Can You Cook Chicken in a Rice Cooker? (Easy How to Guide)

Cooking chicken in the rice cooker is the meal hack that everyone needs to know. It ’ second easy, commodious, and very bum. If you ’ ra ordering takeout because you hate cooking and clean-up, then we have news for you !
You can make really amazing dishes, with just one appliance, one pound of chicken, and one (or two) cups of rice.
Any wimp rice meal can be modified for the rice cooker. You place the rice, add flimsy slices of chicken, and seasonings. The rice cooker steams the rice over slowly hotness, which allows the flavors to develop. It ’ s a fool-proof direction to get a great meal for little time, and little money .
In this article, find out how to safely cook wimp in the rice cooker, and what you can do to pack in a set of flavors without a lot of clock time, ingredients, or fancy cooking skills.

Can You Cook Chicken in a Rice Cooker?

Rice cookers use first gear estrus and steamer to cook rice. That temperature and time are enough to cook pieces of chicken breast or second joint fillet—as long as it ’ second cut to the proper size .
Bone-in chicken and unharmed chicken will take a longer clock to cook. If you roast a whole chicken, you will need to reach temperatures of 375 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which a rice cooker will never reach. Chicken drumsticks and whole chicken second joint will besides have mismatched cook surfaces, so some parts may be cooked while chunkier parts will not .
however, a thinly sliced chicken fillet would be cooked after just a few minutes of steaming or grilling. It is little, even, and does not need a lot of cooking time .
That doesn ’ metric ton mean you can ’ metric ton cook big chicken cuts in a rice cooker. It will just take more time, and a short more readiness and check. A lot besides depends on your appliance ’ south capacitance : a cheaper rice cooker may have lower watt and functions, while a more powerful rice cooker or Instant Pot can reach higher levels of heat .
Either manner, it ’ south 100 % possible to cook properly cook chicken in a rice cooker. even with a cheap appliance, if you use little slices, the low inflame is adequate to kill bacteria, cook the meat, allow flavorings to penetrate, and retain the natural moisture .
The result is tender, flavorful chicken that complements the rice .
Cooked white rice in a rice cooker

What Are the Benefits of Cooking Chicken in a Rice Cooker?

• More spirit. The wimp juices meld with the liquid used to cook the rice and add another level of umami and season .
• Tender chicken. Since the wimp is braised and steamed in the rice cooker ’ south liquids over low heat, there ’ south less hazard of it being overcooked than if you fried it over direct heat .
• Less clean up. alternatively of having to wash respective pans, you can cook rice, wimp, and even vegetables in barely one appliance .
• Healthier. Cooking chicken in a rice cooker eliminates anoint, so you consume less fat and calories .
• Cheaper. You can make a chicken rice dish at a fraction of the cost of ordering it from your favored restaurant .
Learn how to cook rice in a rice cooker .

How Do I Cook Chicken in a Rice Cooker?

The homework work can change depending on the recipe and the type of chicken cuts you ’ ra using .

Clean and Prepare the Chicken

Remove any bloody bits, which will leave an unpleasant taste for both the rice and the chicken. Rub each patch with salt. This seasons the chicken and helps “ exfoliate ” the clamber and remove the sticky membranes. Rinse and enfeeble .
As we said earlier, sliced sensitive chicken is the dependable and best. Depending on your cuts, either debone the chicken or cut the wimp into hope slices. Pound it so that the kernel is of equal thickness .
You can however use chicken drumsticks or bone-in thighs, but lightly score the kernel so that they cook faster. Bear in mind that you will have to check the internal fudge temperature, belated on, to make sure they ’ re done if you don ’ metric ton want that extra step, fillet it .

Marinate the Chicken

If you have time, brine the chicken in your favorite marinade sauce. If not, remove that “ chicken spirit ” with wine, olive oil, or any seasonings used in your recipe. even adding salt and pepper ahead of fourth dimension can make a remainder. Let sit for a minimum of 30 minutes, or nightlong .

Cook the Chicken

Our front-runner way of cooking wimp in the rice cooker is to place the chicken pieces on acme of the rice grains. It ’ second one of the easiest one-pot meals that have protein and carbs ( and even vegetables, if your recipe calls for them ) .
Rice cooker rice to water ratio: 1 cup of rice to 2 cups of water
Follow the instructions of your rice cooker, and use the lapp liquid to rice grains ratio. You can use complain water, but I recommend using chicken broth for more season.

The water and rinsed uncooked rice should be placed in the rice cooker pot first then add chicken on top. For a whole meal add thinly slice mushrooms and vegetables, if any, and cluster them around the wimp .
pop on the rice cooker hat and allow the electric rice cooker to do the work. The lever pops up when you ’ re done and all you have to do is fluff up the rice, be surely to use the rice paddle, and transfer everything into a bowl .

Plate Your Rice Cooker Chicken

Divide wimp and rice into different bowl. You can drizzle chop spring onion, sesame vegetable oil, or toasted garlic for more season and ocular attract. Serve with dark soy sauce sauce, light soy sauce, or other dip sauces .

Video for Hainanese Chicken Rice in a Rice Cooker

Ingredient Variations for Rice Cooker Chicken

here is a list of ingredients that you can choose from next time you want to make rice cooker wimp that you will love .
White Rice rice is a staple ingredient in rice cooker chicken and can be used with pretty much any early component that you choose .
Green Onions this is a natural means to add relish and bouquet .
Chicken Breasts’ main protein source for choosing high-quality chicken breasts for best results .
Chicken Thighs this chicken meat is a flavorful dark kernel. When cut into smaller pieces releases juicy flavors you will not get from raw wimp breasts .
Chicken Stock or Bouillion Cube adds extra relish .
Chinese Sausages if you are looking for a slightly spicier dish, chinese sausages turn your cup of tea into a rice cooker meal .
Shiitake Mushrooms are hearty mushrooms that add a ample, umami flavor .
Garlic is a great way to add delightful flavor, depth, and of run aroma .
Sesame Oil adds a nutty olfactory property and depth to Asian-inspired dishes .
Chinese Rice Wine has a insidious, fresh spirit .
Oyster Sauce adds extra spirit and pleasantness to rice cooker chicken dishes .
Chili Powder is a rice cooker wimp front-runner, specially if you enjoy piquant dishes .
Green Beans add some variety, park good, and crunch .
Black Pepper adds to the savory flavors .
Soy Sauce or Teriyaki Sauce adds an umami flavor that brings all the flavors of your rice cooker chicken together .

Can You Steam Chicken Breast in a Rice Cooker?

Yes, you can. Try these easily steps. space water in the bottom of the rice cooker and insert the cooker ’ s soft-shell clam rack. Lay the wimp pieces on the extort and start the cooker. If you do not have a rack or steamer basket just lay the chicken on the base of the cook toilet .

What Is the Difference Between Rice Cooker and Slow Cooker Chicken?

Both rice cookers and slow cookers will use broken heat to cook food. however, rice cookers are timed to complete the cook process within one hour or lupus erythematosus, since it is designed for rice.

decelerate cookers can have longer cooking times, which makes them ideal for braising whole chicken or larger cuts like stage quarters for respective hours. You can besides add more liquid and other vegetables that take longer to cook ( like potatoes or large carrot chunks ) .

Get Instant Chicken Rice Meals

A rice cooker is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances that can be used to make a diverseness of rice meals. You can add chicken and other toppings for one-pot meals that are brassy, delectable, and easy to make. Just make sure to prepare and marinate your chicken, cut it into the right size, and check doneness with a kernel thermometer. enjoy !
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