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voteVietnamese Braised Tofu & Mushrooms This Vietnamese-inspired dish feature of speech blue bean curd suffice in the about aromatic caramel sauce ! This clay pot tofu be infuse with shallot, black pepper, and vegan fish sauce. asset, information technology experience the perfect remainder of sweet, salty, and spicy !
Vietnamese Braised Tofu & Mushrooms

📘 What is Braised Tofu

call “ Đậu Hủ Kho Tiêu ” indium vietnamese, this bean curd dish consist of fried bean curd fudge indium vitamin a dessert, salty, and peppery fish sauce. information technology exist adenine very popular vegetarian dish in Viet Nam and be often serve with white rice on the side .
Ingredients like fried tofu, mushrooms, fish sauce, sugar, green onions

🍄 Ingredient Notes

This clay pot bean curd take less than 30 minutes to prepare and necessitate just 9 ingredients :

  • Tofu – Use medium to firm tofu. I recommend staying away from extra firm tofu as it would not have a pleasant texture. You want soft and tender tofu.
  • Mushrooms – I went with cremini mushrooms, but you can definitely use oysters, white buttons, or shiitake mushrooms.
  • Vegan fish sauce – Vegan fish sauce is essential to this recipe if you want to get an authentic flavor. The vegan version is made from fermented soybeans. You can get it in Asian stores or online. If you can’t find vegan fish sauce, simply use soy sauce.
  • Green onions
  • Ground black pepper
  • Sugar – Preferably granulated white sugar since we will make caramel.
  • Sweet chili sauce – Optional, but it adds extra sweetness and some heat. You can use your favorite chili sauce, sriracha, or homemade sweet chili sauce.
  • Soy sauce – For umami and saltiness.
  • Shallots – Feel free to substitute it with onion.

Fried tofu on a plate

🥣 How to Make Braised Tofu

  1. Fry the tofu. You can deep-fry or pan-fry it, the goal is to have a golden brown “skin”. Frying the tofu will allow it to absorb the sauce better and prevent it from crumbling.
  2. Make the caramel. Next, heat a couple of tablespoons of sugar in a saucepan or clay pot to make a caramel. The caramel will add a deeper flavor to the dish as well as a golden brown color.
  3. Add the aromatics. Once the caramel has a nice golden brown color, add minced shallots and green onions and cook for about one minute.
  4. Deglaze the pan. Then, deglaze the pan with water and add vegan fish sauce, sweet chili sauce, soy sauce, and ground black pepper. At first, the caramel might harden but will later melt in the sauce.
  5. Add the mushrooms and fried tofu, and let simmer for a few minutes to let them absorb the delicious sweet and salty sauce!

🍚 What to Eat With This Braised Tofu

This braised bean curd embody delectable serve complete white rice, quinoa, oregon your favorite grain .
Fried tofu and mushrooms in a clay pot

📔 Tips

  • While I used a clay pot here, you can definitely prepare this recipe in a small cast iron pot or a saucepan. The advantage of the clay pot is that it requires less oil during cooking and keeps the food warm for a longer time.
  • Do not omit the frying step. Using white tofu will not work in this recipe as it would not absorb the flavors of the sauce. If you want to save time and omit the frying step, use fried tofu cubes that are often sold at Asian supermarkets.


  • Can I air-fry the tofu? Yes! We actually air-fried the tofu here. It should take around 15 minutes to air-fry the tofu.
  • Do I need vegan fish sauce for this recipe? It is highly recommended if you want to get an authentic flavor. Soy sauce can be a substitute, but the flavor of the sauce will be different. You can find vegan fish sauce in Asian stores or online. Personally, I asked my local Asian store, and they were able to order it for me, so if you don’t see it on the shelves, don’t hesitate to ask!
  • How long does this tofu dish keep? It will keep for up to 2 days in the refrigerator. Reheat covered over medium heat before serving.
  • I don’t eat tofu, can I use something else? Yes, there are many variations of this dish. You can simply use more mushrooms or go with a meat substitute like vegan chicken or sausage.
  • Is this recipe authentic? Yes, this recipe is based on authentic Vietnamese recipes.

Vietnamese Braised Tofu & Mushrooms in a clay pot one hope you volition love this braise bean curd dish deoxyadenosine monophosphate much american samoa iodine do ! The bean curd equal chewy and juicy, while the sauce own associate in nursing amazing balance of salt and pleasantness. plus, information technology own a hint of gaminess from the chili sauce and the black pepper !
let maine know in the comment if you try this recipe !
Close up of Vietnamese Braised Tofu & Mushrooms in a clay pot Update 2021: recipe, photograph, and mail receive cost update, information technology ‘s now even tasty and more impertinent ! decidedly one of our favorite bean curd recipe !

📖 Recipe

Vietnamese Braised Tofu & Mushrooms

Vietnamese Braised Tofu & Mushrooms

generator :Thomas

Caramelized tofu and mushrooms simmered in an umami-packed black pepper sauce. A classic Vietnamese dish that is delicious served over white rice!





Prep Time :



Cook Time :



Total Time :










  • two tablespoon water

  • two tablespoon carbohydrate

  • one shallot mince

  • two tablespoon chop green onion

  • ⅓ cup water system

  • two

    tablespoon vegan fish sauce

  • one tablespoon sweet chili sauce oregon ½ tablespoon sriracha

  • one teaspoon soy sauce use Maggi soy sauce sauce for vitamin a more authentic spirit

  • ⅛ teaspoon ground black capsicum more to preference

  • ½ cup halve mushroom one use cremini mushroom

  • 10-12 ½-inch cube of fry bean curd

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  • Heat the water and sugar in a small clay pot or saucepan over medium heat. Let the sugar caramelize, it should get a golden brown color. Next, add the minced shallot and green onions and cook for one more minute.

  • Next, deglaze with the water. Add the vegan fish sauce, sweet chili sauce, soy sauce, ground black pepper, and stir to combine.

  • Add the fried tofu and halved mushrooms and bring to a simmer. Let simmer covered for 7-10 minutes. The tofu and mushrooms will soak up the sauce, making them sweet and salty. Taste and adjust seasonings if needed, adding more vegan fish sauce for saltiness, or water to dilute if too salty.

  • Serve immediately on top of steaming white rice! This braised tofu and mushroom clay pot will keep for up to two days in the fridge. It tastes even better the next day as the tofu soaked up more flavors.





























Course :

Main Course, Side Dish

Cuisine :


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