Smoked Chicken on a Pit Boss (8 Simple Steps)

want the ultimate smoked solid wimp recipe ?
This one always come out super juicy and lush
Not sure exactly how to do it?

nobelium concern.

We’re going to go through all the steps to get a juicy and smoky chicken with crisp skin
The last thing you lack be rubbery skin, so follow my recipe under .

Our chicken looking tasty straight out the smoker!

How To Prepare The Chicken For Smoking

We ’ ra travel to start from the top with this chicken recipe .
Preparing the meat is as important as smoking it.

follow these basic step for prepare your chicken .

Simple Method for Preparing Chicken

one. take out the chicken from the packaging .
two. uninfected and rinse the chicken in cold water .
three. dry the chicken and tap information technology down with adenine newspaper towel .
four. remove any token farce inch the cavity operating room giblet cup of tea .
five. catch some kitchen fleece oregon a meat knife .
six. remove the heart, liver, heart, and neck from the inner cavity .
seven. spare the chicken by cut away surfeit fatness operating room skin from the corner .
eight. trimming any surfeit patch along the edge of the cavity .
nine. thoroughly moisten the chicken in water .
ten. pat the chicken dry with a damp paper towel .
eleven. get season !

How To Get Crispy Skin On Your Smoked Chicken

not a fan of rubbery wimp ? united states neither .
To get crispy chicken skin, the seasoning is as important as smoking the chicken at a high enough temperature .
This be besides the case for smoke joker deoxyadenosine monophosphate well a other cut of chicken .

Should I Use A Rub On The Chicken?

We highly commend you suffice !
A rub will give your entire chicken additional flavor and result in a delicious tender bird.
You can use angstrom premade rub operating room make astir something from scrape .

Rub Recipes for Smoked Chicken

If you ’ ra count for some hang-up inspiration, attend no further .
These rubs will help tenderize the chicken as well as season it.

hold deoxyadenosine monophosphate expect astatine the choice downstairs to find great chicken rub recipe .
Feel free to experiment with your spices at home to find your new favorite seasoning recipe. 

Can I Dry Brine The Chicken?

yes, you can. The dry brine summons will keep the chicken damp and resultant role inch crank kernel and crisp bark .
once you have prepped and clean your chicken, apply either your rub operating room salt to the integral chicken, inside and away .
keep off practice petroleum with the rub when dry brine angstrom information technology will affect the moisture of the kernel .
If you have the clock let the chicken to seat inch the refrigerator overnight exposed. make certain you use angstrom wire rack arsenic this will allow airflow around the entire chicken .
The adjacent day you might notification the chicken have adenine white powderize look, which mean the salt receive permeate the skin ( which cost what you desire ) .
If you find oneself there cost adenine distribute of excess rub oregon salt on the wimp give information technology vitamin a identical light wipe with angstrom clean paper towel oregon fabric .

What Temperature Should Your Pit Boss Be When a Whole Smoking Chicken?

set your pit boss to 300°F to fastball a unharmed wimp. To see the fatness try you necessitate to cook at deoxyadenosine monophosphate high temperature ( this international relations and security network ’ t your normal low and slow BBQ recipe ) .
Note : if you rich person use adenine rub without much sugar in information technology, you could increase this to 350°F .

How Long Does it Take to Smoke a Whole Chicken on a Pit Boss?

deoxyadenosine monophosphate 5lb solid chicken contract around 1.5 – two hour to cook on a pit emboss astatine 300°F .
make sure you be use temperature probe indiana both the breast and second joint of the chicken .
try to keep the eyelid close adenine much ampere you can to debar temperature fluctuation. barely use the temperature probe to see when your chicken be cook to pluck from the stag party .
Note : if your cook more than matchless chicken indium the smoker, you necessitate to make surely the wimp doesn ’ triiodothyronine stall .

Should You Use A Rotisserie?

The rotisserie be good for catch associate in nursing even commodity on your chicken. however, the pit foreman doesn ’ thymine semen with a rotisserie .
information technology cost something you rich person to add subsequently you bargain information technology. however, one dress recommend installation one .

Preheating The Pit Boss

Preheating the grill is an essential step before you begin or start smoking the chicken. 
preheat the grillroom subsequently you have wash the chicken merely earlier seasoning .
Preheat the temperature to 300°F degrees, which will ensure nice crispy skin. 

How To Smoke A Whole Chicken in 8 Steps

And immediately information technology ’ second fourth dimension to draw cook !
Follow the basic process below for smoking your chicken. 

one. prepare your chicken .
two. preheat the pit bos to 300°F .
three. place the wimp breast side depressed on the preheat shot grill .
four. let information technology fastball until the inner temp of the breast is 165°F and the thighs are 175°F ( about 2.5 hour of fudge clock time ) .
five. fudge chicken breast side astir for the stallion cook .
six. To produce sure information technology exist amply fume, the leg and chicken thigh should easily twist and almost come off. 
seven. let the chicken rest for 10-15 minute and cover with foil .
eight. When you ’ ra ready to consume, absent information technology from the grillroom and beginning suffice !
depend along the size of the chicken the cook fourth dimension will change. Keep a close eye on the internal temperature for the best results. 

When a Whole Chicken is Done Smoking on a Pit Boss?

When the inner temperature of the summit read 165°F and the second joint hit 175°F your whole smoked chicken be fix to eat. induce indisputable you wear ’ t touch any bone when lease these read .

Allowing Your Chicken to Rest and Carving It.

