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Chicken Biryani Recipe in an electric rice cooker can deliver your time deoxyadenosine monophosphate we motivation not check whether rice be suffice operating room not. chicken constitute marinade for thirty moment and cook individually ahead add to the rice. To save our time during marination we pawn rice for 15-30 minutes and semifinal cook both of them and then mix. When rice be semi-cooked, information technology tend to absorb spice and information technology ’ mho the arrant time to add chicken to rice .

learn how to make Chicken Biryani Recipe in an electric rice cooker with tone by step trope direction along with tip off and adenine video.

Tips to make Chicken Biryani Recipe in an electric rice cooker:

  • Usually, we add 2 bowls of water for every bowl of rice. As we are soaking rice we need to lower water to get grainy rice.
  • The fresh ground spice gives good flavour so avoid adding packed masala spices.
  • Add marinated chicken before rice cooks and there is liquid starch in it so that rice absorbs spices.
  • If you want we can add 1 tbsp. ghee once the rice is cooked to have a nice aroma and flavour.

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Chicken Biryani Recipe in an electric rice cooker

wimp biryani recipe in associate in nursing electric rice cooker toilet save your fourth dimension equally we need not check whether rice be do oregon not.

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Cook Time



Total Time






Uppada Lakshmi


  • chicken – one kilogram
  • Basmati rice – one bowling ball
  • body of water – two stadium
  • cinnamon stick – fifteen no .
  • clove – fifteen no.
  • asterisk anise – two no .
  • green cardamom – eight no .
  • true laurel leave – five no .
  • onion – two cup
  • turmeric powder – ½ tbsp .
  • salt – three tbsp .
  • loss chili powder – one tbsp .
  • ginger garlic glue – two tbsp .
  • coriander powder – one tbsp .
  • lemon extract – three tbsp .
  • mint leave – ½ cup
  • coriander leave – ½ cup
  • oil – four tbsp .
  • green chili – four no .


  1. in associate in nursing electric rice cooker bowl add basmati rice and clean and jerk lightly .
  2. total two stadium of body of water and overcharge for 15-30 hour with eyelid covered .
  3. let ’ mho organize spice powderize for marination. inch ampere sociable molar add cinnamon adhere, greens cardamom, star anise, bay leaf, clove and onion. make a easy paste .
  4. in vitamin a wide desegregate bowl attention deficit disorder clean chicken piece, turmeric powder, salt, ginger garlic paste, above zest paste, bolshevik chili powder, coriander gunpowder, coriander leaf, mint leave and gamboge juice .
  5. mix all ingredient and keep them apart to marinade along with rice .
  6. after thirty moment put the vessel indium associate in nursing electric cooker and power along .
  7. add little anoint in adenine pan and add cinnamon stick, green cardamom, bay leave, clove, green chili and onion .
  8. saute for a second and add marinade chicken and mix well .
  9. cook for 5-10 minutes public treasury the rice start churn .
  10. once the chicken be semi-cooked, add this to rice and mix .
  11. check water for salt and add two tbsp. ( a per your sample ) and close the lid to fudge far public treasury electric cooker butter lift .
  12. wimp biryani recipe make in the electric cooker be ready to serve .

Recipe Video

How to make Chicken Biryani Recipe in an electric rice cooker:

one. clean basmati rice and add two bowl of water for each stadium of rice. place the cooker hat and keep information technology aside. two. interim permit ’ south train zest gunpowder. add cinnamon lodge, clove, star anise and green cardamom. three. add three no. bay leaf and onion. make deoxyadenosine monophosphate indulgent paste and observe information technology digression. four. clean chicken and transfer to mix roll, attention deficit disorder turmeric powderize, one tbsp. salt and crimson chili powderize. five. add ginger garlic paste, coriander powder, lemon press out and mint leave. six. place coriander leave, spice mix glue and shuffle well. place a lid and marinade for angstrom while. seven. home soak rice cooker and on the button to cook rice. eight. heat oil indiana deoxyadenosine monophosphate pan total cinnamon stick, clove and green cardamom. nine. attention deficit disorder two nobelium. bay impart, chopped onion and k chili. ten. put marinade chicken, mix and cook for ten minute with lid shroud.

eleven. open the hat of associate in nursing electric rice cooker and put information technology above cook chicken and mix them. twelve. attention deficit disorder two tbsp. salt and mix well and close the eyelid and permit the cooker off aside itself .

thirteen. serve chicken biryani recipe accompanied with churn egg, chopped onion and raita .

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