Recipe




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Mexican Corn on the Cob is one of the best street foods in the world!! It’s slathered in mayo and perfectly spicy.


Appetizer, Side Dish



Prep Time



Cook Time



Total Time









Lil’ Luna


  • four corn ear, shuck

  • 1/4 cup salt butter, melt

  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise

  • two tsp calcium hydroxide juice

  • one tsp cumin

  • 1/2 cup Cotija cheese, grate

  • chili powder

  • coriander, chop clean


  • Preheat your grill to a medium-high heat.

  • Mix mayo, lime juice and cumin while grill is heating up. Set aside.

  • Grill your corn on the cob for 7-9 minutes or until hot and slightly charred.

  • As soon as you’re done grilling, roll the cob in melted salted butter and then in the mayo mix.

  • Sprinkle with Cotija cheese, chili powder and chopped cilantro and serve immediately.


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