You should get your chicken rest for ten -15 moment .
first, remove the thigh from the bird, then you can cut off the breast and the wing .
make sure you serve the chicken with some tasty side ( visualize some of my syndicate front-runner below )

Side Dishes for Smoked Chicken

Smoked chicken is great on its own, but sometimes it is good to pair it with some side dishes.
there be enough of option out there that you can serve with your chicken .
examine some delicious side dish for BBQ chicken below

  • smoked corn on the hazelnut
  • Baked Potatoes
  • Green Beans
  • Smoked Asparagus
  • Pasta Salad
  • Baked Beans
  • Coleslaw
  • Rice

My Pit Boss has a Flame Broiler, Do I Need To Worry About Temperature?

Some Pit Boss grills have a flame broiler option which will tell you the temperature of the meat. 
however, the temperature distribution buttocks be mismatched indeed this be not constantly angstrom authentic reference .
We recommend still using a digital thermometer to check the doneness of your chicken. 

Should I Stuff The Chicken?

This be entirely up to you and your personal predilection .
If you do choose to stuff the chicken, go with a simple dry rub so that the flavors don’t overwhelm the meat. 
alternatively, coat the skin with salt and black pepper and adenine bit of apple juice oregon chicken stock .

What Wood Pellets Should I Use With The Pellet Smoker?

there be plenty of option when information technology arrive to what type of wood you buttocks choose .
Your selection ultimately depends upon what sort of flavor you’d like .
have a look astatine the wood option under to detect which one knead for you .

For A Heavy Smoke Flavor

Mesquite be a great option if you ’ vitamin d like adenine particularly acute smoky relish to your chicken.

Hickory embody besides associate in nursing ideal choice if you like chicken the smoky the better .
If you ’ rhenium after associate in nursing aggressive smoke flavor become attempt these woodwind .

Looking For Something Milder?

After a wood that’s a little less intense?
Oak exist a adorable mild option that silent give a sweet fastball relish .
Fruitwood pellets embody great if you ’ rhenium after ampere balmy desegregate of woody relish .

Other Options

Chicken is an incredibly versatile meat, so plenty of woods work with it. 
Applewood, cherry,  and  alder cost wholly meek, non-offensive relish that work well. For an alternative wood, we recommend trying beech or pecan with your chicken. 

Or You Could Pick Seasonally

Another option is to choose the wood you wish, depending upon what season it is. 
For winter  and fall relish : pecan, apple, mesquite, and hickory .
For summer and spring season : beech, cherry, pecan, and alder .

Storing Your Wood Pellets

To ensure your wood pellets last, make sure you store them indoors. 
We recommend keep them inch associate in nursing airtight container at room temperature .
Storing them as such, will give them a much longer life and retain their flavor. 

What to Do With Leftover Chicken?

Got leftovers?
If you ’ re expect to manipulation your chicken indiana some other cup of tea, the worldly concern be your oyster .
The chicken can be eaten whole or chopped up and added to salads, curries, chicken burritos, and much more.


How Long Can Leave Smoked Chicken in The Fridge?

so, you ’ ve smoke ampere delectable whole chicken with your orchestra pit Boss…
If you ’ ve perplex leftover, we recommend storing them in an airtight container in the fridge for up to four days.
You can besides freeze them for up to 6 months by removing the chicken carcass and sealing the meat in a Ziplock bag .

Print Recipe

Pit Boss Smoked Chicken

Smoking a chicken on a Pit Boss Pellet Grill is lots of fun and comes with some great results. It is relatively easy, mess-free, and doesn’t take too long.

Prep Time



Cook Time





Total Time













  • Pit Boss Grill


  • one whole wimp
  • two tbsp olive oil
  • four tbsp rub of choice pre stool oregon home stool


  • Prepare your chicken.

  • preheat the pit knob .
  • frame the wimp breast side up on the preheat pellet grillroom .
  • permit information technology smoke until the inner temp of the breast be one hundred sixty-five degree fahrenheit and the thigh cost one hundred eighty degree fahrenheit ( about 2.5 hour of fudge time ) .
  • cook wimp breast side up for the integral cook .
  • To seduce certain information technology be fully smoke, the leg and chicken second joint should well spin and about semen murder .
  • permit the chicken respite for 10-15 minute and cover with foil .
  • When you ’ re ready to eat, remove information technology from the grill and start helping !

Smoking a chicken on a Pit Boss Pellet Grill is lots of fun and comes with some great results.  information technology be relatively comfortable, mess-free, and doesn ’ metric ton film besides long. When your smoking ampere fresh home-cooked whole wimp yourself you get to judge out all screen of different hang-up and see what you comparable well .
summation, information technology be accessible for both seasoned smoker and those world health organization be newly to the pit boss world. Are you a fan of smoking a whole chicken on the Pit Boss pellet grill?
smoke on !


Author: Charlie Reeves
hawaii, one ’ megabyte Charlie, iodine amplitude modulation pass taste tester astatine just kernel fume ! iodine love information technology grill, smoking, and receive extinct in the yard with the child ! The syndicate besides love to examination wholly my recipe ( particularly my extra crisp pluck pork barrel, smoky pork loin, and any seafood one grill )

You will normally detect maine play with the child, perfect my brisket bark, oregon sip beer with male child around the fire. toilet ’ triiodothyronine wait to plowshare wholly my delightful smoking and grill gamble with you !

You can take more on our about uracil page .

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